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cement rotary packer

Cement packer for Sale

TYPE: fixed-type, rotary-type, stretch wrapper.

MOUTH: 1-4; 6-12.

CAPACITY: according to your needs.

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We supply various types of cement packing machine, also called cement packer, cement rotary packer, It is used for not only the automatic packaging of cement, but also for powdery materials with good liquidity, such as fly ash and cement additives, etc.

Cement packing machine is bagging equipment for cement packing plant after the cement grinding , and the cement packing machine is widely applied to the medium-size cement plant or mini cement plant.

The cement packing machine is mainly used for many industries, such as the chemical industry, building materials, mineral processing, highway, railway, and underground construction, which not only bring great convenience to these industries but also considerable benefits and efficiency.

Types of cement packer

As for the types of cement packing machines, most of them are fixed-type cement packing machine and rotary cement packing machine. A fixed cement packing machine refers 1-4 mouth packing machine, the cement filling is completed by manually moving bag. Rotary cement packing machine refers to 6-14 mouth type, the packing machine rotates to complete cement filling without manual work.

cement packing machine

Rotary cement packing machine

Numbers of discharge hole: 6-12

Production capacity: 1200–3000 bags/h

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fixed type cement packer

Fixed cement packing machine

Numbers of mouth: 1-4

Loading capacity: 15–60 t/h

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Pallet wrapping machine

Turntable width: : 1650/1800mm/2000mm/2200mm/2400mm/2600mm (or customized size)

Loading capacity: 4400lbs

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Advantages of cement packing machine

cement packing machine
  • High Efficiency: quickly packing cement and greatly improve working efficiency;
  • Reasonable Structure, the central feeding is convenient for electrical circuits to be arranged outside the rotary silo.
  • Highly Automatic, basically realize automation, filling, metering, bag dropping, and other actions are completed by one set of cement packing plant automatically and continuously.
  • Easy Operation: lower investment, less area occupied, less energy;
  • Easy Maintenance, less vulnerable parts, no hydraulic, pneumatic components.

Cement packing machine parameter

Rotary-type cement packer


Discharging mouthPCs681012
Packing capacitybag/h1200—18001800—22002200—26002600—3000
Weighing accuracy95% weight errorKg  +0.6   -0.2
Bag weight pass rate%≥95
20 bag total weightkg1000~1004
Diameter of rotating drummmΦ1560Φ1750Φ2090
Maximum diameter of rotationmmΦ2200Φ2400Φ2740
mounting height above the floor(discharge mouth)mm1350
Rotating barrel speedr/min0-6
Rotating directionOverlookclockwise or counterclockwise
Power voltageV380±10% AC
power kw4×6=244×8=324×10=404×12=48
rotation rate1440
Rotating barrel driveYVPmodelsYVPE90L-4
Power kw1.52.2
rotate speed r/min125-1250
speed ratio1:43
bleed pressureMPa0.1-0.2
Dust collecting air volumeM3/h>9000>12000>18000>24000
Total weightt4.325.25.76.2
Overall dimensions
Length (upper beam) x width x height
Fixed type cement packer
Qty of spout(piece)1234
Loading capacity(t/h)15304560
One bag weighing precision(kg)Microcomputer balance 50±0.35
Eligibility rate of a bag weight(%)≥95
Continous 10 bags of average weight error+0.24 -0.08
Motor power(kw)42×43×44×4
Feeding motor power(kw)1.52.2
Power supply voltage(v)380%(AC)
Collecting dust air Qty(m3/h)2000400060008000
Whole set weight(t)0.5580.8851.211.573
Size(with feeder) (L×W×H) mm580×1300×17801050×1300×17801640×1300×17801990×1300×1780

Cement packing machine working principle

Put the cement in the stock bin into the outlet of the cement packer, start position switch, send the signal to the microcomputer and start the solenoid valve, open the discharging mouth by the operation of the air cylinder. Cement materials are filled to woven bags continuously through the discharging mouth by the impeller running at high speed. When the weight of the bag reaches the set value, the signal is transmitted to the microcomputer by the sensor. The solenoid valve controls the cylinder through the microcomputer to close the customized filling of the discharging mouth. At the same time, the solenoid valve sucks through the signal of the inductor, and the bag presser makes the bag tilt off automatically.

The whole cement filling process is controlled by electricity, except manual inserting bag, cement bag pressing and opening and closing of discharging mouth; Cement filling, weighing and measuring, automatic bag dropping and other functions can be completed automatically, so as to reduce mechanical faults and ensure the fast operation of packaging equipment.

rotary cement packer

Why choose AGICO CEMENT?

AGICO CEMENT is a proffesional cement equipment supplier, and we offer different types of cement packing machines with high automation and high efficiency.

cement packing machine
cement packing machine

Notes for cement packing machine

  1. Check the power of the cement packing machine before starting, and then start feeding device or open the gate; turn off the feeding device before off the packing machine, then turn off the power to prevent the packing machine ash system from being blocked.
  2. Check the weighing device frequently, and especially pay attention to the use and maintenance of traction electromagnet. If the body shakes too much, you should find out the reason in time to deal with, and check the anchor bolt fastening.
  3. Clean the bagging mechanism regularly, there should not be grazed, caught, stuck, and other phenomena.
  4. Do not press the cement bag by hand in the cement filling process, so as to keep the weighing accuracy.
  5. It is necessary to carry out dynamic weighing calibration again once you removing and assembling the spring pieces on the bagging rack.
  6. The main shaft of the powerhead of the flying mechanism shall be lubricated with butter and greased at least twice a week.