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  • pulse jet bag filter

Air volume: 6912-322560m³/min

Filter bag quantity: 96-3584 units

Application: building materials, cement, metallurgy, machinery, chemical, and refractory industry

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baghouse dust collector, also known as pulse-jet bag filter, is a new type of pulse jet dust collector which is improved from the original bag filter. It improves the shortcomings of insufficient ash cleaning strength and uneven air inlet and outlet. By spraying compressed air, the dust attached to the filter medium is removed.

It is very important to control the speed of the flue gas passing through the filter material (called the filter speed) during the operation of the pulse bag filter. Generally, the filtration speed is 0.5-2m/min. For particles larger than 0.1µm, the efficiency can reach more than 99%, and the equipment resistance loss is about 980-1470Pa.

PPC type baghouse dust collector is widely used in building materials, cement, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, and refractory industry, especially for dust collection system of cement plant crusher, cement packaging machine, warehouse top, clinker cooler, and various cement grinding machine (or dust removal system), it has a wide application. Electrostatic precipitators and cyclone dust collector are also common industrial dust collector in the cement plant.

baghouse dust collector parts

Baghouse dust collector is generally composed of dust collector filter bags, filter bag cage, venturi, pulse controller, conveying equipment, electromagnetic pulse valve, star discharger,etc.

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Advantages of baghouse dust collector

  • Good sealing effect: baghouse dust collector adopts advanced sealing measures, air leakage coefficient is less than 2%. It has a unique and effective way to remove dust and prolong the service life of the filter bag.
  • Wide range of applications: the use of new-type filtrating material, reliable flue gas temperature tracking system, can apply for various flue gas conditions.
  • High dust removal efficiency: the dust removal efficiency of pulse-jet bag filter can reach above 99.9, dust emission can be controlled below 30mg/Nm3, and it can handle high concentration dust below 100g/Nm3.
  • Stable operation and simple maintenance: the key parts of the pulse jet baghouse are reliable in quality and highly automated. The pulse jet baghouse uses high-temperature flue gas to blowback and effectively prevent dew-forming and bag-pasting.
  • Advanced structure: gas box structure reduces local resistance and eliminates the inconvenience of installing filter bag.

successful cases of baghouse dust collector

Simple selection guide of baghouse dust collector

  1. According to the actual situation of the working field, the system can be flexibly designed with high efficiency and uniform ash cleaning system online or offline to overcome the shortcomings of different modes of deashing.
  2. According to process requirements and system pressure, select high or low pressure, on-line or off-line pulse ash cleaning. The service life of the pulse valve is generally more than 5 years, the filter bag is more than 2 years.
  3. Low operating cost, compressed gas energy injection drainage, to ensure the dust removal pressure at the bottom of the filter bag.

Specifications of baghouse dust collector

ModelAir volume (m³/h)Filtering wind speed (m/min)Total filtration area (m²)Net filtration area(m²)Numbers of dust chamber (a)Bag filter quantuty(a)
ppcs96-5 3340 456 372 5 480
ppcs96-6 40100 557 465 6 576
ppcs96-7 46800 650 557 7 672
ppcs96-8 53510 774 650 8 768
ppcs96-9 60100 838 774 9 864
ppcs96-2×5 66900 929 936 10 960
ppcs96-2×6 80700 1121 1028 12 1150
ppcs96-2×7 94100 13081215 141344
ppcs96-2×8 107600 1494 1401 16 1536
ppcs96-2×9121000 16811588 18 1728
ppcs96-2×10 134500 18681775 20 1920
ppcs32-3 6900 93 62 3 96
ppcs32-4 8930 124 93 4 128
ppcs32-5 11160 155 124 5 160
ppcs32-6 13390 186 155 6 192
ppcs64-4 17300 248 186 4 256
ppcs64-5 22300 310 248 5 320
ppcs64-6 26700 372 310 6 384
ppcs64-731200 434 372 7 448
ppcs64-8 35700 496 434 8 512

Working principle of baghouse dust collector

Baghouse dust collector spraying compressed air to get rid of the dust attached to the filter medium (cloth bag or filter cartridge). There may be several sets of pulse valves according to the size of the dust collector, controlled by the pulse control instrument or PLC, when you start to use pulse jet baghouse, open a set of pulse valves to remove the dust of the part of the bag or filter cartridge controlled by itself, and other bags or filter cartridge work normally, after a period of time the next set of pulse valves open, clean the next part.

Working principle of baghouse dust collector

The baghouse dust collector is composed of an ash bucket, upper box body, middlebox body, lower box body, and so on. The upper, middle, and lower boxes are divided into Chambers. During operation, the dusty gas enters the dust bucket through the air inlet, coarse dust particles directly fall into the bottom of the dust bucket, fine dust particles enter the middle and lower box body with the airflow turning upward, dust accumulates on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the filtered gas enters the upper box body, goes to the clean gas collector pipe and exhaust air duct, and is discharged to the atmosphere by the exhaust fan.

The dust removal process of the baghouse dust collector

The process of ash cleaning is to cut off the air duct of the clean air and make the bag of the room in the state of no airflow passing through (stop the air in the room for ash cleaning). Then open the pulse valve with compressed air to cleaning ash, the closing time for the cut-off valve is enough to ensure the ash settling into the hopper after blowing off from the filter bag, to avoid the dust is blown by air to set attached to the adjacent filter bag, dust removal of the filter bag is done thoroughly, and the programmable controller has full control for exhaust valve and pulse valve, discharge valve automatic control, etc.

Dusty gas enters through the air inlet, and when it passes through the dust hopper, some large particles of dust in the gas are separated by inertial force and gravity and fall directly into the bottom of the dust hopper. After passing through the dust bucket, the dusty gas enters the filter bag filtration area of the middle tank body. When the gas passes through the filter bag, the dust is blocked on the outer surface of the filter bag. After the purified gas enters the upper tank body through the filter bag mouth, it is discharged by the air outlet.