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Pallet Wrapping Machine

Turntable speed:0-12rpm

Turntable height: 85mm

Turntable width: 1650/1800mm/2000mm/2200mm/2400mm/2600mm (or customized size)

Wrap Height (max): 2000mm/2400mm/2800mm

Load Capacity: 4400lbs

Wrapping efficiency: 20-40 tres/hour

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Our pallet wrapping machine or stretch wrapping machine, pallet wrapper is a state-of-the-art packaging solution that uses stretch film/or wrapping film as the packaging material. The pallet wrapper is specifically designed for packaging various goods on pallets/stacks in a precise and efficient manner. With the wrapping method, the pallet wrapper can effectively secure and fix irregularly shaped or uniformly shaped goods onto the pallet by taking advantage of the shrink-back and self-adhesive properties of the stretch film.

By tightly wrapping the goods and pallet together, our pallet wrapper ensures that the goods remain intact and do not become loose or collapsing during transportation. in addition, The stretch film also provides protection against dust, moisture, and damage, while making it easy to load and unload goods.

Pallet wrapping machines are widely used in the containerization cost of products such as foreign trade exports, food and beverage, plastic chemical industry, glass ceramics, and mechanical and electrical castings.

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Trustable stretch wrapping machine manufacturer – AGICO CEMENT

Our stretch wrapping machine is the ideal solution for businesses that require a reliable and efficient way to transport their goods securely. The pallet wrapping machine offers an automated and cost-effective method of packaging that helps you to improve efficiency, save time, and reduce labor costs. With our pallet wrapping machine, you can be confident that your goods are well-protected and ready for transport.

Structure of pallet wrapping machines
Film frame

Bidirectional prestretch film frame, compared with other film frames can effectively save film up to 15%


Real-time display of machine state, a variety of operation modes at a glance, always monitor, convenient and fast troubleshooting.


It is equipped with two forklift holes on the left and right side for convenient loading and unloading.


Strong power, quiet and low noise, the rotor adopts copper coil, stable performance and long life.

Customized solutions for pallet wrapping machine

To meet various demands of clients, we provide several options for selective assembly, all solutions can be customized according to your real needs!

Pressure top (optional)

If the weight of the product is less than 50kg, the goods will fall down easily. It is necessary to install the top pressing device

Ramp (optional)

If you use a hydraulic car, you may need a ramp, you can easily push the goods onto the turntable (Note: if you use a forklift truck, no ramp is required)

Diameter of turntable

  • Turntable diameter 1500mm (standard)
  • Turntable diameter 1650mm (standard)
  • Turntable Diameter 1800mm (custom)
  • Turntable Diameter 2000mm(custom)
  • Turntable Diameter 2200mm(custom)
  • Turntable Diameter 2500mm (Custom)
  • Turntable Diameter 2800mm(custom)
  • Turntable Diameter 3000mm(custom)

(If other non-standard sizes need to be customized, special instructions are required)

Highlights of the pallet wrapping machine

  • PLC Microcomputer Programmable Control.
  • The number of top and bottom wrapping layers, wrapping times, overtopping time, and reinforcement layers can be set from 0-9.
  • LED display screen, which can be directly set on the panel.
  • Simple operation: just press the automatic running button to complete the entire packaging process.
  • The lifting system uses an international high-strength tension belt conveyor structure, which has a long service life, high tension, no noise, and does not require oiling.
  • The photoelectric switch automatically detects the height of the goods.
  • The selected electrical control components have high reliability.
  • It can switch between automatic and manual modes at any time.
  • The turntable adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and soft start and stops to prevent goods from toppling due to inertia.
  • Users can adjust the tension of the wrapping film by turning the knob according to the characteristics of the goods and their own needs.
stretch wrapping machine

Our factory

AGICO CEMENT has the ability to manufacture, research, and design pallet wrapping machines. We have standardized modern production workshops, as well as advanced production equipment and strong technical capabilities, allowing for the design and manufacture of pallet wrapping machines tailored to the unique packaging needs of customers across various industries. We promise every piece of equipment that leaves the factory is high-quality to customers.

specification of pallet wrapping machine

Wrapping dimensions(500-1200)mm × (500-1200)mm (L × W)
Maximum packaging height2000mm/2400mm/2800mm
Packaging efficiency20-40 pallets per hour
Turntable speed0-12rpm, variable frequency speed regulation
Turntable diameter1650/1800mm/2000mm/2200mm/2400mm/2600mm
Turntable height85mm (base support: square tube specification 1001204, reinforced plate thickness 10mm, driving chain: 12A)
Turntable load capacity2000kg
Film frame systempre-stretch film frame, pre-stretch up to 250%, automatic film feeding, variable frequency speed regulation
Lifting columnvariable frequency speed regulation, using 10A double chain drive mode
Control systemPLC control, wrapping layers and number of rotations adjustable, turntable automatically resets, and automatic sensing of cargo height
Column boxwall thickness 1.5mm, upper and lower plates 6mm, internal corner reinforcement plate 6mm, width 400mm
Machine weight650kg (maximum)
Dimensions2650mm × 1650mm × 2485mm
Power/voltageturntable 0.75kw, film frame 0.35kw, lifting column 0.37kw/AC220V
Colorwhite RAL7035 + signal yellow