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Differential kiln

Production Capacity: 700-1500TPD

Application: VSK cement plant

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Differential kiln is short of differential discharge mechanized cement shaft kiln, which is the patent product developed by the technicians of AGICO CEMENT through more than 20 years of research. Differential kiln completely solves some problems and brings good news to the shaft kiln enterprises.

It breaks through the technical bottleneck of traditional mechanical shaft kilns, and fully ensures uniform ventilation and uniform discharge through technical means, greatly improving production and quality, and greatly reducing energy consumption. It can reliably move towards large-scale. The current maximum production capacity of differential kiln can reach 2500t/d.

Shaft kiln is a mature, economical and applicable cement clinker calcinating kiln. the existing mechanical shaft kiln has three major shortcomings (low productivity, serious dust pollution and unstable quality), which is the main reason not only for restricting its sustainable development, but also for being listed in the elimination range of backward productivity by the national cement industry policy. China’s small and medium-sized cement enterprises face the direction choice.

Main Components Of Differential Kiln

benefits of differential kiln

  • Energy-saving (heat and electricity)
  • Good for environmental protection
  • Investment saving
  • Land Saving
  • Simple management
  • Short construction period
  • Suitable for the construction of cement production lines in remote and backward areas, underdeveloped transportation areas and areas with limited resource conditions.

Differential Kiln Projects

Discharge of Φ 5.0m  differential kiln(one of the differential kiln cases):  there is basically no raw meal or crushed material,  which improves the strength of the clinker. When the qualification rate of raw meal is less than  60%, the 3-day strength is 31-  33mpa and the 28-day  strength is 48-52mpa. The output reaches 38 tons/hour.  The kiln surface is ventilated evenly without “core pulling”,  “edge collapse” and “ring forming”. The labor intensity of operators is greatly reduced.

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specification of differential kiln

SpecificationΦ5 ×8.6~10.6mΦ6.2 ×8.6~10.6mΦ7.0 ×8.6~10.6mΦ8.0 ×8.6~10.6m
FanAir volume (m3/min)1000150020002500
Wind pressure (H2Omm)2500~3100
Dust collectorModelAG462-2×6AG588-2×7AG675- 2×8AG765-2×9
Air treatment



Filtration area(m2 )554482321080213770

Invention contents of differential kiln

The combination of central transmission and edge transmission for differential unloading enhances “central air” and eliminates “core pulling”, “yellow-core material” and overburned material.

  • Reduce the diameter and increase the height of the lower part of the central tower tip, which effectively sends the wind to the center of the combustion zone, and makes up for the lack of central air caused by the “sidewall effect”. It creates good thermal conditions for rapid calcinating of high-quality clinker.
  • Reduce the rotation speed of the central tower tip, stop and reverse rotation, which completely solves the problems of “core pulling” and “yellow- core material” caused by fast central unloading and slow edge unloading, offsets the “funnel effect” and stabilizes the combustion zone.
  • An annular grate ring is designed around the central tower tip, which is driven by two pinions at the edge (forward and reverse rotation). The differential rotation relative to the central tower tip increases the discharge cross-sectional area (2-3 annular discharge ports). The size of the discharge port is greatly reduced, which reduces the particle size of the discharge, is more conducive to the rapid cooling of the clinker, makes the free calcium oxide easy to process, and improves the stability of the cement.
  • The rotation speed of the central tower tip and the annular grate ring can be adjusted (equipped with frequency converter), which can rotate forward and in the reverse direction, so as to ensure the even decline of the material, more stable “Fire at the bottom of shaft kiln” and strong crushing capacity of clinker.

The central tower, annular grate ring and large gear are designed into multi-layer and multi-stage split type. It is very convenient to manufacture, install and replace.

Differential kiln has a unique component design principle: the central spire is composed of four layers. The annular grate ring is divided into six parts. The large gear has 16 sections, which reduces the weight of single parts and is very convenient for manufacturing, transportation, installation and replacement. For example, the big gear can be replaced at the access door. Due to the increase of discharge area and low speed, the replacement cycle of vulnerable parts is greatly prolonged.

differential kiln

Horizontal multi-directional air chamber ventilation is adapted to completely. Solve the problem of uneven ventilation in the kiln and achieve the balance of feeding, calcinating and unloading.

The combination of multi-pipe ventilation and waist air distribution by the horizontal gas chambers on both sides evenly distributed to the central tower tip and the bottom of the annular grate completely solves the phenomenon of uneven ventilation in the kiln and improves the sintering efficiency of clinker. It effectively reduces the heat consumption of clinker calcinating and achieves the balance of feeding, calcinating, and unloading. The output and quality have been greatly improved.

differential kiln