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Project details

Project Name: 800tpd Zinc Oxide Rotary Kiln Project

Capacity: 800tpd

Location: Shandong


Zinc oxide is used in chemical, pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries. In the zinc oxide processing production line, zinc oxide rotary kiln is an important production equipment for calcining zinc processing, its appearance is similar to a large furnace, it is composed of preheater, rotary kiln, cooler and other combination of roasting system, the equipment uses rotary cylinder structure, the design is very reasonable, stable operation it is a kind of high-tech equipment, in the working process is not prone to failure.

AGICO CEMENT made use of the characteristics of rotary kiln to design this zinc oxide production line. The designed calcining furnace is mainly composed of gas heater, gas-solid mixer, calcining furnace body and gas-solid separation collector. The pre-calcined material is sent into the furnace by the gas-solid mixer, and mixed with the air heated by the heater in a swirl motion. After the calcination process is completed in an instant, it enters the gas-solid separator from the outlet of the calcination furnace, and the separated solid and gas are discharged from the discharge port and the exhaust port respectively.

Related equipment

This project requires some equipment, such as a rotary kiln, cyclone preheater, vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, vibrating screen, baghouse dust filter, and etc. 

zinc oxide production

The process flow chart of zinc oxide production is mainly composed of: batching system, feeding system, rotary kiln system, slag water quenching system, oxidation cooling system, dust collection and bagging system, flue gas desulfurization system.

  1. The main purpose of the dosing system is to mix zinc containing waste or zinc ore powder and coke powder proportionally and evenly. The system is composed of multi-bin weighing dosing machine (optional), belt conveyor and mixer;
  2. The purpose of the feeding system is to send the mixed material into the bin at the end of the kiln, which is composed of the conveyor (belt conveyor or bucket elevator), the bin and the feeding unit;
  3. Zinc oxide rotary kiln production line system is the core equipment of the production line, which is mainly composed of cylinder, refractory lining, transmission mechanism, support mechanism, kiln head cover, kiln tail material guide mechanism, fan and heat source generating mechanism;
  4. The main purpose of the slag water quenching system is to break the high-temperature waste slag after the evaporation of high temperature calcined zinc through the way of water quenching. The system is mainly composed of cold pool, slag extraction machine, water pump and circulating pool;
  5. The main purpose of the oxidation cooling system is to fully oxidize the high temperature zinc steam to produce zinc oxide and reduce the air flow to the appropriate temperature. The system is composed of a zigzag tube, pipe, air distribution valve and collection box;
  6. The main purpose of dust collection and bagging system is to separate the generated zinc oxide products from the air flow and collect and bag, the system is composed of pipes, pulse dust collector, air compressor, fan, discharge valve, weighing and packaging mechanism;
  7. The purpose of flue gas desulphurization system is to remove the sulfur dioxide produced in the calcination process to reach the standard emission; The system is mainly composed of desulfurization tower, reaction tank, renewal tank, aerator, plate and frame filter press, corrosion resistant pump and fan.
process flow chart of zinc oxide production

Advantages of AGICO CEMENT

Zinc oxide calcining kiln, zinc oxide production line less investment, low cost because the structure of the equipment is very reasonable, and has a small size, light weight and other unique advantages, so the infrastructure investment cost is low, low equipment transportation cost; In addition, the thermal energy utilization rate of the equipment in the calcination process is very high, the energy and heat waste is very low, and the total production cost is one-third of the same type of rotary kiln equipment. The calcination of zinc oxide material is very complete, the grade of zinc concentrate is high, and the setting of automatic cooling device makes the calcined material can be cooled quickly, which greatly improves the recovery and utilization rate of zinc minerals. The volume design of the cylinder is relatively large, and the design of various technical parameters is very reasonable, which effectively improves the capacity of zinc oxide materials, and then improves the output and calcining efficiency of the equipment. In order to prevent dust and noise pollution, the equipment has made multiple protective measures, such as setting a unique and advanced sealing system at the end of the kiln, installing a dust-proof device and a muffler device, which greatly reduces the amount of dust emissions and noise, and improves the processing and production environment of zinc oxide.