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How To Select Cost-effective Cement Mill?

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The cement mill is the core equipment of the cement grinding plant. The cement mill can be both applied to raw material preparation and clinker production. The raw mill in cement plant grinds raw material into suitable fineness. The cement mill also used to grind clinker into finished cement. In a word, cement mill always plays an important role in the cement plant.

Due to the cement is the core material of infrastructure, with the development of the construction industry, the demand for cement mill becomes large. More and more cement mill manufacturers and cement mill sizes appear, in order to promote the profit of the whole cement production line, it is necessary to know how to select a cost-effective cement mill?

Combine industrial update and cement plant projects, at present, there are three types of cement mill are popular on the market, including ball mill, cement roller press, and vertical cement mill. Today AGICO Cement helps you find the answer.

Generally, every cement grinding system has own advantages and disadvantages. When you choose the cement mill, especially for cement mill update, firstly, you should consider some conditions, such as original equipment, raw material, investment and etc. Then, compare several suitable solutions and select a cost-effective cement mill.

Cement ball mill and related ball mill system

In the real cement project, the production capacity of a cement ball mill can reach 150th-200t/h. the grinding process of cement transmit relevant energy of cylinder rotation to the lining plate, and then lift and fall, fully mix and grind the materials in the ball mill. The liner of the ball mill is spherical or cylindrical. The relevant body of grinding is also broken in the form of point contact because point contact has its own characteristics, so the efficiency of grinding is relatively low.

ball mill
cement ball mill

Based on some calculated results, we can know the productivity relation of different particle diameters. The smaller the particle size into the machine, the higher the productivity. To promote the productivity of the ball mill, you should consider of production increase and energy reduction. In the real production line, related workers also need to pay attention to the particle diameter, the relevant work efficiency can be improved fundamentally by using the optimized shoveling plate, and the purpose of improving production efficiency can be achieved by using grinding AIDS during the throwing work.

There are many factors that affect the grinding efficiency of ball mill, including gradation of grinding body, ventilation of grinding machine, the temperature of clinker and grinding process, etc. Priority should be given to the circular flow ball mill process with high-efficiency powder separator. Circle grinding mill is conducive to the regulation and control of product fineness and temperature. The grinding efficiency is 10% ~ 20% higher than the open grinding mill, the finer the finished product, the more obvious the advantage.

Cement roller press and related roller press grinding system

The cement roller press grinding system can change semi-finish grinding into final grinding. By the extrusion between two high-pressure rollers and materials, only produce some micro-grooves, and do the thoroughly dispersed treatment of materials after extrusion, formed a relatively complete closed cycle, and then use grinding technology of cement roller press to make finished cement into a triangle, from a certain extent, its working performance is not better than ball mill.

cement roller press
cement roller press

The pre-grinding system is made up of cement roller press and ball mill becomes the mainstream of cement grinding plant. Because the grinding efficiency of the cement roller press is two times that of ball mill, it greatly reduces power consumption.

Vertical cement mill and related vertical mill system

The vertical cement mill system has features of high output and less energy consumption, so it is widely applied to the cement grinding. The vertical cement mill has some similarities with cement roller press, both of them use the material bed to do the full crush. But the contact surface of vertical cement mill and material is flat and cylinder, the cement roller press grinding system should be set alone. In the real working condition, the cement roller press is more complex than the vertical cement mill. From the point view of nowadays, the most advanced equipment in the world has a production capacity of 600t/h, compared to other kinds of cement grinding machines, the unit power consumption of vertical mill systems can be reduced.

vertical cement mill
vertical cement mill

Three problems should be noted before the cement mill purchase

Keep the production capacity of cement mill consistent with other equipment

First of all, starting from the whole cement production line, the production capacity of cement mill must match the production capacity of upstream and downstream equipment. Only when the production capacity of the cement production line is consistent, it is possible to ensure the smooth operation of the production line and improve production efficiency.

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Keep the good grindability of cement mill

Secondly, considering from the cement mill itself, the cement mill must have a better grindability. As the key equipment, the finished product quality directly decides the benefit of manufacturers. The finished product grounded by the Cement mill should be fine, uniform, three-dimensional shape, which can improve the benefits of the production line.

Cement mill should be environmental protection equipment

Finally, from the view of environmental protection, the cement mill should meet the environmental protection requirements. Environmental protection is the top priority in the world.

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