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Production Capacity: 3-40t

Feeding Size: <25mm

Application: coal, fly ash, coal gangue, etc.

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Air-swept coal mill is the main equipment of cement plant, also called coal mill in cement plant, used for grinding and drying various hardness of coal, crushing the coal briquette into pulverized coal. It is the important auxiliary equipment of pulverized coal furnace. The air-swept coal mill runs reliably, can work continuously, also has a large production capacity and less energy consumption. Air-swept coal mill is mainly used in cement, industrial boiler, ceramic products, thermal power generation, industrial boiler, chemical fertilizer, and other industries.

Coal mill parts

It mainly consists of a feeding device, main bearing, rotating part, driving device, feeding and discharging device, high-pressure starting device, and lubrication system. The feeding device includes the feeding pipe, the air inlet pipe, and the support. The feeding device of the coal mill adopts the oblique inlet wind and the oblique inlet louver structure to make the feeding more smooth, while the discharging device adopts the curved tube structure.

coal mill in cement plant

Cement coal mill working principle

The coal mill adopts an edge driving system, is driven by the motor through the reduction gear and large and small gears.

Raw coal is fed into feeding device of coal mill in cement plant, the hot air with temperature about 300 ℃ through the duct into the feeding device, there is a special lifting board in drying storehouse board will raise the raw coal, and helps the raw coal exchange heat and be dried, dried coal enter into the grinding storehouse.

There is a grinding body (steel ball) in the silo where the coal is crushed and ground into pulverized coal. At the same time when the coal is crushed, the pulverized coal and gas are taken out of the coal mill by the special induced fan through the discharging device of the coal mill, and the coarser particles will be returned to the pulverized silo through the return screw of the discharging device for further grinding.

coal mill project
coal mill project

Advantages of cement coal mill

  • It is capable of continuous production, large production capacity,
  • Easy adjustment of fineness, convenient installation, and maintenance,
  • Compact structure, smooth operation, long service life,
  • Strong adaptability to materials, can pulverize coal of various hardness.
  • The feeding device of air-swept coal mill enhances the heat exchange capacity of the mill and can effectively prevent the phenomenon of blocking at the entrance of coal mill in cement plant. Optimize the support system, improve the lubrication structure, reduce the system resistance.
  • The air-swept coal mill adopts the advanced control system, which can make the start and transmission stable and achieve higher economic benefits.
  • Reduce power consumption per unit area during operation of wind-swept coal mill, saving 20-30% of power consumption; Due to the rational distribution of steel ball and cylinder length, the production increased by 15%-25%. Thus low power consumption, large production capacity.
coal mill project

Cement coal mill specifications

Drum spped(r/min)24.522.420.420.419.718.318.316.917.516.4
Feed size(mm)<25<25<25<25<25<25<25<25<25<25
main reducerZD40ZD60ZD60ZD60ZD70
Main motor(kw)952502803154005006307108001250
Total weight(t)2946547698107124148162215