Cement Ball Mill

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Ball mill for sale

Production Capacity: 15-100t/h

Feeding Size: ≤25mm

Application: limestone, cement clinker, gypsum, slag , ore, etc. 

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Ball mills, also known as tube mills, are widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal dressings, and glass ceramics industry. As for types of cement ball mill, there are normal cement ball mill and super-fine cement ball mill. 

Ball mill parts

The main parts of cement ball mill include a ball mill barrel, ball mill girth gear, ball mill liner, ball mill trunnion, ball mill pinion, ball mill bearing house, ball mill balls, reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control and etc.

AGICO CEMENT – Trustable ball mill supplier

As one of the leading cement ball mill manufacturers, AGICO Cement can provide high-quality cement ball mills with factory prices, our engineers have rich experience in cement ball mill design, and also provide you with good concentrator design technology and processing equipment configuration scheme,

we can offer customization service meet various needs from different clients. Our cement ball mills are factory-direct, with less human costs and materials cost deciding the competitive price of a cement ball mill. 

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Based on high quality and best service, our ball mills have been exported to many regions and countries around the world, such as Russia, the USA, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, Pakistan, etc.


Advantages of cement ball mill

  • Less investment: cement ball mill with advantages of a perfect motor system, low energy consumption and power consumption, and ultra-low operating cost, which can save a lot of cost input.
  • Good working environment: reasonable sealing, less dust, low noise, good production environment.
  • Cost-effective: the price of the cement ball mill is economical and affordable, and the after-sales service is quite perfect. It is a kind of grinding equipment with high-cost performance on the market at present.
  • Reliable working: The hollow shaft is made of cast steel, the rotary gear wheel is processed by hobbing of steel castings, and the wear-resistant lining is set in the cylinder body, which has good wear resistance. The cement ball mill runs smoothly and works reliably.
  • The long service life of bearings: The main bearing adopts the sliding bearing, and the sealing adopts the labyrinth composite sealing; the main bearing chooses GXYZ. Cement ball mill with slow transmission for easy access and start-up. The gears of the grinding machine are lubricated with oil mist to ensure reliable lubrication of large and small gears, extend the life of large and small gears and save oil.

Cement ball mill working principle

The material is uniformly fed into the first bin of the cement ball mill by the feeding device through the hollow shaft. The first bin has stepped lining or corrugated lining, which is filled with steel balls of different specifications. The rotation of the cylinder generates centrifugal force to bring the steel ball to a certain height, and balls falling down, will hit and grind the material. After the material reaches the rough grinding in the first bin, it enters the second bin through the single-layer transfer partition. The second bin is embedded with a flat liner with steel balls inside to further grind the material. The powder is discharged through the discharge grid.

A Buying guide for you

The ball mill price is affected by the following factors, you can choose a suitable cement ball mill according to these factors. 

  1. Cost of production: materials cost, human cost, electricity power cost, etc.
  2. Technical costs: technology import, equipment optimization, and upgrading.
  3. Capacity: more large-scale, more complete service, and more cost-effective.
  4. Area: differences in consumption level among different areas.
  5. Market demand: relation between supply and demand. 
  6. Spare parts: cost of spare parts and maintenance cost.
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Cement ball mill specifications

Model(m)ProcessCapacity (t/h)Feed size(mm)Rotated speed(r/min)Largest ball charge(t)Rotor power(kW)Weight (t)

The Frequent Asked Questions of Cement Ball Mill

What is the maximum grinding capacity of your cement ball mill?

The larger output of the cement ball mill can reach 100t/h.

Does the ball mill cost much?

The cement ball mill has reasonable structure design, simple operation, large handling capacity and low failure rate. The wear-resistant parts are made of ultra-wear-resistant materials, which can reduce the exchange cost of the vulnerable parts and control your production and maintenance cost.

Is the maintenance rate of your cement ball mill high?

Our cement ball mill adopts advanced technology, reasonable structure design, low maintenance rate; The base is made of channel steel, and the body is made of welded steel plate with good quality and high wear resistance. The inlet head and shaft head of the spiral shaft are provided with pig iron cover, which is safe and reliable to operate, and the failure rate is lower than twice that of other competitors. Please be assured to buy.

Does the cement ball mill cover a large area?

Our cement ball mill is more scientific, reasonable in the design of its structure, appearance compared with other manufacturers, ball mill body smaller 1/5, covers less area, infrastructure investment also can reduce 1-20000 yuan, is worth looking forward to and trust!