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Slag Grinding Plant

Production Capacity: 45t/h

Output Fineness: 30-400 meshes

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About slag

What is slag? Slag generally refers to water slag, slag, and other aggregates after high-temperature polymerization.

Where does slag come from? Slag normally comes from different factories, such as cement plants, thermal power plants, and smelters.

What is slag used for? In the early years, slag materials were used as waste materials and had no application. However, in recent years, more and more slag materials have been pulverized and used as raw materials in major construction projects.

The slag grinding plant is based on the slag material to build the production process. For example, slag materials can be applied to cement manufacturing plants. The processed slag material can be filled in cement to process slag cement, which can improve performance of cement, reduce cost and increase benefit of whole cement plant.


Process of slag grinding plant

  1. The bulk slag materials is crushed by the jaw crusher, then it will be sent to the storage bin by the bucket elevator. 
  2. Next, the material is evenly, quantitatively and continuously sent to the slag grinding mill by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder.
  3.  After grinding, under the action of blowing, all slag materials will be sent to the powder separator for sorting, the unqualified powder after sorting falls back to continue grinding, and the qualified fine powder is sent to the storage bin through the pipeline.
  4. finally the finished slag powder is output through the discharge valve.
slag grinding production line
slag grinding production line

Slag grinding plant equipment

The complete set of equipment is mainly composed of jaw crusher, bucket elevator, cement silo, vibrating feeder, slag mill, fan, powder collector, bag filter, etc.

1. Crushing equipment

The slag needs to be crushed into small sizes. Commonly used crushing equipment includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, and slag mobile crushing plant.

2. Grinding equipment

At present, it has become the mainstream trend in the building materials industry to replace the amount of cement in concrete and cement products with slag micro powder. One of the main equipment in the slag powder production line is the slag mill.

There are so many types of cement mills that can be selected for slag grinding plants.

Vertical mills are generally used for grinding slag powder. A vertical cement mill is also called a vertical slag mill. It has the advantages of high production capacity, low energy consumption, and environmental protection in the field of slag powder grinding.

The vertical cement mill of AGICO CEMENT is inseparable from the following points:

  • High degree of automation: The vertical slag mill adopts PLC automatic control, which can be controlled remotely.
  • Stable operation: The equipment adopts a grinding roller and disc device, and the operation is relatively stable.
  • Easy maintenance: the slag vertical mill has good wear resistance, and the grinding roller and disc lining plate are made of special materials. The equipment has a long service life and is easy to maintain.
  • Good particle shape of the finished product: the powder ground by the vertical slag mill is better in terms of whiteness and purity.

In addition to the vertical slag mill, other types of cement mill that can grind slag powder include: cement ball mill, pre-grinding cement roller press, and cement roller press for final grinding. For slag grinding plant, ball mill generally causes problems of dust accumulation, low grinding efficiency and high grinding temperature. The particle size and gradation distribution of the finished product are not as good as those of the vertical mill in the cement roller press grinding.

3. Other cement equipment

As for separators, centrifugal separator and cyclone separator are not suitable for producing slag fine powder, because these two types of separators are used to produce slag fine powder with a high specific surface area, the separation efficiency is too Low, the cycle load rate is too large, which is uneconomical, swirl separator can be considered.

Advantages of slag grinding plant

increase revenue

The slag grinding plant uses the slag for the second time to increase the extra income of the enterprise. In addition, buying the slag at the base price and selling it at a high price after processing, which is an investment project with low investment and high return.

quality improvement

Since the slag grinding plant is constructed according to the hardness, density and quality of the slag material, equipment fully conforms to the properties of slag, there is no large vibration and uneven processing. The output fully meets user requirements.

Leading technology

Our slag grinding plant integrates crushing, drying, and grading, it also has high crushing efficiency and strong drying ability. our slag grinding plant realizes the ultra-fine grinding technology with a simplified process, small floor space, low investment, and longer service life.

Slag Grinding Plant Cost Estimation

Taking the slag powder production line with annual output of 200,000 tons as an example, the economic benefit of the grinding plant is analyzed for you:

Mineral powder with a fineness of 400-450m2/kg can be used to prepare 425,425R slag Portland cement; mineral powder with a fineness of 450-500m2/kg can be prepared with 525,525R slag Portland cement. According to the market survey results, the market demand for the quality of slag powder is mainly S95, and the specific surface area of S95 grade slag powder in similar slag powder factories at home and abroad is mostly controlled between 400 and 450m2/kg. Such slag powder can be directly supplied to the concrete mixing station as an admixture, or can be combined with clinker and gypsum powder to synthesize high-volume slag cement manufacturing.

ItemIndexActual Motion
InvestmentTotal investment15 million yuan
CostingMaterial costs≈100 yuan/ton
Production costs (including wages, electricity, coal burning, maintenance management fees, sales expenses, etc.)≈50 yuan/ton
Profit CalculationPrice200-220 yuan/ton
Profit per ton50-70 yuan/ton
annual profit10-14 million yuan
Economic BenefitRecoup all the investment within 1-2 years (the current state is pure profit) 
Quality of slag powderspecific surface area400-520㎡/kg
Activity index at 7 daysAbout 100%
index of activityNational standard S95 or above