AAC plant

Annual Output: 50000 – 400,000m³

TECH Highlight: 6 national invention patents on AAC block production technology

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AAC(Autoclaved aerated concrete) plant solution is one of the projects jointly developed by AGICO CEMENT and CNBM (one of Fortune 500 companies in the world ). With strong technical support and advanced production experience, we are committed to providing professional AAC plant design solutions and related AAC machine to more customers. We ensure that every customer will receive highest quality products and one-stop service!

3 highlights of AAC plant technology
  • Advanced Process: Our unique aerated concrete production process system is the only production technology system in the industry worldwide named after a Chinese enterprise. It is one of the representative technologies in the world for AAC production processes.
  • Professional Team: A technology-oriented team specializing in aerated concrete process technology research, process design, production line automation system development, and series of main equipment research and manufacturing.
  • Invention Patents: CNBM has six national invention patents in the production technology and equipment of aerated concrete, as well as several utility model patents.

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AAC plant Solution

AGICO CEMENT can provide clients turnkey solution for AAC plant according to the type, quality and process characteristics of raw materials used by customers. We can design different sizes of AAC plant with an annual output ranging from 50,000 to 400,000 cubic meters for clients, and provide guidance and planning for their projects. We can also assist clients with planning, layout, design, installation and commissioning of equipment, technical training, guidance on factory construction, and production processes. In the 20 years of our experience in the aerated concrete production line industry, We continually upgrade our technology and equipment to meet the needs of users for automated production lines.

  • AAC plant layout design
  • AAC plant feasibility analysis
  • AAC plant planning and implementation
  • AAC machine selection and comparison.
  • AAC plant electrical installation
  • AAC plant technical training
  • AAC manufacturing process
  • Other services required by customers
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AAC Line project with annual capacity of 300,000m3 in Malaysia
AAC Line project with annual capacity of 200,000m3 in Indonesia
AAC Line project with annual capacity of 300,000m3 in Ukraine

AAC blocks manufacturing process

As the name suggested, AAC block manufacturing plant is designed for aac block manufacturing, AAC block plant mainly uses fly ash (slag or sand) as the raw material, lime and cement as the binding materials, and aluminum powder as the foaming agent. The process includes crushing, measuring, mixing, pouring, pre-curing, cutting, and autoclaving to produce autoclaved aerated concrete block.

Here is a simple guideline of AAC block manufacturing process, to be clear, we just list some main sections of AAC manufacturing plant, if you want more equipment specifications or other details please contact us or have a visit!

acc line
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STEP1: Raw Material Preparation

The first step is to prepare the raw materials. The key raw materials used in the production process are sand, cement, lime, gypsum, and aluminum powder. These materials are processed by jaw crusher and ball mill, and finely ground material is sent to the powder distribution bin by screw conveyor and bucket elevator, and are transported to the silo through belt conveyors.

jaw crusher
jaw crusher
ball mill
cement conveyor
belt conveyor
cement bin
cement silo
cement bucket elevator
bucket elevator

STEP2: Batching & Mixing

Secondly, the automatic batching system measures all kinds of raw materials prepared and stored for use, adjusts the temperature and concentration, measures and prepares a small amount of mixed materials, and then feeds them into the mixing equipment at one time according to the technological requirements. Once the raw materials are prepared, they are mixed together in a slurry mixer. The mixer consists of a rotating drum that mixes the materials with water to create a thick slurry. Then, finished slurry is then poured into puring mixer.

batching machine
aluminum powder mixer

STEP3: puring & pre-curing

In this step, the slurry is poured into puring mixer. The puring mixer contains a mold of the desired size and shape of the AAC block. The slurry is poured into the mold, and the bubble remove machine vibrates to remove any air bubbles and ensure that the slurry is evenly distributed. After puring, automatically enter the curing room which can control humidity and temperature to accelerate the hardening of embryo body.

mould frame
mould frame
bubble remove machine

STEP4: Cutting

After the pre-curing, lift the mold frame and the blank body together to the cutting table where the bottom plate of autoclave is placed in advance with the tliting hoister. The cutting machine makes transverse cutting, longitudinal cutting and milling of the embryo, and the cut embryo together with the bottom plate of the autoclave is hoisted to the ferry cart by crane. There are four supports between the two layers, and a number of ferry carts are arranged into a group.

tilting hoister(empty)
tilting hoister(using)
cutting machine
ferry cart
ferry cart
bottom plate

STEP5: autoclaving

The next step in the production process is autoclaving. Autoclave curing is the high-pressure steam curing of aerated concrete embryo. For aerated concrete, only after a certain temperature and sufficient time curing, the embryo can complete the necessary physical and chemical changes, so as to generate strength and meet the needs of building construction. The cutted blocks are placed in an autoclave, which is a large pressure vessel. The autoclave is filled with steam and the blocks are exposed to high temperatures and pressures for a few hours. This process gives the blocks their unique cellular structure and strength. Autoclave is the core equipment of AAC block plant.

transfer cart for autoclaving

STEP6: Packing

When the autoclaving is complete, the AAC blocks are cooled and removed from the autoclave. The finished AAC block will be sent to some sections, including finished product lifting, automatic plate breaking machine, into the transportation and packaging line with stretch film machines, after that, packed AAC blocks can be directly stacked in the finished product yard with forklift. Finally, AAC blocks can be packed and shipped to construction sites or building material suppliers.

clamp hoister
distribution hoister
stretch film machine

ALC Panel plant

Our ACC plant is also suitable for ALC panel manufacturing. ACL panel can be divided into prefabricated panel wall, partition panel, industrial panel, roof and floor panel and other products. The reinforcement of each ALC panel is determined according to the design load, material thickness, length and so on.

