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Disc Pelletizer

Disc diameter: 1000-7000mm

Capacity: 0.6-62t/h

Application: chemical plant, limestone plant, gypsum plant, fertilizers plant, cement plant, fly ash plant.

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We design and supply disc pelletizers, also called balling disc pelletizers, pan granulators, and pan pelletizers. It is a necessary piece of equipment in pelletizing processing. Disc pelletizer is an ideal equipment for pelletizing powder materials.

Pan granulators are primarily used in fertilizer plants, cement plants, and metallurgical plants. Disc pelletizer is applied for chemical powders, limestone, gypsum, fertilizers, coal fines, cement, lime kiln dust, fly ash, filter or centrifuge cake, minerals and ores, vibrating sludges, pond tailings, EAF dust. In the cement production line, it normally can be applied to raw materials production.

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How does a disc pelletizer work? The disc pelletizer is a device for making green pellets in the pelletizing process. When the disk rotates around the central axis (or center line), the balled material rolls down the bottom of the disk, and the fine-grained material is scattered on the wet surface of the cue ball, so that the cue ball continues to grow to the specified size. It can make the material form a regular movement, and make the larger pellets and the smaller pellets run along their own different orbits.

Features of disc pelletizer

  • Disc pelletizer is also called pan granulator. Its whole disc is circular structure, and the pelleting rate of the disk can reach 93%.
  • It has three discharge ports, which can reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency.
  • The reducer and motor are connected by a soft belt. Low impact force will help disc pelletizer get long service life.
  • The bottom of the disc is made of multi-layer steel plate, which is firm, durable and not deformed. It also has solid base, no anchor bolts, stable operation.

Structure of disc pelletizer

The disc pelletizer is composed of a large plate, a large gear, a transmission part, a frame, a base, a scraper frame, a powerless scraper, etc. The maximum granulation output is 100 tons per hour. The inclination of the large plate is adjustable. The use of angle shims is flexible and convenient to adjust. The unique combination of unpowered scrapers is used to reduce auxiliary power consumption.

  1. Scraper
  2. Scraper Support
  3. Turning Disc
  4. Reinforcing Plate
  5. Connecting Flange
  6. Transmission Shaft
  7. Speed Reducer
  8. Belt Pulley
  9. Belt
  10. Movable Support
  11. Push Rod
  12. Motor Wheel
  13. Motor
  14. Base Support

Why choose AGICO CEMENT?

The disc pelletizer of our company is designed and developed after absorbing advanced experience at home and abroad. Our disc pelletizer has been exported to many countries and regions and applied in 2000+ pelletizing process line in different industries.

disc pelletizer delivery
disc pelletizer delivery


  • The product adopts electric rotating scraper to scrape the surface of the granulation and pelletizing, which has strong adaptability; the inclination and rotation speed can be adjusted; the structure is simple counter-flow, which is easy to install and easy to maintain;
  • Our disc pelletizer has characters of strong production capacity, high efficiency and large output. The main technical indicators have reached a leading position in China.
  • Customization service: According to user needs, we can design and manufacture disc pelletizer of different specifications and models.
  • Our products have high pelletizing rate and strong adaptability to raw materials. Both magnetite and hematite concentrates can be used. The pellets produced by disc pelletizer have high iron-containing grades, good metallurgical properties, and are suitable for long-term storage and long-distance transportation.
disc pelletizer
disc pelletizer

Working principle of disc ball machine

The raw meal powder is made into ball cores with uniform particle size, and then sent to the ball-forming disc. The water in the ball will be continuously extruded out of the surface. Due to the cohesiveness and plasticity of the material, the ball core will bond with the raw meal powder and grow gradually during the movement. Due to the cohesiveness of the material and the natural volatilization of the surface liquid film, the material ball has a certain strength. When the parameters such as the inclination angle, the height of the disc edge, the rotational speed and the moisture content of the ball-forming disc are constant, the material balls with different particle sizes leave the disc edge and roll down according to different detachment angles due to different gravity, and then roll down with the rotation of the inclined disc body. Finally, material balls will be out of the pan from the edge of the pan.

dis pelletizer working principle

Specification of disc pelletizer

According to the different structure, it can be divided into two types: rotary bearing type disc pelletizer and gear type disc pelletizer. The commonly used specifications and models in the market are φ6000 disc pelletizers. Small-scale equipment is divided into φ3500, φ4500, φ5500, etc., and large-scale equipment is divided into φ7000 and φ7500. Production lines with different output can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of pelletizing discs.

Model(QPY)Output t/hDisc diameter/mmDisc height /mmAngle of inclinationRotate speed r/minPower /kw

FAQ of Disc Pelletizer

How to choose the scraper of disc pelletizer?

Users can decide according to their own materials and budget. If it is an open-type disc pelletizer, the material will have less dust during the ball forming process, and a fixed unpowered scraper can be used. This kind of scraper is fixed on the cross arm and has both The disc bottom and the disc surface are dual-purpose, fixed with bolts, and the user can adjust it by himself. If the disc pelletizer is closed and the material is dustier, for environmental protection reasons, a power scraper can be installed.

Why can’t the speed of the disc pelletizer be too high?

When the technicians tested the equipment, they found that as long as the rotating speed is kept within a certain range, a better ball-forming efficiency can be obtained, and the strength of the particles is also ideal. Out of the disc, the ball material is lost, and it is difficult to achieve the desired effect.