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vertical raw mill

Production Capacity: 5-200tph

Feeding Size: ≤110mm

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Vertical raw mill is one kind of raw mill, generally used to grind bulk, granular, and powder raw materials into required cement raw meal in the cement manufacturing plant. Vertical raw mill is an ideal grinding mill that crushing, drying, grinding, grading transfer set in one. It can be widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic ore, and other industries.

Main components of vertical raw mill

Foundation support

Foundation support: The foundation seat of the vertical raw mill is a set of steel welding parts, which is buried in concrete. The driving device of the vertical raw mill and the fixed seat of the tensioning hydraulic cylinder are installed on the foundation support.

Grinding table

Grinding table: The grinding table (millstone) is mounted on the output flange of the reducer with a diameter of 5m.

Grinding table liner

Grinding table liner: The wear-resisting liner is fastened on the grinding table and the grinding roller rotates on the wear-resisting lining plate. The raw material is ground between the grinding table and the grinding roller.

Dynamic separator

Dynamic separator: The cement separator is of the external type, with a rotor diameter of 6190mm and shell outer diameter of 8000mm.

Grinding roller

Grinding roller: There are four grinding rollers, which are distributed on the grinding table. The diameter of the grinding roller is 2240m. When the grinding table liner and roller skin reach a certain limit of wear, it shall be replaced.

Hydraulic tension system

Hydraulic tension system: the hydraulic cylinder produces the pressure needed for the grinding roller to tighten, and the tension rod transmits the tension force of the hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a nitrogen airbag to absorb the vibration of the raw mill during operation.

Nozzle ring: located between the grinding table and the shell of the vertical raw mill, the spilled material is fed into the cement separator through the external circulation system.

Mill drive

Mill drive: The reducer driven by the motor transmits the torque to the grinding table, and the reducer is equipped with a lubricating oil pump station.

Auxiliary drive: The main engine drive is equipped with an auxiliary drive device, which can make the vertical raw mill start smoothly. The auxiliary drive is also used for the accurate position required in the inspection of the grinding table and the maintenance of the grinding roller.

Applications of vertical raw mill

  • Apply for steel mills, thermal power plants, cement plants, pulverized coal preparation, and large production of coal gangue powder;
  • Apply for desulfurization limestone milling of power plant; Production and preparation of hundreds of kinds of ore powder in non-metallic ore industry;
  • Apply for Pulverization of steel slag, blast furnace slag in steel mill, slag and fly ash grinding of power plant;
  • Apply for large output and high fineness grinding quartz, leaf wax powder of glass fiber industry;
  • Apply for the powder production with a large output of various chemical raw materials in the chemical industry;
  • Apply for the industrial preparation of various materials in hundreds of other industries.
  • At the same time, it has a good development prospect in the pre-grinding of slag powder and cement clinker.
vertical raw mill application

Advantages of vertical raw mill

  • High grinding efficiency and low energy consumption.
  • The system is simple and the structure is compact.
  • Negative pressure operation, good sealing.
  • Small noise, less dust, easy to operate, and maintain.
  • The product granularity is uniform, and it is easy to adjust the fineness and composition of the product, which is convenient for automatic control.
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Specifications of vertical raw mill

ModelGrinding disc diameter(mm)Roller diameter(mm)Feeding size(mm)Production capacity(t/h)Main motor power(Kw)Disc rotation speed  (r/min)Weight (t)
LM millLM0806800600≤303-5756213.8
HRM millHRM141114001185≤3510-1522537.9649

Vertical raw mill process

Grinding: The raw material enters into the grinding through the sliding tube. Under the action of centrifugal force, it moves circumferential around the center of the grinding disc and radially outward along the grinding disc to enter the grinding area. There is a retaining ring around the mill, and the material forms a material bed on the vertical raw mill.

Selecting: except part of the fine powder is discharged with the airflow, and the rest of the material overflows from the retainer ring and is fed into the dynamic cement separator by the external circulation bucket elevator. The fineness of the finished product is R0.09 < 12%, and the coarse material is re-put into the vertical raw mill.

Drying: The heat source of drying materials comes from the 300℃ hot flue gas in the preheater at end of the cement rotary kiln, which is divided into two ways and sent to the vertical raw mill and the stepped cement separator respectively, and then into the dynamic cement separator and electric dust collection.

External circulation: the circulating material out of the vertical raw mill is fed into the steady flow bin by the bucket elevator, and then fed into the stepping separator by the belt for grinding.

structure of vertical raw mill