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Cement plant for sale

Production Capacity: 50-10000tpd

Application: Cement, limestone, quicklime, lime clinker, etc.

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Cement plant refers to the professional cement production line to manufacture cement. What is your real need when you buy a cement plant? There are generally 5 aspects you may concern: cement equipment, cement manufacturing process,  cement plant manufacturer, cement plant benefits, and related service.

AGICO CEMET is a cement plant manufacturer with rich experience from China. We can provide a one-stop EPC solution for your cement plant, including all cement equipment, design, installation, and service. Here are the reasons why you buy a cement plant from us:

Cement Equipment

As we all know, each cement production line has individual equipment on cement equipment. Based on lots of experience in cement plant projects and strong production ability, we can supply all types of cement equipment in cement plants.

A complete cement plant is generally composed of these steps, raw meal production, clinker production, cement grinding, and cement packing. (of course, you can have won step according to the real situation)

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AGICO CEMENT – A trusted cement plant manufacturer

Who we are? AGICO CEMENT is a China cement plant manufacturer, our annual output reaches 150.000 tons of equipment and structure parts and 20,000 tons of casting parts. We have the Export & Import License and various types of certifications.

What do we offer? We have rich experience in providing EPC project for 50-10000 tons cement plant, one-stop service include cement plant design, cement plant equipment manufacture, cement plant installation and other customization service you need. High quality and competitive price are available.

Why choose us?

High yield, low consumption

the cement production line of AGICO CEMENT passes through long-term research and practice. Therefore, the whole cement production line has excellent performance, fast production speed, low energy consumption, and little pollution in the production process.

Long service life

because of the good quality and excellent performance of each cement equipment in the cement plant, the wear situation and failure rate are low in the production process, which also makes the service life of the equipment longer;

Less manpower input

the whole cement production line adopts integrated automation equipment, so less manpower is needed in the cement plant operation, which reduce the later production input cost for the enterprise.

EPC turnkey services

AGICO CEMENT have provided the cement production line including design, manufacture, installation, debugging, and reaches producing standard project general contracting for many customers at home and abroad,

Independent r&d and production

It is worth mentioning that we have our own large spare parts processing base, which completely meets your needs for supporting equipment. All products are safe and reliable, with a high degree of intelligence and environmental protection.

scientific cement plant design

According to the environment, geology, climate, planning scientific and reasonable production line flow design for customers, to achieve the commitment of pre-sale service, in-sale service, after-sales service.

Cement manufacturing process

The cement manufacturing process also called the cement production process, in short, it is two grinding and one calcination. The limestone is broken, ground, and mixed into raw materials, and then it is calcined at high temperature to get clinker, and then clinker is ground with gypsum or other mixed materials into cement.

At present, the basic technology for the cement manufacturing process includes the following three, AGICO CEMENT recommend you choose new type dry cement production process.

Dry process of cement manufacturing: raw material mining → crushing → drying → ingredients → grinding → raw material storage → homogenization → calcination → clinker cooling and crushing → ingredients → grinding — cement storage and shipping.

Wet process of cement manufacturing: the main difference of this process lies in a section between raw material grinding and the kiln calcination, mainly for grinding → raw material storage homogenization → add water into ball → calcination and so on.

New type dry cement production process: this process is strengthened homogenization in each storage link, mainly for raw material mining → crushing → pre-homogenization → mixing → grinding and drying → raw powder storage homogenization → calcination → clinker cooling crushing → clinker storage homogenization → batching → grinding → cement storage homogenization →shipping.

Cost Volume Profit

  1. Reduce energy consumption: the cement production line configured by our company can undertake the production of dry cement with a daily output of 1000t/d-10000t/d, which can reduce the power consumption by 20%-30%, directly reduce the production cost, win profits for customers, and improve the comprehensive benefits of the enterprise. In addition, a reasonable selection of cement production processes is a major significance in reducing energy consumption.
  2. Increase output: the whole cement production line operates smoothly and has a strong structure, which can not only reduce maintenance costs but also bring considerable production benefits. According to statistics, 1 ton of Portland cement requires at least 3 tons of material, needs to consume the power account for more than 60% of the power of the whole cement plant.
SOLUTIONSSolution1:cement ball mill systemSolution2:ball mill and roller press systemSolution3:vertical cement mill
Cement typeP·O42.5P·O42.5P·O42.5
Cement ratio (%)Clinker9090
Specific surface of cement350035003500
Capacity (t/h)170160160
Power consumption (kWh/t)413328
Annual power saving (ten thousand yuan)400700
Metal abrasion50305
Drying capacityWeakMediumStrong
Cost estimateCivil and erection cost417.76545.07447.02
Equipment cost2977.723360.084224.26
Installation cost352.22500.88318.89
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