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Everything You Need To Know About Cyclone Separator In Cement Industry

cyclone separator in cement plant

Cyclone separator in cement industry is also called cement separator or cement classifier, which plays a very important role in the cement manufacturing plant.

In the cement production line, solid particles (such as raw meal, cement, etc.) in the air-fluid can be classified according to its particle size, which is based on the particles in the air-fluid gravity settlement and centrifugal settlement principle. The equipment that uses air as a dispersion medium to classify solid particles is called a cyclone separator.

Function of cement separator

The cement industry is an energy-consuming industry. From the point of view of the cement production process, energy consumption is mainly divided into two parts: one is the clinker production which consumes more fuel; The other part will be put into the raw material production which consumes more electric energy and the cement grinding plant of the cement production line. Therefore, all countries in the world are actively developing energy-saving cement equipment. The circle grinding system formed by an open-circuit grinding system and cement separator is an effective way to realize energy saving. Under the same fineness of the product, compared with the open-circuit system, the closed-circuit system increases the output of the cement mill by 15%~30% and reduces the power consumption by 5%~20%.

For cement factories, a way to produce a variety of strength grade cement is to change the specific surface area of cement, the application of the cement separator can adjust fineness flexibly, especially the cyclone separator and 0-SEPa separator is more convenient and sensitive.

Modern cement is developing towards the goals of large scale, automation and energy saving. In order to comply with this development, the research and design of cement separator at home and abroad also have considerable development, the cement factories have developed four types of cement separator. Separator in cement plant takes a more and more important position and prominent role. At present, the newly-built cement plant no longer designs the open-flow pulverizing system, but uses different types of cement separator in the process design. The old cement plant technical transformation has also chosen different types of cement separator.

cyclone separator

Features of cement separator

The characteristics of the cement separator are as follows:

  • A new material dispersing device is adopted in the structure of the cement classifier so that the material into the classifier can get a good dispersion degree;
  • The internal control airflow device can reduce the eddy current interference to the cyclone separator;
  • Expand the separation capacity and area of the cement classifier to extend the sorting time of materials;
  • The introduction of new hot air and cold air in the production process can make the cement separator have the functions of drying raw materials, cooling cement, and micro-crushing.
cyclone separator manufacture

Cyclone separator and cement quality

Ball mill is equipped with cement separator production, known as a closed closed-circuit system. The function of the cement separator is to separate fine powder that is ground to a certain particle size. The coarse powder returns to the cement mill for re-grinding. The cement separator also can prevent the fine powder from adhering to the grinding body to cause the buffering effect, improve the grinding efficiency of the cement mill, adjust the particle composition, prevent the uneven phenomenon of the fine powder, so the cement separator can ensure the quality of the powder.

The comprehensive performance of the cement separator not only depends on the efficiency of the powder but also depends on the percentage of 3~30μm particles in the finished product. Because 3~30μm particle is the best part of the strength of the cement. The efficiency of powder selection not only affects the cement mill output but also has a great relationship with the quality of the cement.

Low efficiency of powder selection will not only choke the increase of cement mill output but also directly affect the quality of cement. Too high select powder efficiency will increase the cement mill output but has a great impact on the quality of cement. How high is the powder selection efficiency, which is the most favorable for the specific surface area and strength of the cement? After many experiments and comparisons, we think: the select powder efficiency of the closed-circuit pulverizing system in the cement plant should be controlled in 60% to 65% is more appropriate, the highest is not more than 70%. The proportion of 3~3μm particles in the finished product can be large, can be more than 65%, neither cause the over-grinding phenomenon because of low efficiency of powder selection nor reduce the strength of cement because of the high efficiency of powder selection.

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