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circular vibrating screen

Circular vibrating screen for sale

Production Capacity: 8-800m3/h

Feeding size: ≤400mm

Application: alloy powder, copper powder, ore, refractory, kaolin, lime, quartz sand, coating, etc.

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Circular vibrating screen is a multi-layer vibrating screen for circular motion. The circular vibrating screen adopts a cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and an eccentric block to adjust the amplitude. The material sieve has a long flowing line and many screening specifications. It has features of reliable structure, strong excitation force, high screening efficiency, low vibration noise, strong durability, and maintenance, convenient and safe to use. The circular vibrating screen is widely used in product classification of mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical, and other industries.

The big difference between circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen is that one does circular motion and the other does the linear motion.

Circular vibrating screen structure

It is mainly composed of a screen box, vibrator, suspension (or support) device, and motor. The motor drives the main shaft of the exciter to rotate through a triangle belt. Due to the centrifugal inertial force of the unbalanced weight on the exciter, the screen box is vibrated. By varying the eccentricity of the exciter, different amplitudes can be obtained.

circular vibrating screen structure

Advantages of circular vibrating screen

  • High screening efficiency: due to the strong vibration of the screen box, greatly reduce the phenomenon that the materials block the screen holes so that the vibrating screen has high screening efficiency and productivity.
  • Long service life: the circular vibrating screen adopts a spring steel braided screen or punching screen plate with long service life. The intermediate transition bearing seat is added to the transmission part. The application of the intermediate transition bearing seat effectively protects the motor and prolongs the service life of the motor.
  • Advanced structure and reliable operation: the circular vibrating screen adopts the barrel type vibration exciter and partial block adjustment device. Advanced rivet connection assembly frame structure improves the service life of the equipment. The spring vibration reduction device reduces the impact force on the foundation. The probability of failure is small.
  • Unique design, less clogging: all the parts that directly contact the materials are made of stainless steel, which means extremely convenient cleaning. The screen design is delicate and durable, with high efficiency and long service life. The mesh holes are not clogged and the powder is not flying. The screen can be 500 mesh or 0.028mm.
  • Robust components: the drive screen machine adopts a petal-shaped coupling and a flexible disk coupling with simple structure and easy manufacturing and maintenance. It is flexibly connected and runs smoothly, overcoming the defect that the universal coupling is easy to damage.
  • High output and rapid production: circular vibrating screen can ensure long-term and rapid production, which saves equipment operating costs and increases production volume.
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Circular vibrating screen specification

Screen area
Screen size
Largest feeding size
Vibration power
Motor power (kw)Leaning angle of screen
Screen face size
Body size(mm)
2YK1225264-502008-60800-97086P   5.5KW201200×25002930×1860×870
3YK1225394-5020010-70800-97086P   5.5KW201200×25003070×1860×1210
2YK123027.24-5020012-78800-97086P   7.5LW201200×30003430×1860×870
3YK1230310.84-5020013-80800-97086P   7.5KW201200×30003570×1860×1210
2YK123728.884-5020015-86800-97086P   7.5KW201200×37004050×1860×870
3YK1237313.324-5020016-90800-97086P   7.5KW201200×37004270×1860×1210
2YK1535210.55-5020020-125800-97086P   11KW201500×35004120×2210×1230
3YK1535315.755-5020021-125800-97086P   11KW201500×35004360×2210×1610
2YK1545213.55-5020022-150800-97086P   11KW201500×45005120×2210×1230
3YK1545320.255-5020022-150800-97086P   15KW201500×45005360×2210×1610
4YK15454275-5020022-155800-97086P   15KW201500×45005930×2210×2060
2YK1548214.45-5020022.5-162800-97086P   11KW201500×48005420×2210×1230
3YK1548321.65-5020022.5-162800-970116P   15KW201500×48005660×2210×1610
4YK1548428.85-5020022.5-162800-97086P   18.5KW201500×48006230×2210×2060
2YK1848217.285-8020025-20675086P  18.5KW201800×48005420×2550×1420
3YK1848325.925-8020032-27675086P   18.5KW201800×48005660×2550×1780
4YK1848434.565-8020032-28575086P   22KW201800×48006290×2550×2160
2YK1854219.445-8020032-312800-97086P   22KW201800×54005960×2550×1420
3YK1854329.165-8020032-312800-97086P   22KW201800×54006260×2550×1780
4YK1854438.885-8020032-336800-97086P  22KW201800×54006830×2550×2160
2YK2160225.25-10020050-47597086P   30KW202100×60006720×2840×1530
3YK2160337.85-10020050-47597086P  30KW202100×60007030×2840×1910
4YK2160450.45-10020050-49797086P   37KW202100×60007300×2840×2380
2YK2460228.85-10020065-55097086P   30KW202400×60007020×3140×1530
3YK2460343.25-10020070-62097086P   37KW202400×60007300×3140×1910
4YK2460457.65-10020080-68097086P   45KW202400×60007600×3140×2380
2YK2870239.25-100200120-68075088P   22×2KW202800×70007600×4320×1620
3YK2870358.85-100200180-72075088P   22×2KW202800×70007800×4320×2120
2YK3072243.25-100200200-70075088P   22×2KW203000×72007800×4520×1750
3YK3072364.85-100200230-80075088P   22×2KW203000×72008000×4520×2300

Circular vibrating screen working principle

As a kind of vibrating screening machine, circular vibrating screen is mainly used to generate radial centrifugal inertia force (exciting force) by unbalanced heavy wheel rotation of the vibrator, which drives the screen box and makes the screen vibrate. The trajectory of the screen frame is ellipse. The material on the sieve is thrown up by the force of the upward movement of the sieve, and after a certain distance, it falls back to the sieve surface. And repeat the cycle again, the screening is completed during the movement from the feeding end to the discharging end. The amplitude of the vibrating screen can be adjusted by changing the weight and position of the counterweight.

circular vibrating screen working principle