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Cement rotary kiln

Production Capacity: 100–5,000 t/d

Specification: φ1.939m-φ4.874m

Application: building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry. 

Cement Rotary kiln, belongs to building material equipment. The rotary kiln has wide applications, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, refractory materials, lime, environmental protection and other industries.

Cement rotary kiln reactions: Fuel combustion, Heat exchange, Chemical reaction, Material handling, Degradation and utilization waste.

Cement rotary kiln types

As the core equipment of NSP cement production line, cement rotary kiln is consist of shell, supporting device, transmission device, lubrication device, moving kiln head, sealing device for kiln tail, burning device and etc. dry-process cement rotary kiln has advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and easy to automatic control in the cement production line.

Cement rotary kiln parts

A cement rotary kiln is mainly composed of the following parts:

Working principle of cement rotary kiln

  1. During working of cement rotary kiln, pulverized coal (natural gas) is burned in the cement rotary kiln to generate heat.
  2. The heat is used to heat the material by gas conduction or radiation.
  3. At the same time, as the kiln body rotates according to the designed inclination and rotation speed, the raw materials rolling forward periodically in the kiln.
  4. So that the raw material is transported from the feeding end to the discharging end, meanwhile, it is ensured that the raw material is calcined into qualified clinker in the time when the raw material passes through the rotary kiln, thereby achieving the purpose of high yield, high quality, and low consumption.

Why choose AGICO Cement?

AGICO Cement is one of the leading cement plant manufacturers that offers cement kilns and other cement equipment, our cement rotary kiln has been widely applied to many cement plants. Based on 60+ year’s experience and advanced production equipment, we can provide EPC projects and custom-designed solutions to cement manufacturing. 

cement rotary kiln case
  1. Performance: advanced pre-heating system of the dry-process cement rotary kiln increase the kiln speed and the output per unit volume, make sure the high clinker quality.
  2. Fuel: wider choice of fuel, include solid fuel, gaseous fuel, liquid fuel, etc.
  3. Cost: the good sealing effect of the system can fully recycle the waste heat. Less area required also save investment.
  4. Environmental protection: simple and effective the environmental protection dust removing bring more environmrntal benefits.

manufacture of cement rotary kiln

Specifications of cement rotary kiln

Size(m)Kiln dimensionsMotorpower(kw)Total weight(t)

maintenance of cement rotary kiln

Cement rotary kiln is a piece of cement equipment with strong durability, also plays a vital role in the cement plant. If you find any problem in the operation, solve it immediately. In general, the maintenance of rotary kiln is a complex process, here are some tips will be helpful.

Refractory material

First of all, check the fire hole of the rotary kiln is closed or not, ensure the close state to avoid too much cold air. Then, check the windshield of the burner at the kiln door is close to the kiln door. If the air leakage is not closed, it should be pushed to the position of close contact with the kiln door. Third, check the door cover of rotary kiln, if there is the phenomenon of positive pressure ash, should inform the central control to adjust properly. Finally, remember to check air leakage or wear out the phenomenon of resistant material, when you find the above problems, promptly inform the relevant leadership to deal with them.

Sealing and wearing parts

Check the fish scales sealed in the kiln head, and then check the fitting condition of the fish scales in the rotary kiln and friction ring. If there is any bad condition such as non-fitting, the weight should be adjusted by tightening the device to make it fit. If there is too much aggregate in the reliable rotary kiln, the discharging pipe should be adjusted timely. After that, check the wear condition of the friction ring of rotary kiln. If the friction ring is found to be badly worn or worn out, replace it.

Internal parts

Check the cooling air at the kiln head, and then check the friction between kiln head and the kiln door cover. In order to ensure safety, check the oil film contact of the supporting wheel shaft and thrust plate one by one. Check oil level, oil scoop and oil distribution of rotary kiln. Next, check whether there are impurities, water droplets, oil leakage, collision, loosening and other abnormal conditions, if necessary, the temperature can be measured and control.

FAQ of Cement Rotary Kiln

What is the output of rotary kiln?

Our rotary kiln has a high output up to 10000t/d, and we also provide a variety of cement rotary kilns to meet the different production needs of users.

How long is the service life of rotary kiln?

The service life of rotary kiln is affected by many factors, such as quality, regular maintenance, etc. AGICO CEMENT ensures the quality of the rotary kiln by strict quality control and advanced technology. Besides, regular maintenance can prolong the useful life of your rotary kiln.

Is the sealing of rotary kiln good?

Yes, in order to prevent cold air from entering the rotary kiln and smoke dust from spilling out of the cylinder, the rotary kiln is equipped with a reliable sealing device for the inlet end (tail) and an outlet end (head) of the cylinder, ensuring the sealing performance of the rotary kiln.

How about environmental performance of rotary kiln?

The cement rotary kiln produced by AGICO has been optimized and added with e dust filter products for environment protection, which is a new type of environmental protection equipment to reduce the environmental pollution caused by industrial production.