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Industrial Air Cannon

Volume: 50L, 100L, 150l, 500L, or customization.

Advantages: high automation, low energy, low noise.

Applications: cement, chemicals, steel, coal, power plant, and other industries.

Have you encountered material blockages?

Industrial air cannon or air blaster is designed to address the issue of material arching and blockages in storage silos. Material blockages are a common problem in industries such as coal, power, and cement. To improve the flowability of materials in the silo and solve the issue of blockages, it is necessary to install advanced and ideal arch-breaking and flow-aiding equipment.

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material blockages examples

Air cannon for cement plant

During the cement production process, a significant amount of raw materials such as coal powder and limestone are required. These raw materials need to be transported to the production line for processing through conveyors or pipelines. However, during the conveying process, blockages can easily occur due to the varying particle sizes and densities of the raw materials. This can lead to production line shutdowns and impact production efficiency.

1. Crushing and conveying section

2. Raw material proportion and conveying section

3. Raw mill section

4. Clinker calcination section

5. Cement grinding section

6. Cement storage and shipping section

Highlights of our air cannon

Strong blasting force, good blocking effect.

Simple operation, high degree of automation.

The normal service life is up to 1 million times.

Wide applications cover cement, steel, power, coal plant and etc.

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why choose agico cement?

AGICO CEMENT is a cement equipment manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, we have a complete production line for large steel castings, including vertical lathe, gear hobbing machine, gantry milling machine, 200mm floor-type boring, and milling machine, bending machines, etc. We also have a professional engineering team to give technical support. Our products had been sent to Canada, Russia, India, South America, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan, etc.

  1. Cement Equipment: cement crusher, raw mill, rotary kiln, cement ball mill, cyclone preheater, grate cooler, dust filter, cement roller press, cement packer, cement silo, and other auxiliary equipment.
  2. EPC Project: one-stop solution for cement manufacturing plant, cement grinding plant, gypsum board plant, lime production line, etc.
  3. Spare Parts: ball mill liner, ball mill diaphragm, ball mill pinion, girth gear, kiln tyre, kiln support roller, crusher rotor, dust filter bag, grate cooler plate, grinding disc of the mill, etc.
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One-stop service covers design, selection, manufacture, installation, debugging, maintanance.

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working principle of air cannon

The principle of an industrial air cannon is very simple. It consists of a compressed air tank and a nozzle. When there is a blockage in the raw materials, there are two methods to remove the blockage.

  1. Manual Operation: the operator will aim the nozzle at the blockage and open the valve of the compressed air tank, allowing the compressed air to be ejected onto the blockage. Due to the high speed of the compressed air, the ejected air generates a shock wave that vibrates and clears the blockage.
  2. Electric Operation: the air cannon utilizes a differential pressure device and an electrically controlled pneumatic battery changeover valve. First, compressed air is pumped into the air cannon tank and the working pressure is reached. Then, the pneumatic electromagnetic changeover valve is closed. This allows for the instantaneous release of the compressed air from the air cannon tank, generating a powerful impact force. This force is capable of clearing blockages and breaking up arches.
air cannon working principle
specification of industrial air cannon
ModelsVolumelWorking MediumPressure MpaBursting Energy J/M2
KQP5050compressed air0.4~0.844587
KQP7575compressed air0.4~0.862422
KQP100100compressed air0.4~0.889175
KQP150150compressed air0.4~0.8133762
KQP170170compressed air0.4~0.8151597
KQP220220compressed air0.4~0.8196185
KQP300300compressed air0.4~0.8267525
KQP500500compressed air0.4~0.8445875