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fly ash processing plant

Raw material: fly ash

Finished size: 0.005-0.08mm

Application: power plant, paper mill, chemical factory, etc.

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Fly ash is generally a solid waste generated by the incineration boilers in thermal power plants, coal-fired power plants, paper mills, and chemical factories, as well as the collection of ash from dust collectors. It consists of tiny ash particles emitted during the combustion of fuel, primarily coal, with particle sizes typically ranging from 1 to 100 micrometers. Fly ash is one of the major industrial solid wastes with significant emissions. Without proper control or treatment, a large amount of fly ash can pose significant environmental and health hazards. Most of the fly ash emitted by industrial facilities is in the form of spongy glassy particles with uneven particle distribution and requires processing for better utilization.

AGICO CEMENT provides the ingrate solution for fly ash, including fly ash equipment and fly ash processing technology. Fly ash processing plants turn fly ash into useful products and make a profit for you. Are you interested in it?

fly ash manufacturing process

Our solution covers everything from initial design and transportation/installation to ongoing guidance and post-sales testing. We provide a comprehensive range of after-sales services that help our customers save a significant amount on their investment and operational expenses.

The fly ash production line primarily utilizes waste materials from power plants (fly ash) as its main raw material. It aims to fully utilize these waste materials, turning them into valuable resources. The particle size and particle morphology of fly ash play a crucial role in determining its application performance. We can design a customized fly ash production process based on the physical and chemical properties of fly ash and the required fineness of the finished product.

Raw Material Collection: Fly ash is taken from the ash storage facility at the power plant and collected through electrostatic precipitators or pulse dust collectors.

Crushing: The raw material is crushed until it reaches the desired fineness for milling. It is then transported to a fly ash silo by an elevator.

Milling: The fly ash is fed into the Raymond mill through a feeder. The finished product can be separated and collected by classification and screening system.

Dust Collection: The fly ash, after milling, is collected by a dust collector and other dust collection equipment.

Transportation: The collected fly ash is then transported downstream or to a storage silo.

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Fly ash processing equipment

Fly ash processing equipment typically includes a Raymond mill, as well as vibrating feeders, elevators, classifiers, dust collectors, and other related machinery. These components work together to process and refine fly ash into the desired products for various applications.

The above configuration is only for reference, and customization is often necessary to meet specific user processing requirements. Depending on individual needs, different equipment like a ball mill may be used for coarse ash processing. To maximize cost savings and returns, it’s crucial to tailor production plans to specific requirements. If you’re interested in this, you can submit your requirements, and our professional technical team will create a customized production plan and provide a quotation to meet your specific needs.

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One-stop solution for fly ash processing

AGICO CEMENT provides one-stop fly ash processing solutions, one-to-one professional guidance, and technical exchanges according to specific project needs, and provides efficient and timely services from pre-sale, and sale to after-sale so that fly ash pulverization projects can be carried out more smoothly and effectively.

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fly ash processing plant application

Fly ash has a high application value. It is a rich resource with low raw material costs and a significant amount of active ingredients. After proper processing, fly ash can be widely used in areas such as construction materials, concrete, and the chemical industry for secondary resource utilization.

  • Concrete Plant or Cement Plant: After sorting and grinding, fly ash can be used as a partial substitute for concrete raw materials. Different levels of incorporation can affect concrete characteristics such as curing level, strength, and drying shrinkage. The technology for making cement with fly ash is mature, and fly ash content in the produced cement can reach up to 75%.
  • AAC Block Plant: Through a series of processes, materials like fly ash can be processed to create various types of concrete blocks, such as AAC blocks, fly ash concrete small hollow blocks, and fly ash bricks.
  • Chemical Plant: High-purity alum is extractable from fly ash, which can be used to synthesize alumina. Additionally, non-oxide ceramic material SiC powder can be produced from fly ash. After certain refinement processes, fly ash can be transformed into polymer fillers for modifying synthetic materials.
  • Agricultural Fertilizer Plant: Fly ash contains a rich array of trace elements such as silicon, boron, sulfur, zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, and others. Its loose texture can significantly improve soil structure. By adding appropriate additives according to scientific formulas, composite fertilizers can be produced to enhance soil quality.

Return On Investment of Fly Ash Processing Plant

Is fly ash profitable? According to the fly ash processing production line that has been put into operation and has been operating for many years, the annual profit is hundreds of thousands, millions of good words, of which the profit of processing fly ash for one ton is about 30–160 yuan.

Taking China’s coal situation as an example, burning 1 ton of coal to produce about 250–300 kg of fly ash, rich resources, convenient mining, but not to be treated, the natural environment and human body are harmful, The current fly ash treatment and utilization problems has achieved a certain effect, so the market is also very good.

Fly ash processing plant caseClient-A
raw material costReuse the Wastes
Water and electricity cost 20-30Yuan
Other cost100-200Yuan
Profit per tonne30-160Yuan
*NOTE: only for reference
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