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How To Buy Cost-Effective Cement Kiln?

cement kiln

As we all know, cement kiln is used to process the raw material into clinker, sometimes, it was called clinker kiln. As for the type, there is rotary kiln and shaft kiln. The cement kiln is one kind of limestone kiln, except for acting as a kiln in cement plant, cement kiln has another function, co-processing municipal waste, solid waste well, especially for some hazardous wastes. With the advantages of simple structure, reliable quality, stable performance, long service life, high efficiency, and environment-friendly, cement kiln is widely applied to the metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, chemical industry, sanitation, environmental protection, and other important fields.

With the increase of municipal solid waste and popularization of the environmental protection concept, the application value of cement kiln is getting higher and higher, so it also attracts the attention of many investors.

How to purchase cost-effective cement kiln? As a professional manufacturer of cement kiln, AGICO Cement provides some tips for cement kiln selection, including

  1. brand,
  2. specification,
  3. quality,
  4. quotation,
  5. on-site examination, etc.

If you want to buy a cost-effective cement kiln from various types of cement kiln, these tips will be your good guideline.

1. Brand of cement kiln

As a new buyer, when you are ready to buy a cement kiln, at first, you should choose a professional and branded manufacturer of the cement kiln. Because equipment from branded manufacturers generally passes the certification test by the authoritative department, also owns certain production capacity, the customer fraud is relatively less than others. At present, many small scale factories can provide cement kilns without brand and certifications, so we suggest that select professional and branded companies.

2. Quality of cement kiln

The quality is the premise of all things. The quality is another element you should consider before purchasing cement kiln. High-quality equipment directly decides the performance of products.

cement kiln

Technical content

The technical content of cement kiln affects its quality. For some big companies, they usually own individual research fellows, also introduce some advanced techniques from foreign countries, update and optimize the equipment continually, so the technical content of equipment will be higher. For some small-scaled factories, the technical content is very short, so the quality of equipment is unqualified naturally.

Raw material selection

The raw material selection has a close connection with the quality of equipment. The cement kiln is made of good steel, which can increase abrasion performance and prolong the service life. On the contrary, unqualified material will greatly decrease the quality of cement kiln.
All in all, only the cement kiln with high-quality and superior material will create larger benefits for the investor.

3. Specification of cement kiln

The specification of cement kiln is one of the elements for selection. You cannot blindly select models, sizes, the nature of cement raw material, site size, expected daily output, and other factors that should be considered together. Only selecting the right equipment, we can make the best use of it and achieve its production capacity; if the model is too large, it will cause the equipment to be overused and waste resources; and if the model is too small, the expected production target will not be achieved, affect the economic benefits of enterprises.

cement kiln specifications
specification of cement kiln

4. Equipment quotation

The price is always the top one consideration of cement kiln purchase. How to buy cost-effective cement kiln? The answer is simple and clear, ask more manufacturers or suppliers of cement kiln, request for quotation, and choose the proper one, pay more attention to the manufacturer with excessive-high or excessive-low quote price. In order to attract customers, some manufacturers deliberately set the price very low, and when they are ready to sign the contract, they will give real quotations and just waste your time.

5. On-site examination

When you choose a manufacturer or supplier of cement kiln, make sure you have a careful on-site examination, including production workshop, machine testing, work environment and etc. Only based on a deeper understanding of the detailed information of the equipment and manufacturers, we can effectively guarantee the quality of the equipment, and determine the true strength of the manufacturers better.

cement kiln
workshop of cement kiln

AGICO Cement- A leading cement plant manufacturer

Through the introduction of the above shopping skills, you can clearly understand how to buy a high-quality cement rotary kiln. It is good to choose a manufacturer with high credibility, regularization, and scale, and the manufacturers that meet all the above requirements are AGICO Cement. AGICO Cement is a large-scale manufacturer specializing in the production of cement rotary kiln and other cement manufacturing machines. Over the years, it has continuously acquired advanced production technology and integrated its own production experience. It is always the leader in the industry.

  • The quality and performance of the equipment are reliable.
  • In addition, our company has a complete service team, able to solve all after-sales problems for customers anytime, anywhere, quickly and effectively;
  • We also have a complete customer file, will regularly check the use of the equipment, if found that the equipment is in use after the deadline, performance degradation will occur, and technicians will be dispatched to the site to optimize and upgrade the equipment, and the equipment performance will be balanced.
cement rotary kiln project
cement kiln project of AGICO Cement

What we do

Based on advanced technology and production equipment, we can supply turnkey cement plant, or single equipment of cement production line, such as cement crusher ( jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher), ball mill, vertical cement mill, cement grinding mill, rotary kiln, cement silo, and relative equipment.

If you want to buy a cement kiln, and get more economic profits, AGICO will be your better choice. If you are interested, you are welcome to our company for a field trip and make a decision!

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