Cement mill separator

Through output: 21-250t/h

Fan speed: 900-1680rpm

Application: Cement, Portland products, new building materials, refractories, glass ceramics, and other production industries.

Cement separator, also known as cement mill separator, cement classifier, is widely applied to the coal mill in cement plant, raw mill, and cement milling system. It can be usually divided into three types: separation separator, centrifugal air separator, and cyclone separator.

AGICO CEMENT combines foreign high-quality powder selecting technology, apply the theory of flat eddy current to the cyclone separator well, and develops Z type cement separator by ourselves. It has been proved that the efficiency of powder selection can reach 85%-90%, and the fineness is convenient and flexible, and the performance is stable and reliable.

cement mill separator
separator in cement plant

Highlights of cement mill separator

  • High efficiency of powder selection, which is 10 percent higher than that of the third generation of powder separator, can reach more than 80%.
  • Increase production and save energy. Compared with an open-circuit cement mill, the output of the cement mill is increased by 40 ~ 100%. Compared with centrifugal type and cyclone type closed-circuit mill, the output can be increased by 15 ~ 40%. The power consumption of the grinding system is reduced by 10 ~ 20%.
  • Improve product quality, and improve particle distribution of finished products. It is beneficial to increase the content of 3 ~ 30 m particles in cement, thus improving the strength of cement. Reduce the content of more than 200 m particles in raw meal and improve the flammability.
  • Wide range of product fineness, control is simple, change fineness does not need to stop the machine, only changing the speed of the separator can produce different fineness of the product with a specific area of 300 ~ 600m2/kg.
  • Long service life of the separator. Adopt a variety of wear – resistant measures, save maintenance cost, easy maintenance.
  • The equipment is small in size, light in weight, and flexible in layout. The system adopts full negative pressure operation, and the operating environment is friendly. A large amount of cold air can be used as powder gas, and the temperature of cement products is low.
cyclone separator manufacture
cement separator manufacture

Specifications of cement mill separator

Models Finish fineness R0.08(%) Air volume (m3/h) Speed (r/min) Main motor power (kw) Maximum feed (t/h) Output (t/h)
KMS-Ⅰ 0-3 16000 250-500 15.0 50 10-18
KMS-Ⅱ 0-3 23000 220-450 18.5 90 16-28
KMS-Ⅲ 0-3 32000 180-400 22.0 120 2040
KMS-Ⅳ 0-3 45000 160-340 30.0 150 30-50
KMS-Ⅴ 0-3 60000 130-306 30.0 210 40-70
KMS-Ⅵ 0-3 75000 130-260 37.0 260 50-85
KMS-Ⅶ 0-3 95000 120-240 45.0 330 75-110
KMS-Ⅷ 0-3 120000 110-200 55/75 400 95-130
KMS-Ⅸ 0-3 150000 110-180 90/110 500 110-160
KMS-Ⅹ 0-3 180000 110-170 110/132 580 120-180

Working principle of cement mill separator

The material enters from the feed pipe and is scattered into the rising airflow through the dispersion plate. The pulverized medium debris in the material overcomes the falling resistance of the rising airflow under the action of gravity and is discharged through the slag discharge outlet. The airflow carrying the powder rises to the grading section and enters the rotor through the guide vanes for grading. The guide vane can make the flow and powder particles rotate, pre-grade, and capture the coarse particles thrown out by the rotor, and also make the speed of the flow evenly distributed on the height of the whole rotor. The coarse particles trapped by the guide vane fall on the cone of coarse powder and are discharged by the outlet of the coarse powder, while the fine particles and airflow enter the middle of the rotor through the rotor blade and are sent to the collection device by the outlet of the fine powder.

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