600TPH Limestone Crushing Plant Project In Sichuan

cement crushing plant project

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600TPH limestone crushing plant project in Sichuan




Sichuan, China

This is one of the cement crushing plant projects built by AGICO CEMENT, it is located in Panzhihua, Sichuan province. The customer decided to cooperate with us after many investigations. In June 2017, the cement crushing plant formally put into production use, it has been more than three years, and has good running and stable production, and solves some problems of the traditional production line, such as dust is big, covers more area, fineness modulus of the finished product is larger. In a word, this crushing plant brings high economic benefits.

Cement equipment

The cement equipment used in the cement crushing plant include hammer crusher, cement conveyor, circular vibrating screen, vibrating feeder and etc.

Cement crushing process

customization is available

As we all know, cement crushing is one of the section in the cement manufacturing plant, which mainly breaks raw materials into required sizes.

  1. Through the raw material warehouse, the quartz stone is uniformly sent to the heavy hammer crusher by vibration feeder for forming crushing processing,
  2. and then sent to the three-layer vibrating screen by belt conveyor for grading processing, unqualified materials are sent back to the last section by belt conveyor for further crushing;
  3. The quartz stone that meets the requirements are sent to heavy hammer crusher in an orderly manner by the cement conveyor for further crushing and processing, and are also further screened by the vibrating screen to get a variety of finished coarse aggregate of different specifications, evenly transported to the fixed material pile.
  4. The whole crushing production line is smooth, dust, noise are within a reasonable range.
stone crushing process
stone crushing plant


  • Excellent quality of finished products: the main machine of crushing plant adopts hammer crusher, simplify the process, and ensure that the finished aggregate gradation is reasonable, the grain shape is round, the fineness modulus can be adjusted, the overall quality is better, fully in line with the material standard.
  • The central centralized control system, automatic operation: the central centralized control system design, realizes the automation of the crushing operation process, reduces the manual operation error, also simplifies the field labor, the operation is simpler, the operation is more flexible.
  • Less area occupied: the space layout is compact and reasonable, the production line design is simple and rigorous, reduce the floor space, save civil investment.
  • Less pollution: the crushing production line with closed design ensures less dust, noise, and other emission pollution during the crushing process, and all operations meet the national environmental protection requirements.

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