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clinker cooler

Capacity: 2-36t/h

Specification: φ 1.5x15m- 3.3x40m

Application: cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractories, glass, ceramics and other industries. 

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The clinker cooler, also known as grate cooler or cement cooler, it is a necessary equipment of cement clinker production. The clinker cooler is mainly used to cool and transport the cement clinker. At the same time, cement cooler also provide hot-air for rotary kiln and calciner, it is the main equipment of heat recovery for burning system.

The cooler will make a sufficient heat exchange between the clinker (1000-1200℃) from the rotary kiln and air by cooler rotating, so that the material can be cooled to (below 200℃), and improve the clinker quality and grindability, our clinker cooler with the features of simple structure, high transport rate, easy operation and maintenance.

Function of clinker cooler

  • To improve the quality of clinker, increase the grindability of cement;
  • Recovery the waste heat of clinker, increases the heat efficiency of rotary kiln, and reduces the heat consumption;
  • Reduce clinker temperature by cooling, easy to transportation and storage of clinker.

Advantages of clinker cooler

  • High thermal efficiency: our clinker cooler can feed all the air after cooling materials into the cement kiln as secondary circulating air, which improves the thermal efficiency of the cement kiln. 
  • Optimized boring machine partition for air supply, precise control of the air volume in each cooling zone, and finally achieve efficient cooling, high heat recovery efficiency;
  • Long service life: The swing compensator can compensate the movement of the trampoline in three-dimensional space and has a long service life;
  • Reliable operation: all bearings are external, no lubrication point in the air chamber;
  • Compact structure and less area required;
  • High-efficiency structure of grate plate, minimal leakage, reduces wear and prolongs service life.
  • Less energy consumption: the zipper machine operates intermittently to reduce the failure rate and reduce power consumption.
  • New structure seal valve to reduce air leakage. Simple structure and convenient maintenance;
  • Modular design, reducing installation costs and speeding up the installation process;
  • Perfect monitoring and control technology to ensure that the operation of the grate cooler is more reliable and stabilizes the operation of the kiln.

Specifications of clinker cooler

Main ReducerMain Motor

Clinker cooler types

At present, the common types of  clinker cooler include single cylinder clinker cooler, mutiple cylinder cooler and grate cooler. 

The traditional grate cooler can be divided into rotary cooler, vibrating clinker cooler and push clinker cooler. The grate bed is the core part of grate cooler. The push type grate plate is made up of fixed grate plate and moved grate plate by radial arrangement.

Working principle of clinker cooler

The grate cooler is a type of quench cooler. After the cement clinker enters the cooling machine from the rotary kiln, a layer of a certain thickness is laid on the grate plate, and the blasted cold air is passed through the layer moving in the direction perpendicular to each other to quench the clinker. The clinker is quenched from 1300-1400 ° C to below 100 ° C in a few minutes.

The cold air for cooling clinker is supplied by a dedicated fan. The clinker is spread on the grate plate with a certain thickness, and continues to advance with the movement of the grate plate. The cold air flows from the squat down and perpendicular to the direction of clinker movement through the layer, so the thermal efficiency is high. The cooling speed of the vibrating clinker cooler is fast, and the clinker can be cooled to 60~120C° in 5~10min, which is beneficial to improve the quality of clinker.