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Cyclone preheater in cement plant

Production Capacity: 200-2500t/d

Application: customization service 

The cyclone preheater, also called cement preheatersuspension preheater, is a kind of preheater in cement plant. As the core equipment of dry method cement production line, cyclone preheater use suspension preheating to preheat and partly decompose the cementraw mix, shorten the length of rotary kiln, fully mix raw mix and hot air in the kiln, increase heat exchange rate, which promote the efficiency of rotary kiln plant and reduce the energy consumption.

The cyclone preheater can take full advantage of heat in the cement rotary kiln, reduce the heat consumption of clinker production, and reduce the room occupied. To meet ideal effect, AGICO Cement design preheater in the cement plant according to different regions and scale of production.

Advantages of cement preheater

  • High productivity: the cyclone preheater adopts multistage cycle suspension preheating to improve the production rate.
  • Low investment: due to the reasonable structure of cyclone preheater, reduce the problems of equipment, cost-effective, low investment and higher benefits.
  • Low energy consumption: make full use of heat in the kiln, reduce the energy consumption of clinker production, and reduce the room required.
  • Wide application: custom-design cyclone preheater can be provided according to different regions and production scale, turnkey project of preheater.
cement preheater
cement preheater


NameSizesClinker productivity (t/d)Fuel
Cyclone preheaterRX5/280280Pulverized coal, natural gas, heavy oil
RF5/1800 (RSP)1800

Working principle of cyclone preheater

The cyclone preheater is consist of six parts, including the upper feeding system, preheater, roller pusher, hydraulic system, lower feeding room, and etc.

preheater in cement plant

The cyclone preheater use the high-temperature airflow accumulated in the kiln and adopts multi-stage circulating suspension preheating method to make the raw material powder and the hot air flow fully exchange, complete the suspension preheating and partial raw material decomposition, and prepare for the clinker production.

Why cement preheater is necessary for rotary kiln cement plant

As we all know that cement rotary kiln is used to calcine raw meal into clinker. The temperature of the cement rotary kiln produced during the calcination is lower than that of other cement kiln. If the material is to be decomposed during the calcination, the temperature must reach the melting point of the material itself. Due to the rotary kiln cannot produce too high temperature in the production. In order to solve this problem, technicians have found that the materials used for clinker production can be put into the preheater firstly, when the temperature reaches the production requirement, it is discharged from the preheater into the rotary kiln for calcination. So the preheater is not possible in the production of rotary kiln.

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