Clinker Production

Find out single cement manufacturing machine of clinker production.

Cement clinker refers to a semi-finished product obtained by partly or fully burning raw materials and cooling materials. How to make clinker?

  1. The preheating and partial precalcining of the raw material are completed by the cyclone preheater, instead of the partial function of the rotary kiln, shorten the length of the rotary kiln, and the gas heat exchange process in the kiln is carried out in a stacked state, and moved to the preheater in a suspended state. Under the process, the raw material can be fully mixed with the hot gas discharged from the kiln, increase the contact area of the gas material, fast heat transfer speed, and high heat exchange efficiency, thereby improving the production efficiency of the rotary kiln system and reducing the heat consumption of the clinker.
  2. The precalcining technology add a precalciner between the preheater and the rotary kiln, and use the kiln tail to raise the flue, and set the fuel injection device to make the exothermic process of fuel combustion and the endothermic carbonate decomposition process rapidly carried out in a suspended state or a fluidized state in the precalciner. so that the decomposition rate of the feeding raw material is increased to 90% or more. 
  3. After the raw material is preheated and precalcined, the next step is clinker manufacturing. In the rotary kiln, the carbonate is further rapidly precalcined and a series of solid phase reactions occur to form minerals in the cement clinker. As the temperature of the material increases, the mineral becomes a liquid phase and reacts to form a large amount (clinker). After the clinker is fired, the temperature begins to decrease.

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