Dry-process cement production line

The dry process cement production line is generally divided into the following processes: pre-homogenization of raw materials, homogenization of raw materials, clinker firing, cement grinding, and so on.

raw material production
1. raw material preparation
clinker production
2. clinker production
finished cement
3. grinding and packing

At present, cement production mainly uses a new dry cement production method, which is mainly reflected in the raw material has been preheated by the high temperature of the preheater and the high temperature of the exhaust gas before entering the kiln, and nearly 90% of the calcium carbonate in the raw material is decomposed into calcium oxide in the decomposition furnace. The dry process cement manufacturing process is widely utilized in the cement industry, it is a new method of manufacturing method in which fuel and power consumption has been reduced to a larger extent.

Step 1: Raw material preparation

The raw materials that have been ground by raw material grinding are lifted to the top of the silo by a bucket elevator and then sent to the raw material homogenization silo through the air chute at the top of the silo. There is a pair of Roots blowers at the bottom of the raw material homogenization silo, which blows upwards in a certain order towards the four pairs of air vents, keeping the raw material particles suspended in the huge raw material silo and continuously flowing back and forth.

Step2: Clinker production

This process is the most important process in the new dry cement production process. The cement clinker is made in this section, and the entire clinker calcination is composed of several parts: preheating outside the kiln, material decomposition, calcination inside the kiln, and clinker cooling.

cement rotary kiln

Step 3: Cement grinding and packing

Clinker will be sent to the cement grinding station for further processing, finished product – cement will be produced in this section. Finished cement should be packed by packing plant or shipped in bulk according to clients’ needs.

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