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shaft kiln

Shaft kiln

Production Capacity: 60-400 t/h

Power: 22-55 KW

Application: cement, lime production line. 

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Shaft kiln, also known as vertical kiln, vertical shaft kiln, is a vertical and fixed clinker firing equipment. The raw meal ball with coal is fed into cement kiln from the kiln crown, and raw meal ball moves from top to bottom, air move from bottom to top. In fact, the physical and chemical changes of shaft kiln are similar to that of cement rotary kiln. 

As for the types of shaft kiln, there is ordinary shaft kiln and machinery shaft kiln. The ordinary shaft kiln adopts manual feeding, manual discharging or mechanical feeding and manual discharging. The machinery shaft kiln adopts mechanical feeding and discharging.

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shaft kiln
shaft kiln project
  1. Crushing ability: the tray is equipped with moving jaw plates to enhance the crushing ability.
  2. Long service life: the new design of strong crushing, large claw teeth, and double-spherical conjoined tower cymbals. extend the service life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.
  3. Design of the kiln body: adopt the design of the step-necked kiln, concentrate the side wind many times, change the airflow direction, strengthen the central ventilation, stabilize the bottom fire, speed up the calcination reaction, and avoid stucking kiln.
  4. Air intake, use a unique air intake method, combined with the double-spherical conjoined towers, and expand the ventilation area, ensure that the effective ventilation area in the kiln is more than 65%, forming a strong wind and raw materials to ensure yield and quality of cement clinker.
  5. High-quality clinker, the cement linker has a 3-day compressive strength of 25-30 MPa and a 28-day compressive strength of 52-58 MPa. / kg and equipment operating rate is above 95%.

Working principle of shaft kiln

  • In the vertical kiln, the material moves from top to bottom, and the combustion air moves from bottom to top.
  • The heat carried by the high-temperature materials preheats the combustion air.
  • The process is reasonable, the heat loss is small, and the discharge temperature can be controlled within the temperature of +60℃, the thermal principle is reasonable.
  • The disadvantage of the traditional vertical kiln is the poor combustion conditions, because the internal calcination of the cake and large pellets is lack of oxygen and result in incomplete combustion. With the continuous progress of technology, such as further improvement of batch control, the strengthening of raw material homogenization, the improvement of kiln type structure and air supply method, and the small material ball greatly reduces the moisture content of the material ball.
  • The heat consumption of clinker in modern shaft kiln can be controlled within (600 ~ 700) × 4.18kj. It belongs to the equipment with high thermal efficiency.

Specifications of shaft kiln

Motor Power(KW)22223737374555
Total Weight(no refractory material)(t)8288100115125135180