Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher machine

Production Capacity: 10-3000t/h

Feeding Size: ≤1200mm

Application: coal, salt, gypsum, alums, brick, tile, limestone and etc. 

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Hammer crusher also known as hammer crusher machine, is used to crush the mineral of a hard brittle material. The compressive strength of broken material is less than 150Mp, humidity is less than 15%. The hammer crusher machine can be divided into single-stage hammer crusher, efficient hammer crusher, impacting hammer crusher, reversible hammer crusher and ring hammer crusher.

Cement hammer crusher machine is made up of box, rotor, hammer, impact plate, sieve plate and other parts. The main working part of hammer cement crusher is a rotor with a hammer, also known as hammer head. The material is beaten, impacted, sheared and grinded by the hammer moving at high velocity. At the bottom of rotor, there is a screener, and the broken material with small size will be discharged by the screener.

Why choose AGICO”s hammer cement crusher machine?

  1. Large reduction ratio (generally 10-25, up to 50), higher production capacity, uniform product, simple structure, light weight, easy operation.
  2. Advanced design technology, impact residence.
  3. Large feeding size, high yield and good grain shape.
  4. Super crushing, coarse, medium and fine crushing are in one step.
  5. Higher capacity, compared with the previous year, the output increased by 30%, the flat and elongated powder is less than 20%, more energy-saving.
  6. Good wear resistence, The hammer head and sieve plate are made of chromium manganese alloy, which can resist impact and wear better.

Hammer crusher machine specification

NameModelSPCParametersCapacity (t/h)Motor power(KW)Weight (t)Size
Hammer crusherPC-64φ600ⅹ400Charge<100mm, discharge<15mm12-1518.51.31935ⅹ110ⅹ1122
Hammer crusherPC-86Φ800ⅹ600Charge<200mm, discharge<10mm18-24552.52523ⅹ1525ⅹ1020
Hammer crusherPC-0808Φ800ⅹ800Charge<50mm, discharge<5mm15-20555.181590ⅹ1935ⅹ1390
Hammer crusherPC-108Φ1000ⅹ800Charge<200mm, discharge<13mm20-501106.53514ⅹ2230ⅹ1515
Hammer crusherPC-1010Φ1000ⅹ1000Charge<200mm, discharge<13mm40-601157.62230ⅹ2220ⅹ1515
Impacting hammer crusherPFC-1210Φ1250ⅹ1000Charge<200mm, discharge<10mm
Rotor speed: 730r/min
Impacting hammer crusherPFC-1412Φ1400ⅹ1200Charge<250mm, discharge<20mm
Rotor speed: 540r/min
Impacting hammer crusherPFC-1616Φ1600ⅹ1600Charge<800mm, discharge<20mm
Rotor speed: 550r/min
Impacting hammer crusherPFC-2018Φ2000ⅹ1800Charge<800mm, discharge<25mm
Rotor speed: 551r/min
Single-stage hammer crusherTPCD-1412Φ14200ⅹ1200Charge<600ⅹ600ⅹ900mm, discharge<25mm
(residue on sieve:10%)
Single-stage hammer crusherTPCD-1616Φ1650ⅹ1640Charge≤800mm, discharge<25mm 95%160-220315+5.5413420ⅹ3300ⅹ3230
Single-stage hammer crusherTPCD-2022Φ2000ⅹ2200Charge<1500mm. discharge<25mm,
spindle speed: 370r/min

Hammer crusher working principle

The hammer crusher machine completes the crushing material operation by the impact energy. During the operation of hammer crusher machine, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed, and the material enters the crusher cavity evenly. The high-speed rotary hammer impacts, shears and tear the material, all the materials are broken. At the same time, the gravity of the material itself make the material from the high-speed rotating hammer head rushes toward the baffle and the screen strip in the frame body. The material larger than the size of the mesh hole is retained on the sieve plate, they are struck and ground by the hammer until it is broken to the required discharge particle size. Finally, the materials discharged through the sieve plate.

The Frequent Asked Questions of Hammer Crusher

How much dust is there in the operation of hammer crusher? Is there a lot of noise?

Our hammer crusher not only has a very advanced and reasonable sealing, but also has a unique dust-proof device and muffler device, which effectively avoids the emission of dust and noise. Therefore, our hammer crushers meet the national environmental protection standards.

What is the hourly Output of hammer crusher?

The hammer crusher produced by AGICO has an hourly output range from 5 m³ to 150 m³, which meets the different production needs of customers. Welcome to contact us!

What material is the hammer head made of?

Our hammer head is made of high chromium cast iron. It has good wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and toughness. It can run for a long time and less problems of wearing. The service life can be extended by more than 6 years than the same type of equipment on the market.

How much does your hammer crusher cost?

Our hammer crusher is independently developed, designed, produced and sold by own experts based on the introduction of advanced technologies at home and abroad. Not only the model is complete, the quality is reliable, but the price is at least 50,000 yuan lower than others. Due to the differences in the applicable materials, production capacity, motor power, the price of each model will also vary. Therefore, if you want to know the specific price of a certain type of hammer crusher, please send your inquiry and we will be happy to help you.

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