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Gypsum Rotary Kiln

Capacity: 180-10000t/h

Size: Φ2.5×40 m-Φ6.0×95m

Application: gypsum, calcium carbonate, limestone, limestone, quicklime production, and processing.

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Gypsum is the raw material commonly used in construction, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, coating, and other industrial fields. Gypsum is very different from natural gypsum, in which the utilization value of gypsum is higher and there are many ways to process it. The main processing technology is calcination, and the equipment to complete calcination is a gypsum rotary kiln.


The structure of a gypsum rotary kiln

The structure of the gypsum rotary kiln mainly includes the kiln head, kiln tail sealing device, supporting wheel device, retaining wheel device, supporting device, rotating barrel, coal injection pipe device, etc. The overall structure design is relatively reasonable.

Highlights of gypsum rotary kiln

Gypsum rotary kiln is a kind of calcining equipment with excellent performance and excellent quality. It has many advantages, which are reflected in many aspects.

  • A vertical preheater was installed at the end of the gypsum rotary kiln so that the waste heat of flue gas at the end of the kiln was directly transmitted to limestone. After the temperature dropped to about 230℃, the waste heat was effectively recovered through the air outlet into the dust collector.
  • The length-diameter ratio of the gypsum rotary kiln is reduced from 20~25 to 14~15. The shortening of length not only reduces the heat lost from the surface of the rotary kiln to the surrounding area, but also reduces the floor space of the equipment, and also reduces the driving power of the kiln.
  • The gypsum rotary kiln production line has a high degree of automation, feeding, calcination, finished goods delivery of production operation, equipment operation monitoring, regulation, alarm are all controlled by PLC and DCS control system.
  • Integrated design is adopted for the kiln headcover of gypsum rotary kiln to ensure the tightness and avoid the arbitrary discharge of hot gas and dust.
  • Kiln head discharging cooling device of gypsum rotary kiln adopts vertical cooler to replace the original single-cylinder cooling machine, avoid the gypsum sensible heat loss, around 1000 ℃ hot product is falling from the kiln head, by the heat exchange with the blowing secondary air, gypsum has cooled at about 80 ℃, the heat back into the kiln to be changed into combustion hot air by vibrating feeder, heat is recycled again.
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Specification of gypsum rotary kiln

Kiln body sizeMotor power(kw)Total weight
Diameter (m)Length (m)Slope (%)Output
Rotate speed
Φ2.5×542.5543.52800.48-1.4555196.29external calcining kiln
Φ2.8×442.8443.54500.437-2.1855201.58external calcining kiln
Φ3.0×483483.57000.6-3.48100237external calcining kiln
Φ3.2×503.550410000.6-3125278external calcining kiln
Φ3.3×523.3523.513000.266-2.66125283Preheating calcining kiln
Φ3.5×543.5543.515000.55-3.4220363Preheating calcining kiln
Φ3.6×703.6703.518000.25-1.25125419Preheating calcining kiln
Φ4.0×56456423000.41-4.07315456Preheating calcining kiln
Φ4.0×604603.525000.396-3.96315510Preheating calcining kiln
Φ4.2×604.260427500.41-4.07375633Preheating calcining kiln
Φ4.3×604.3603.532000.396-3.96375583Preheating calcining kiln
Φ4.5×664.5663.540000.41-4.1560710.4Preheating calcining kiln
Φ4.7×744.774445000.35-4630849Preheating calcining kiln
Φ4.8×744.874450000.396-3.96630899Preheating calcining kiln
Φ5.0×74574460000.35-4710944Preheating calcining kiln
Φ5.6×875.68748000Max4.238001265Preheating calcining kiln
Φ6.0×95695410000Max5950×21659Preheating calcining kiln
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Gypsum rotary kiln working principle

  1. Raw materials enter the gypsum rotary kiln and enter the standard raw materials warehouse from manual gate valve, electric pneumatic valve, and electric flow valve at the bottom of the raw materials warehouse in seven zones; After the gas homogenization, the raw material pass-through manual gate valve, electric control pneumatic valve, electric control flow valve, chute, into the belt bucket lift, feed into the preheater; In the preheater of gypsum rotary kiln, raw material and hot gas flow are exchanged, reaching the cyclone cylinder, they enter the calcining furnace for calcining, then entering the five-stage cyclone cylinder for the separation of material and gas, the material is calcined in the gypsum rotary kiln.
  2. The decomposition furnace of the gypsum rotary kiln is composed of a furnace body and a gas outlet pipe. The tertiary air duct tilt to one side and the materials enter the furnace from two feeding ports. The decomposed materials are collected by a five-stage cyclone tube and then put into the rotary kiln for calcining. The grate cooler of rotary kiln adopts a three-section type, and the stroke adopts hydraulic mode. The actual area of the grate is 121.2m2.
  3. Part of the hot air in the high-temperature section of the cooling machine passes through the kiln hood and goes into the gypsum rotary kiln as the secondary air of the kiln, while part goes into the decomposition furnace as the tertiary air. The hot air in the medium-temperature section of the cooling machine goes into the coal mill and drying the raw coal; the remaining gas is collected and dusted by electricity and returned to the atmosphere.
  4. Waste gas treatment. The high-temperature gas of the preheater is pumped by a high-temperature fan and cooled down by the humidifier as the drying heat source of the raw material system or discharged into the atmosphere after electric dust collection at the new rotary kiln tail.
working principle of gypsum rotary kiln