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Cement Crusher Selection Guide

cement crusher

The cement crusher is the necessary equipment in the cement production line. with the wide application of cement and higher requirement for the cement manufacturing process, the cement crusher gets more and more hot in the cement industry. What’s the function of the cement crusher of the cement plant? How to choose a suitable cement crusher?

AGICO Cement is a cement plant manufacturer, we offer EPC project for cement plant, also supplies cement manufacturing machines, such as stacker and reclaimer, cement crusher, ball mill, vertical cement mill, rotary kiln, cement roller press, suspension preheater, dryer, clinker cooler, cement silo and etc. Today, we learn more details about cement crushing and crusher together and help you to choose proper crusher.
How to make cement? Cement is a kind of hydraulic cementitious material, as for the cement manufacturing process, limestone and clay are used as the main raw materials, which is made into raw material by crushing, mixing, grinding, calcined into the cement kiln to make cement clinker, adding an appropriate amount of gypsum (sometimes also add mixed materials or admixture) from grinding. After a complete cement plant, the finished cement is made.

cement crusher
cement crushers

Application of cement crusher

What’s the cement crusher? The cement crusher is used to grind limestone or other materials into required particles. Common cement crushers include jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, and hammer crusher. In recent years, mobile crusher is popular in the cement plant.

The cement crushing process

The raw material can be broken by extrusion, shearing, rolling or impacting. The crusher works by a single or a group of them.

There are jaw crusher, gyratory crusher and cone crusher which work by extrusion principle. Hammer crusher and impact crusher working on impact principle. The roller crusher works by shearing and extrusion principle.

working principle of cement crusher

The hammer crusher and impact crusher are the most common type used in the cement industry. Both of them rely on the impact principle and also have the function of a coarse crushing, secondary crushing, and fine crushing. The main difference between the two is the striking piece. The former is a hammerhead hinged on the rotor, while the latter is a plate hammer embedded in the rotor body.

In general, the crusher working on the extrusion principle has the lowest energy consumption and the least wear. However, other factors should be considered in the selection of crushers, such as the degree of feed lumpiness and crushing ratio, the ability to adapt to the adhesion of raw materials, the robustness and ease of use of the machine, the one-time investment and operating costs are also important.

Jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is widely applied to the mining, building materials, chemical, and metallurgical industries. It can be used to crush all kinds of ore, rock and other materials whose compressive strength is not more than 320 mpa.

jaw crusher
jaw crusher


  • Simple structure and convenient maintenance;
  • Large reduction ratio and uniform finished particles;
  • Stable performance, low cost;
  • Low noise and less dust.

Impact crusher

The impact crusher has wide applications in road engineering, construction, mineral processing, chemical industry and etc. especially for the brittle material with medium hardness. At the same time, the impact crusher can largely reduce the flat-elongated materials, which is necessary for highway construction. PF impact crusher can deal with the material whose compressive strength is not more than 350 mpa.

impact crusher application
impact crusher


  • The product is a cube, good grain shape;
  • Adjustable output size, simplify the crushing circuit;
  • High-chromium plate hammer, impacting resistance, abrasion resistance, large impact force;
  • Keyless connection, convenient maintenance, reliable and economical;
  • Compressed structure and rigidity of crusher.

Roller crusher

In order to avoid the on-site problem of the roller crusher and affect the normal operation of the cement mill, it is better to adopt the bypass pipe, the slide screen switch, and the electric limit control. Once there is a problem with the crusher, immediately open the slide screen to allow the material to enter the bypass and repair the roller crusher to ensure the normal operation of the cement mill.

roller crusher
roller crusher

Precautions for the roller crusher

When the roller crusher is working, it is required that all the rod valves are opened so that the feed port is maximized so that the working faces of the rollers are all evenly stressed; when the bypass feed is required, all the rod valves are required to be closed. When the machine is not working normally, prevent the material enters the crusher roll chamber; the crusher is stopped after all the materials are broken, otherwise, the crusher cannot be started normally.

7 notes for crusher selection

  1. For material with large size or medium hardness, it is better to crush them by crushing or impact crushing, such as jaw crusher, rod-toothed crusher and so on.
  2. The corrosive material is generally suitable for crushing, which requires the smooth surface of the crusher.
  3. The less corrosive materials adopt impact crushing, striking crushing, or grinding, the crusher should have sharp teeth.
  4. For hard materials with small size, it is suggested that use crushing, impact crushing, grinding to deal with the materials. The surface of the crusher has no teeth, such as roll crusher.
  5. Ductile materials usually adopt a shearing or fast strike, such as a hammer crusher.
  6. Powdery or plastery materials are suitable to use grinding, impact crushing or crushing, such as ball mill.
  7. The multi-ingredient materials should adopt selective crushing under impacting, a group of crushing is also available.

For cement crusher selection, there is various types and manufacturer of cement crusher on the market. Many customers have a series of doubts, such as how to choose a suitable cement crusher? How to design cement crushing plant? Customers who need cement crusher should know more about this area, comprehensive analysis of the specific situation and the ability to select the crusher and cement crushing plant.

As a manufacturer of cement plants, AGICO Cement provides a one-stop turnkey project cover design, manufacture, and installation, etc. The high-quality product can withstand the test of time and various high-hardness materials and provides a strong guarantee for safe production, high efficiency, and energy-saving. We look forward to your visit!

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