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Cement Pant Upgrading And Modernization

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AGICO CEMENT provide cement enterprises with professional production commissioning, professional maintenance, technical diagnosis, equipment upgrade, spare parts localization and other technical transformation services. Undertake large and medium-sized repair work of cement production line and deal with emergency accidents; Technical transformation of the old production line, provide design guidance and equipment personalized manufacturing; Sintering system, grinding system improvement, energy saving and equipment technology upgrade.


Through online consultation and on-site diagnosis, we provide personalized solutions to solve various problems in cement production line operation.

Increase production and save energy

To improve the output and reduce the energy consumption of a system or a whole production line by transforming a single cement machine or system.

Tail gas denitrification

To meet the requirements of environmental protection, we provide advanced and convenient denitrification renovation scheme for kiln tail gas.

waste heat generating

Add a mature and efficient low temperature waste heat power generation system for your production line, and conduct comprehensive debugging for the entire production line.

equipment upgrade

Upgrade your coolers, cement mills and other key equipment to advanced equipment. For example: the third generation of coolers upgraded to the fifth generation of coolers.

Production hosting service

Provide comprehensive production hosting services, and make full use of our talent, technology and management experience, to create maximum value for you.


Benefits Of Cement Plant Upgrading And Modernization

Cement plant upgrading and modernization is a necessary stage for every old plant to increase capacity, simply new processes, add cement equipment or take other actions. Right upgrading of the cement plant will give your cement plant new life and bring more economic benefits. 

cement plant modernization

Reduce consumption and ensure a long-term income.

Promote automation of cement production line.

Improve the precision of cement production and processing technology.

Increase production through equipment replacement and update.

Range of Cement Plant Upgrading

Production upgrade related to whole production line

Cement mill open to close circuit

Cement mill new roller press

Kiln shell replacement

Installation of new alternative fuel system

Installation of new coal mill system

Installation of new smart bulk loading system

Equipment replacement and capacity increase

ESP transform to bag house

Overland belt conveyor innovation

Quarry transportation from truck to overland conveyor

Other customization services

Production upgrade related to whole production line

We can provide full upgrading service for whole cement production process, which covers crushing system, grinding system, rotary kiln system, power system, conveying system, and any problem of every part of cement plant.

Cement mill open to close circuit

The differences between the open-flow system and close circuit system: compared with the open-flow system, the close circular flow grinding system has less over-grinding in the cement mill, and the output of the cement mill is higher than that of the open-flow grinding system of the same specification; the unit power consumption is also low; the fineness of the finished product is stable and easy to adjust; Selective grinding is carried out. Due to this effect, the circular flow grinding system is more suitable for grinding mixed materials with large differences in grindability.

Cement mill new roller press

AGICO CEMENT’s updating solution is designed to improve the grindability of materials, improve the effective use of clinker strength, reduce the proportion of clinker, greatly improve the stability of the system, increase production capacity, and reduce power consumption.

The cement roller press is a new type of cement energy-saving crushing facility. In application, it is suitable for the related construction work of both new cement plants and old cement plants. However, it is still difficult to achieve high production and low consumption in the actual cement production process.

Kiln shell replacement

The kiln shell is more important to the rotary kiln, because the reaction in the production is carried out in the kiln shell, so once there is a problem with the kiln shell in the production, it should be dealt with in time to avoid unnecessary influence.

When does the rotary kiln barrel need to be replaced? We list four common situations for reference:

  1. The radial deflection of the kiln shell exceeds the following values, kiln shell needs to be updated: for example, the kiln head is 25mm, the machine head is 35mm, the kiln tail is 40mm, and the machine tail is 50mm. Then there are 20mm on both sides of the rotary kiln rolling ring and gear ring, and 40mm in the middle kiln shell. 
  2. If the overall thickness of the kiln shell has a wear rate of 50%, it needs to be replaced.
  3. Observe the flatness of the partial rotary kiln shell, such as the rolling ring and the gear ring, when their unevenness reaches or exceeds 5mm thick. And other parts should be replaced when the thickness is generally more than 20mm.
  4. When the thickness loss of the kiln shell bearing the ring gear part is serious, the kiln shell should also be replaced.
Installation of new alternative fuel system

Alternative fuel refers to the use of combustible waste as cement kiln clinker production to replace natural fossil fuels. The application of combustible waste in the cement industry can not only save primary energy, but also contribute to environmental protection. Data shows that if 40% of alternative fuels are used in cement production, about 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide will be saved for every 1 million tons of clinker produced.

Installation of new coal mill system

In the current cement production process, a large amount of fuel is needed as guarantee, and coal is the main fuel. Coal consumption in cement production line needs the support of coal grinding system(coal mill system). In the operation of coal mill system, there are a variety of unsafe factors, easy to cause safety accidents, so how to adopt effective measures to ensure the safety production of coal mill system is the key content of cement plant safety management.

Installation of new smart bulk loading system

Why is a smart bulk loading system needed? With the development of the cement industry and the continuous improvement of the shipping level, advanced and modern cement loading systems also appear. We adopt the latest weighing technology, computer technology, automatic control technology and IT technology, and realizes the intelligent loading of materials through all-electronic truck scales, special weighing controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLC), video monitoring, computers and other equipment. It can also seamlessly connect the loading data with the enterprise ERP system, improve the loading accuracy and loading efficiency, reduce labor costs, reduce pollution, and prevent overloading.

Equipment replacement and capacity increase

To keep a continuous and stable operation of cement plant, it is necessary to check and replace equipment and wearing parts. Also, capacity increase is always of primary importance.

ESP transform to bag house

In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, the cement plant urgently needs to realize the electric-modified bag filter. The electric-modified bag filter is a new type of technology. In the case of retaining the basic hardware system of the electrostatic precipitator and not replacing it, it only needs to add some new equipment. Equipment and accessories that can be retained include insulating dust removal housings, frames, exhaust ducts, ash handling facilities, etc. The clean air chamber of the bag filter can be solved by adding flue gas temperature control equipment inside the original electrostatic precipitator shell. There are a variety of methods to choose from the EPS transform to a bag filter. The specific scheme used for the retrofit of the dust collector in the cement plant should be decided according to the on-site working conditions.

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AGICO CEMENT has finished many cases of cement plant upgrading with strong technical support and production capacity. We believe that proper solution is always based on existing design, operation performance and site conditions. Our engineers will conduct site surveys and installation supervision to ensure the performance of the retrofit and the stable running of the supplied equipment.

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