Finished Cement

Find out single cement manufacturing machine of finished cement production

Finished cement production includes the cement grinding plant, cement packing plant, and other necessary steps. It covers all equipment for the last step of the cement plant, such as cement mill, cement roller press, cement silo, and other cement equipment. 

Cement grinding unit is a vital link in the cement production line and the most energy-intensive process. The main function of cement grinding plant is to grind cement clinker (and gelling agent, performance adjusting material, etc.) into a suitable particle size (expressed by fineness, specific surface area, etc.), form a certain particle gradation and increase its hydration area. Accelerate the hydration speed to meet the requirements of cement slurry condensation and hardening. As for the cement equipment in the cement grinding plant include cement ball mill, cement vertical mill, roller press in cement plant and cement silo, etc. Cement roller press and cement mill are generally applied to grind clinker into finished cement products.

The packing is the last step of cement plant. Through this link, finished cement can be packed in bags for easy transportation. The cement is shipped in both bagged and bulk shipping modes.