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How Much Does Mobile Crushing Plant Cost?

mobile crushing plant price

With the continuous development of the cement industry, the demand for building raw materials on the market increases greatly, so stone, river sand in short supply. The stone aggregate production site is a crushing production line with the disadvantage of high investment costs, a large covering area, and the completion of the project is inconvenient to move, and the mobile crushing plant solves all problems.

Now we know that a mobile crushing plant is necessary equipment in the cement plant. Here is the largest concern of investors: how much does a mobile crushing plant cost? In order to help users to buy high-quality and economic mobile crushing plant, the following will be the answer to the question of mobile crushing plant price.

What is mobile crushing plant?

Mobile crushing plant is also known as mobile crusher, or mobile crushing station, mainly apply for metallurgy, chemical, building materials, water, and electricity, etc.

mobile crushing plant
mobile crushing plant

Why we need mobile crushing plant?

A mobile crushing plant is a breakthrough in the integration of crushing equipment into a vehicle, reducing material, man-hour consumption. The reasonable and compact space layout of the mobile crushing units improves the flexibility of the site. The customers can choose different units according to the types, sizes, and other requirements of raw materials.

What mobile crushing plants do?

  • The mobile crushing plant can crush raw materials in a full production line on-site, avoid the intermediate link including transporting and recrushing, greatly reduce the transportation cost.
  • The extended crushing unit directly sends broken materials into a transfer trolley to turn away from the working site.
  • The mobile crushing station is integrated equipment, which can be used independently. It can also provide more flexible process configuration according to customers’ requirements on material types and products in the crushing process, so as to meet users’ requirements of mobile crushing, mobile screening and etc. The mobile crushing plant makes the generation organization, logistics transport more direct and effective, and reduces the cost to the maximum extent.
  • The mobile crushing plant also has strong applicability, flexible configuration, both apply for coarse crushing and fine crushing, independent operation and integrated operation are all available.
mobile crushing plant

Mobile crusher plant price

What is the price of a small mobile crushing plant? there are various offers on the market, generally range between one hundred thousand to three million($15,000-$ 428,571), according to different production requirements, the price might be more expensive, which depends on the user’s production requirements, the configuration of the production plan, equipment manufacturers, quality, etc. In order to ensure production, choose a professional and reliable manufacturer, not only the quality guaranteed, but after-sales service also will be more perfect.

Here are some factors affect the mobile crushing plant price.

  • Equipment configuration: It is very different from the traditional crushing equipment under a single assembly, the mobile crushing plant is actually a high-tech crusher machine composed of multiple machines, so every configuration form of the mobile crushing plant will have different price, generally speaking, more equipment, stronger function, and the price will be more expensive!
  • Location: The main influence of location is the mobile crushing station freight. The freight charges in different regions are usually different, and the delivery time is also different. Therefore, pay attention to the geographical location of the manufacturer when you choose the mobile crushing plant, which can also save a sum of money for the cost of a mobile crushing plant.
  • Mobile crushing plant manufacturer: Currently, you can buy a mobile crushing plant from a supplier or direct manufacture, the mobile crushing plant manufacturers’ offer is factory prices for a bargain, so, by contrast, we recommend that you can buy a mobile crushing plant from such direct manufacturers.

Types of mobile crushing plant

According to the market demand, the mobile crushing plant manufacturers generally provide several configuration schemes:

  1. Mobile jaw crusher
  2. Mobile cone crusher
  3. Mobile impact crusher
  4. Mobile screen station
  5. Crawler mobile crusher and wheel-mounted mobile crushing unit, crawler mobile crusher is divided into standard, closed type, single combination, secondary combination; wheel-mounted mobile crushing unit can be divided into standard type and closed type according to the different needs of customers.
Mobile crushing plantVibrating feederJaw crusherBelt conveyorExtended belt cnveyorGeneratorCapacity (t/h)Power (Kw)
data based on mobile jaw crusher
mobile crushing unit

Benefits of mobile crushing plant

Flexible collocation and more equipment configuration

Small mobile stone crusher includes feeding, conveying, crushing, screening, and other functions, the type and output of mobile crusher can be configured according to the actual situation, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, and other equipment can be selected, wider optional range, more flexible configuration.

Good effect in energy –saving and environmental protection

With advanced design concept, the equipment can be optimized and properly matched between different equipment, so as to give full play to its performance, reduce dust overflow and working noise of the equipment, and have little impact on the environment. Spraying and dust removal devices can be randomly configured and multiple protection measures can be taken to build a green and environmental protection production site. The crushing station is equipped with diesel engines with excellent performance, low fuel consumption, low noise, and excellent performance.

Intelligent one-key operation

PLC intelligent control system is adopted to realize one-button production operation, which can remotely monitor the operation of equipment and adjust production instructions. Relevant operations can be realized in the operation room without entering the site, and intelligent warning device is also used to remind to avoid bigger failures.

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