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Project details

Project Name: 500TPH limestone crushing plant project in Anhui

Specification: 0-5-10-20-30mm

Location: Anhui, China


Recently, AGICO CEMENT has built a cement crushing plant project in Anhui. This is a limestone crushing plant, the main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3), Mohr hardness is 3, rich resources, raw ore grade can generally meet the requirements of various industrial departments, the limestone crushing plant generally use dry crushing process, at the same time combined with the output demand, site, discharge and other conditions, tailored design scheme to reduce the customer’s investment.

Cement equipment

The cement equipment used in the cement crushing plant include hammer crusher, cement conveyor, circular vibrating screen, vibrating feeder and etc.

Crushing process

Original large pieces of stone pass through the silo, evenly fed by vibrating feeder, and sent them to the jaw crusher for crushing processing, up to 100-200 – mm, then sent to impact crusher by belt conveyor together again to finely, 1 to 30 mm or so, next, the fine materials will be sent to the circular vibrating screen, classify according to user’s requirements, the finished product can’t meet the requirements of granularity are sent to the impact crusher by the conveyor belt, the qualified stone is stored, or transported to the construction site by a pickup truck.

Advantages of limestone crushing plant

  • Adjust measures to local conditions and save space: Our team designs the two-stage crushing production line to combine jaw crusher and impact crusher for clients according to local conditions. The reasonable layout of the production line effectively reduces the occupied area and the cost of civil construction investment. At the same time, comprehensive consideration of the site, use the height difference of the site, flexibly arrange equipment, optimize the design scheme.
  • Environmental protection, less pollution: Adopting dry production process, but the crushing production line is equipped with environmental protection devices such as dust removal and noise elimination, which can effectively reduce dust, noise and other pollution, fully meet the national environmental protection standards, easily pass the environmental assessment standards, and achieve a double harvest of economic and environmental benefits.
  • Good quality, high benefits: High productivity of sand and gravel, and the crushing efficiency is improved, the finished products are good, the fineness mode can be adjusted, the gradation is more reasonable, which is recognized by downstream users, the price can be increased in the market, can reach the average price of 120 yuan/ton, the profit of sand factory is considerable.
crushing plant project
crushing plant project