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Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln

Capacity: 8-30TPD

Application: petrochemical, electric power, chemical, food, gold, environmental protection, waste water treatment, air purification, adsorbent and other industries.

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Activated carbon is black powder or block, granular, honeycomb amorphous carbon, there is also orderly arrangement of crystal carbon. Because it contains 80%-90% carbon, it is often used as a hydrophobic adsorbent. The main preparation principle is to convert all carbon-rich organic materials (such as coal and wood) into activated carbon through pyrolysis at high temperatures and certain pressure. In the whole production process, the activated carbon rotary kiln is a very key piece of equipment in the high-temperature carbonization stage.

activated carbon

Activated carbon rotary kiln was developed by AGICO CEMENT based on many years’ experience, which has guaranteed quality, good technology. 

The material produced by activated carbon rotary kiln has the advantages of strong chemical reaction ability, small volume density, large specific surface area, etc., and activated carbon is one of the main auxiliary materials in the steel making, coking, calcium carbide and other industries at home and abroad. 

Activated carbon rotary kiln is mainly composed of solid of revolution, feed plate, driving device, supporting device and sealing ring and other components.

Advantages of activated carbon rotary kiln

The activated carbon rotary kiln has many advantages such as simple operation, low carbon, and environmental protection, and is one of the commonly used equipments for processing activated carbon. It has a reasonable structure, well-produced, high output, low energy consumption, convenient operation.

The activated carbon rotary kiln includes a rotary cylinder, kiln head, kiln tail, sealing and supporting devices, etc. In order to ensure that the kiln body rotates slowly when the power supply is interrupted, auxiliary devices are specially set up in the driving part. In addition, the kiln head is sealed with shell and cover type, which ensures the sealing performance of the activated carbon calcining process and has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy-saving, and automation.

When activated carbon is calcined in the rotary kiln, the temperature is between 950℃ and 1050℃. The temperature can be adjusted according to the amount of activated carbon material to finally meet the customer’s requirements for finished products. This technology has stable performance and is the preferred equipment in the environmental protection renewable resources industry.

activated carbon rotary kiln

Specification of activated carbon rotary kiln

Active carbon rotary kiln has been developed and produced so far with various models. According to different decomposition forms, it can be divided into two types: external calcining kiln and preheating calcining kiln. Its output is 1-80t/d.

ModelsCapacity (kg/h)PowerDriving motorSize (L×W×H)
AG0.6300-5005.5frequency control10*1.1*1.2
AG 1.61500-18002217*2.1*2.2
AG 1.81800-25003020*2.3*2.5
AG 2.02700-32003720*2.5*2.7
AG 2.23200-40004520*2.7*2.8
AG 2.54000-50005520*3*3.1
AG 3.05000-60007520*3.5*3.8

Activated carbon rotary kiln working principle

The qualified activated carbon after treatment is stored in the silo, which is lifted by the elevator and transported into the top silo of the preheater. At the top of the preheater, the feeding amount is controlled by the upper and lower two material level meters, and then the activated carbon is evenly distributed to each room of the preheater through the blanking pipe.

Activated carbon is heated to about 900°C by 1150°C kiln flue gas in the preheater, about 30% decomposition, pushed into the lime rotary kiln by hydraulic push rod, activated carbon is sintered and decomposed into CaO and CO2 in the rotary kiln. The decomposed activated carbon enters the cooler, it is cooled to 100°C by cold air and then discharged. The heat exchanged 600°C hot air enters the kiln and is mixed with gas for combustion. The waste gas enters into the bag filter through the induced draft fan and then into the chimney through the exhaust fan. If the user has other requirements, it can be completed by other auxiliary equipment.

Investment potential of activated carbon rotary kiln

Activated carbon prepared by high temperature has been widely used in petrochemical, electric power, chemical industry, food, gold, environmental protection, and other industries. It is mainly used for water purification and sewage treatment with its hydrophobic adsorption property. The application of activated carbon also includes decolorization and purification of beverages and wine in the food industry, gold extraction, harmful gas, waste gas treatment, purification, etc.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy and the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, people have put forward higher requirements for the living environment such as the safety and purity of food, medicine and drinking water, and the market demand of activated carbon is constantly expanding. With the development of society and the improvement of people’s environmental requirements, activated carbon will play a very important role in the environmental protection industry, and the investment in the activated carbon market has a considerable prospect.

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