cement grinding plant

cement grinding Unit

High efficiency, energy-saving , high quality!

  • Max feeding size: ≤ 25mm
  • Capacity: 200t

Cement grinding unit, or called cement grinding plant, is an individual grinding plant in the finished cement production. The new-type cement grinding units adopt pre-grinding technology. The cement grinding units not only reduce the particles of feeding materials, but also help to produce cracks and flaws inside the particles, which largely increase production capacity of cement mill, reduce the energy consumption.

The cement grinding process include the admixture crushing, cement batching station, pre-crushing, high and fine powder grinding, fine powder separation, dust treatment, automatic control and other technologies. The finished cement can meet the requirement for high yield, high quality and energy saving.

cement grinding plant
cement grinding unit with ball mill system

Why choose us?

AGICO Cement can supply cement grinding unit with features of simple process, easy operation, less equipment and low investment, energy saving and environmental protection.

As a professional EPC project provider, we have ability to provide custom-design solution to cement manufacturing for every client. Our solution cover all stages including equipment installation, operation, production, maintenance, we will send technicians to guide training, until the customer is satisfied.

The cement grinding machine includes cement dryer, cement ball mill, cement roller press, powder selecting machine, conveyor and other cement equipment. We can provide scheme design for free according to the requirements of users, and offer appropriate equipment to ensure smooth production with less investment and high profit. 

  • High grinding efficiency

For the structure, of the cement mill, we adopts the advanced obstructing equipment for internal powder, add the activated device to the fine grinding chamber, and there is the special grate plate at the end of the cement mill, which can reduce the size of the grinding medium, greatly improve the grinding efficiency, and achieve the purpose of high output and low energy consumption.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection

The cement grinding unit has advantages of simple structure, strong controllability, and easy to operate or maintain. The discharge concentration is less than 50mg/Nm3, lower than the discharge standard, and protect the environment of the production site effectively.

  • Good quality of finished products

The production process overcomes the disadvantages of traditional equipment. The fineness of product is easy to be adjusted, apply for different requirement of fineness. The equipment also has advantages of large heat dissipation area and low temperature inside mill. The finished product of new-type cement grinding unit has high quality and large capacity.

  • High output, large handling capacity

Compared to other production process, with same feeding size and other working conditions, our cement grinding unit can increase capacity by 30%, and the energy consumption can be reduced by 15%.


SEPC (m) Equipment type Reducer Motor power(Kw) Capacity (t/h) Weight (t)
Models Speed ratio
φ1.83×7 open circuit ZD60 4.5 245 6.5-8 43.8
φ2.2×7.5 open circuit ZD70 5 380 8-10 64.8
φ2.2×11 open circuit D110 35.5 630 12-13 104.6
φ2.2×13 open circuit D110 35.5 630 16-18 114
φ2.4×13 open circuit D110 35.5 800 20-23 130.6
φ2.6×13 open circuit MFY100 19.5 1000 28-32 158
φ3×9 closed-circuit D125 41.2 1000 28-36.5 167
φ3×11 closed-circuit D140 42.8 1250 36-47 180
φ3.2×13 open circuit D140 36.5 1600 45-50 225
φ3.5×13 closed-circuit JDX1000 5.84 2000 60-65 275
φ3.8×13 open circuit MFY250 16.5 2500 60-62 320
φ4.2×13 open circuit JQS3550 15.6 3530 85-87 380
φ4.6×14 closed-circuit JSI160-C 14.6 4200 120-135 485

How it works?

  1. The belt conveyor mix clinker, gypsum and admixture in a certain proportion and transport them to the cement mill for further grinding, such as cement roller press, cement ball mill, cement vertical mill or group of them. 
  2. The cement mill grinds all materials into certain size.
  3. After screening, the qualified cement is sent to the cement storage silo by bucket elevator. 
  4. The finished cement can be in bulk or packed by the packing machine. 
  5. The dust collector treat the dust generated in the process, and qualified part can be discharged into the air.

As for the layout, the cement grinding unit is built near the sales market of cement. The most of cement admixture is the industrial residue, and cement grinding plant can greatly consume the industrial residues like slag, fly ash, slag, coal gangue. So the cement grinding unit brings green benefits well.

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