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Vibrating feeder

Feeding size: 300-1200mm

Production capacity: 80-1500t/h

Application: river pebbles, limestone, bluestone, quartz stone, and other materials.

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Vibratory feeder, also called vibrating feeder, vibration feeder. It can uniformly and timely feed block or granular materials from storing tanks into various kinds of devices, such as belt conveyor, bucket elevator, crusher, etc. Vibrating feeder can be applied to automatic proportioning, portion pack, and the automatic control system, good for achieving automation of the production process.

Vibrating feeder is widely used in crushing and sieving equipment in metallurgy, coal mine, mineral processing, building materials, chemical, abrasive and other industries.

In the cement manufacturing plant, the vibrating feeder is a kind of feeding equipment, it sends materials from feed bin to the cement crusher. A complete stone crushing production line includes the following equipment:

Benefits of vibrating feeder

Stable and reliable operation

stationary vibration, reliable working, and long service life; the exciting force is adjustable, control and change flow at any time, convenient to adjust, low noise, low power consumption; Easy to control the amount of feed, no need to start motor frequently.

Good sealing, less pollution

It adopts a closed structure, using eccentric block rotation of the vibrator to generate centrifugal force, which makes the screen box and vibrator move in a continuous circle or approximate circle to prevent dust pollution.

High feeding capacity and high working efficiency

High applicability for various kinds of materials, ensure to feed different particles and blocks to the target devices continuously and equably.

Advanced structure

Simple structure, reasonable design, less room occupied. The vibrating feeder adopt design of grid section to stop from material blockage, also play role of the primary screening of materials, and thus improve the production capacity. Spring device buffer vibration of the body, effectively avoid damage to the body, extend the service life.

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Vibratory feeder working principle

The vibratory feeder is made up of a feeding tank, vibration exciter, spring support, transmission actuator and etc.

The vibration source of tank vibration is vibration exciter, which is consists of an eccentric shaft and gear pair. The motor drive driving shaft by triangular belt, then driving shaft gear meshing passive shaft to rotate, the main and passive shaft reverse rotation at the same time, so that the tank vibration, continuous flow of materials, to achieve the purpose of conveying materials.

Vibrating feeder specification

ModelsMax Feed Size (mm)Processing capacity
Motor power
Installation angle
Cell size

Overall dimensions

(Length × width × height) (mm)


Installation and maintenance of vibratory feeder

  • To keep the uniform and stability of feeding, and prevent materials from automatic flow, the vibratory feed should be installed horizontally. For continuous feeding of general material, the installation can be carried out by dipping down 10°. For viscous materials and materials with large moisture content, a vibrating feeder can be installed by dipping 15°. After installation, the vibratory feeder should have 20mm moving clearance, horizontal suspension and the flexible connection should be adopted. Before the test, all the bolts should be tightened at least one time, especially the anchor bolts of the vibration motor. After the feeder runs continuously for 3-5 hours and tightens the bolts again.
  • During the operation of vibrating feeder, check amplitude, vibration motor current, and surface temperature of the motor, if any abnormal situation is found, the machine should be shut down immediately. The bearing lubrication of the vibration motor is key to the normal working of vibratory feeders. In the process of use, the bearing should be regularly filled with grease, generally add grease every two months, and every month in the high-temperature season, repair the motor and replace the internal bearing every half year.
  • Regular maintenance can prolong the useful life of the vibratory feeder. In order to ensure safe operation, it is strictly prohibited to touch the machine, adjust, clean, or overhaul it by hand while the machine is running. The equipment must be electrically grounded, the wires should be reliably insulated, and the motor wiring should be frequently checked for wear and leakage.
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