Stacker and reclaimer

Production Capacity: 1.45t/m3,  0.85t/m3,  1.2t/m3

Application: limestone, coal and etc. 

The stacker and reclaimer is the pre-homogenization system in the cement plant. As a necessary part of the cement production line, it can concurrently or respectively complete the stacking and reclaiming. The stacker and reclaimer plays a vital role in the limestone pre-homogenization, stabilize the condition of cement kiln, ensure the clinker quality.

The circular stacker and reclaimer is developed based on the requirement of environmental protection and land conservation. The work place of circular stacker and reclaimer can solve the problems of loss and flying caused by the wind, rain and other climates.

The circular stacker and reclaimer apply for the raw material preparation in the cement production line. With features of less area required, continuous working of stacking and reclaiming, full automatic control. The circular stacker and reclaimer is the ideal pre-homogenization equipment for cement or coal.

stacker and reclaimer
stacker and reclaimer

Why choose stacker and reclaimer of AGICO Cement?

AGICO Cement provides full service of stacker and reclaimer, including the design, drawing, equipment, installation and commissioning service. To control the cost, every configuration can be chosen by the customers.

Our stacker and reclaimer can greatly meet the usability of design, reliability and advancement of equipment.


  • Adopt advanced design such as computer-aided design, 3D design and optimized design of steel structure. Absorbing foreign advanced technology, plus the experience of designing and manufacturing stacker and reclaimer, and constantly summing up and improving, the technology is advanced and reasonable in design, and the equipment is reliable.
  • It adopts advanced production equipment and process means to ensure the reliability of stacker and reclaimer. For example, the steel pretreatment production line can ensure the quality and corrosion resistance of the manufactured products, and the use of large-scale milling machines improves the processing quality of large parts.
  • The use of new materials, such as wear-resistant materials, composite materials.
  • The external parts are made of advanced products at home and abroad.
  • Soft start and variable frequency control are adopted to reduce damage to the equipment caused by impact.
  • The device has various protection measures.
  • Advanced testing methods and strict quality management system.


  • The equipment adopts unmanned operation and can be fully automated for stacking and reclaiming operations. It is a highly automated product.
  • Set a variety of stacking and reclaiming methods to meet the use of different conditions in the stockyard.
  • Adopt advanced frequency conversion technology and application.
  • Various forms of cooperation and research have been carried out with various universities and design institutes in China, which has played a positive role in the development and development of stacker and reclaimer.


The circular stacker and reclaimer consist of three parts: the stacker, the reclaimer and the center column. The stacking and reclaiming are two independent and non-interference systems, which can simultaneously carry out stacking and reclaiming operations.

MaterialsLimestone, coal and other materials
Capacity1.45t/m3,  0.85t/m3,  1.2t/m3
Stacking capacity50t/h,100t/h,150t/h,200t/h,250t/h,300t/h,400t/h,500t/h,750t/h,1000t/h, 1200t/h,1500t/h,1800t/h,2000t/h
Diameter of circular stockyard50m,60m,80m,90m,100m,110m,120m,150m
Rotating speed of stacker0.01r/min
radius changing speed0.3m/min~0.6m/min
Reclaiming speed0.004~0.04m/min
shunting speed10.5m/min
Reclaiming speed of scraper0.5m/s
Speed of material rake10m/min

Working principle of stacker and reclaimer

Stacking process: The material is transported from the outside to the spherical silo through the trestle conveyor, and is transferred to the boom conveyor of the stocker through the top discharge, and then the fixed stack is carried out by rotating and pitching the cantilever frame.

Reclaiming process: During the reclaiming operation process, the scraper of the reclaimer is scraped by the chain to the center column, and the center of the center column is provided with a central falling hopper. The material is transferred to the discharge conveyor below the center through the center drop hopper, and then the discharge conveyor delivers the material out of the silo.

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We receive enquiries in English, Español (Spanish), Русский язык (Russian), Français (French) and العربية (Arabic).Our professional team will reply to you within one business day. Please feel free to contact us!