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About EPC Project

EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) project general contracting service means that the project contracting enterprise undertakes all the work of the project design, budget, equipment material procurement, construction, trial operation and acceptance in accordance with the contract, and provides a solution with conditions of use to the customer, and assume full responsibility for the quality, schedule, cost and stability of the project.




Advantages of Turnkey EPC project

Under the dual pressure of shortening the technology update cycle and intensifying market competition, the traditional project management model has been difficult to meet the high requirements of customers for the cement equipment manufacturers. More and more powerful cement plant companies have turned to the prevailing EPC Turnkey Project.

The EPC turnkey project service relies on the mature and perfect R&D, production, sales and service of the company, covering project design, equipment supply, project construction, installation and commissioning, personnel training, after-sales service, quality, and miles to ensure the project orderly development.

Compared with the traditional model, what are the good advantages of the EPC project to attract customers’ favor?

Clarifying Responsibilities

The contracting enterprise is responsible for the overall planning and implementation of the project. The customer is only responsible for the overall, principled, and objective management and control; most of the responsibilities and risks are borne by the contracting enterprise.

Fixed Price

For projects with large investment scale, long construction period, relatively complicated technology and strong uncertainties, fixed price and fixed construction periods are conducive to the cost and schedule control, relatively reducing customers ‘risk.

Fast Profit

The design, production, installation, trial operation and other aspects will be undertaken by the contracting enterprise in an orderly manner, greatly shortening the construction period, saving investment costs, reducing investment risks, and early investment, early benefits.

Why Choose EPC Project Of AGICO Cement?

AGICO Cement is the leader of china cement EPC project suppliers, we have more than 50 years’ experience in cement plant design and manufacture. At present, we have provided cement plant and cement equipment like stacker and reclaimer, cement crusher, raw mill, cement mill, rotary kiln, shaft kiln, cement dryer, cement preheater, grate cooler, cement roller press, cement silo, etc.  for many customers home and aboard. We are specialized in EPC turnkey project, cover design, manufacture, installation, debugging, maintenance and other services

Step1: Project Design

AGICO Cement has a R&D team of two hundreds professional technicians who can provide customers with detailed project design solutions, which are based on the layout of the site design, select the appropriate equipment model, determine the equipment and project cost.

Step2: Equipment Production

We also have own large steel casting production base, machining workshop, electrical workshop, from casting to finished products, the auxiliary machines needed in the whole system such as cement mill are all made by the company, so that not only It ensures the processing quality and progress of the whole set of equipment, but also solves the problem of difficult maintenance of various equipment in the later stage.

Step3: Installation & Debugging

There is a professional and high-level engineering installation team, from guiding the customer excavation foundation to the installation of the grinding machine and supporting auxiliary machines, all of which are completed by a team of company. It can greatly improve the installation efficiency, shorten the installation cycle, and save a lot of production time for the enterprise. The quality and progress of the project during the entire installation and commissioning process are all controlled, and the customer only needs to carry out the most basic coordination, which is very worry-free.

Step4: Turnkey Acceptance Of Project

1. In the production process, customers can send engineers to the production site at any time to inspect the production process according to technical standards, and put forward suggestions and requirements for improvement, until the production of the product reaches the relevant standards.
2. After more than 50 years of accumulation, AGICO Cement has built a perfect production supervision and acceptance team. From product design to processing and production, the product performance indicators must reach the domestic advanced level and provide customers with perfect products.
3. The customer will conduct a comprehensive inspection on the functions and quality of the delivered products according to the contract, and we will solve the problems raised by the customer in time until the customer is completely satisfied.