The most of production processes of the ALC panel plant are same as that of AAC block plant, the main production process difference between ALC panel and AAC block is that the ALC panel plant has steel processing, assembly of steel mesh and cutting milling groove process.

Steel bar processing(optional step for ALC panel manufacturing process

The processing of steel bars is a unique process in the ALC panels manufacturing process, including steel bar steelmaking, straightening, cutting, welding, coating preparation, coating immersion, and drying. steel bar processing is a vital section, poor process control not only affects the quality of ALC panel, but also directly affects the structure and safety of buildings.

Assembly of steel mesh(optional step for ALC panel manufacturing process

Generally, The process of assembling the steel mesh involves taking the anti-corrosion treated steel mesh and arranging it according to the required size specifications and relative positions as per the production process, then fixing mesh into the mold so as to be poured, which is commonly referred to as “insertion of the pins”.

Cutting milling groove(optional step for ALC panel manufacturing process

In the milling process, the surface waste of the embryo after demolding is scraped off and the side grooves are milled during the transportation of the embryo on the transport cart. The groove milling device adopts an automatically adjustable tool holder, which can better ensure the accuracy of the product.

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AAC block making machinery

We supply all types of ACC block making machines are suitable for mini ACC plant, medium-sized AAC plant and large ACC plant, including aerated concrete cutting machine, jaw crusher, ball mill, mixing and pouring truck, mixing and pouring machine, mortar mixer, eddy current pulping machine, lifting tool and mold, mold bottom plate, mold frame, steam maintenance, column support, ferry, autoclave, boiler, single beam and single hook wagon, double hook and double speed wagon, silo, etc. Here we just show some main sections of ACC plant.

  1. Crusher and ball mill for grinding raw materials
  2. Silos for storing raw materials
  3. Conveyors for transporting raw materials to the production area
  4. Slurry mixer for mixing raw materials with water to create a thick slurry
  5. Puring mixer for pouring the slurry into a mold
  6. Cutting machine and tliting hoister for cutting the block into the desired size and shape
  7. Autoclave for curing the blocks under high pressure and temperature
  8. Strech film wrapping machine for packaging
  9. Ferry Cart for each sections.
  10. Dust collectors for some sections
  11. Other necessary equipment for AAC plant
Raw Material Processing Equipment
Mixing equipment
Pre-curing equipment
Cutting equipment
Autoclaved curing equipment
Packing equipment

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Our AAC plant helps clients save operation costs and get good economic benefits!


CNBM AAC line production process obtained international certification with a high-grade product rate and high efficiency.


Strong production capacity and strict quality control ensure a low failure rate, and low maintenance cost.


We have a complete service system covering pre-sale, and after-sale, so all your needs can be satisfied.

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What is AAC block? AAC block is short of autoclaved aerated concrete block (or brick). AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete)block, is a lightweight, precast building material made from natural materials such as sand, cement, lime, gypsum, and water. The ALC panel is a similar product from AAC plant. AAC block and ALC panel are strong and durable building material with excellent thermal insulation properties.

Benefits of AAC plant
  • wide range of raw materials, including fly ash, furnace slag, sand, tailings, and stone powder (any one of which can be used).
  • Lower cost: it mainly utilizes local waste resources, which greatly reduces the production cost and increases profits.
  • environmental friendly, no waste is produced during the production process, which complies with environmental protection policies.
  • Customized size, the scale can be large or small, and investors can start small and expand later, achieving zero-risk investment and steady profit.
Advantages of AAC block &ALC panel

Here are some advantages of AAC blocks:

  • Lightweight: AAC blocks and ALC panel are lightweight, and making them easier to handle and transport. this also reduces the structural load on buildings, allowing for more efficient designs.
  • Excellent thermal insulation: AAC blocks and ALC panel have excellent thermal insulation properties, which helps to reduce energy consumption and make buildings more energy-efficient.
  • Fire-resistant: AAC blocks and ALC panel are fire-resistant, it is a safe building material to use in areas prone to wildfires or other types of fires.
  • Soundproofing: AAC blocks and ALC panel provide excellent soundproofing, and it is a ideal for use in buildings located in noisy areas or near busy roads.
  • Environmentally friendly: AAC blocks and ALC panel are made from natural materials and are environmentally friendly. They also have a lower carbon footprint compared to other building materials, making them a sustainable choice for construction projects.
Uses of AAC block & ALC panel

AAC blocks and ALC panel have a wide range of uses in the construction industry, including building walls, floors, and roofs. They are suitable for both residential and commercial construction projects and can be used in various types of buildings, including houses, apartments, hospitals, hotels, and schools.