Air Slide conveyor

Capacity : 15-1300t/h

Conveying distance: 10-30m

Air consumption: 2-3/㎡·min

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air slide conveyor

Air slide or air slide conveyor is a kind of pneumatic conveying equipment for conveying dry powder materials, which can transport powder materials with particle size of 3-6 mm or less. In the cement industry, air slide conveyor is often used to transport cement, fly ash, and raw materials. So, it is known as air slide in cement plant.

Air slide is widely used in conveying materials because it has many advantages, including no rotating parts, easy maintenance, good sealing, no noise, safe and reliable operation, less power consumption, convenient to change the direction of transmission, and cement air slide can be multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading.

Air slide is a fluidized bed conveying equipment, which is composed of two upper and lower fluted shells. There is a breathable layer between the shells with wear resistance, high temperature resistance and good breathability. The whole shell is arranged at a certain slope, and the materials are added to the upper shell by the feeding equipment. The aerated material flows forward along the slope to achieve the purpose of conveying,

Slope is one of the necessary conditions for material flow in the tank, small slope is conducive to process design, large slope is conducive to material flow, saving power investment.

The main component of the air slide conveyor is a breathable layer, also called air slide fabric, using PETS-6(polyester) type synthetic fiber fabric, is a new breathable type, it has high temperature resistance (up to 150℃), corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low moisture absorption, light weight, flat surface, long service life and other advantages.

advantages of air slide conveyor

cement air slides
  • Direct delivery of bulk materials, no packaging, high efficiency, large throughput;
  • The equipment has simple structure, small footprint, no rotating parts in the main part, light weight, long service life, and a large reduction in maintenance costs;
  • Less operators, can achieve full automatic remote control management, less cost;
  • The transmission pipeline can be flexibly arranged to rationalize the plant equipment configuration;
  • It can not only guarantee the conveying material from moisture and dirt, but also reduce dust flying and improve environmental health;
  • The materials can be mixed at the same time during the transport process, graded drying, heating or cooling;
  • It can easily achieve centralized, dispersed, large height, long distance and other types of transportation.
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working principle of air slide conveyor

Air slide conveyor is a device for transporting granular material along a pipeline by means of airflow. There are suction feed, pressure feed and mixed type. Working principle of air slide conveyor: use the kinetic energy of the air flow to make the bulk material in a suspended state with the air flow along the pipeline.

  1. Suction type: After the exhaust fan is started, the whole system has a certain vacuum degree. Under the action of pressure difference, the air flow makes the material enter the suction nozzle and send it to the separator at the discharge place along the material delivery pipe. The material is separated from the air flow and discharged from the bottom of the separator. The advantage is that the feed is simple and the material can be absorbed from several places at the same time. However, the transmission distance is short and the productivity is low. High sealing requirements.
  2. Pressure feed type: The blower presses the air into the conveying pipe, the material is fed from the feeder, the mixture of air and material is pressed along the conveying pipe to the discharging place, the material is discharged after the separator, the air is purified by the dust collector and then into the atmosphere. Contrary to the suction type, the material can be transported to several places at the same time, the conveying distance is longer, the productivity is higher, but the structure is complex.
  3. Mixed type: It is a combination of the above two forms.
working principle of air slide conveyor

10 tips for air slide conveyor

  1. Conveying material state: dry powder or particle size of 3 ~ 6mm below the easily inflated powder, allowing the surface moisture of about 0.8%, otherwise it will cause stagnation, or even blockage.
  2. Conveyor capacity: The conveyor capacity of the air slide conveyor is affected by many factors and often changes greatly, which is comprehensively analyzed according to theoretical calculation and actual use. It is worth noting that the air slide conveyor is different from other conveying machinery, the conveying capacity is too low, and often can not smoothly transport materials. On the contrary, appropriately increasing the height of the material layer can improve the uniformity of the material gasification, but attention should be paid to keeping the thickness of the material layer to about 1/4 to 1/3 of the height of the material channel (upper shell), and pay attention to choosing the appropriate groove width according to the productivity. The material layer is too thick and too thin will have an adverse effect on the transportation.
  3. Transport slope: The layout of the air slide conveyor is arranged along the direction of material transport, and the slope is generally 4% to 10%, which can improve the transport efficiency. When the surface moisture of the material is 0.6 ~ 0.8%, it is recommended to choose 10% slope.
  4. Air permeability of stomatal plate: There are many materials of stomatal plates, such as porous ceramic plates, composite materials, etc., which are selected according to the specific situation.
  5. Install the inclination Angle: The optimum inclination Angle of fly ash transported by air transport chute is 5°-6°.
  6. The width of the air conveyor air slide body: Conveying capacity and tank body width can be expressed empirically as follows: M= air conveying chute conveying capacity, kg/s, K= constant, = pile density when fly ash is fully fluidized in chute, kg/,B= chute body width,M.
  7. Air consumption: The working pressure of air transport chute fluidized air is generally 3.5-5Kpa, and the optimal air consumption is 2-3/㎡·min, that is, the effective ventilation area per square meter of stomatal plate is 2-3 air consumption per minute.
  8. Moisture content of fly ash: Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of fly ash is less than 1%, if the moisture content is higher, it will affect the transportation efficiency and even cause blockage.
  9. Initial speed of fly ash: A certain initial velocity is beneficial to chute transport, especially for short chute transport.
  10. Conveying distance: For long distance pneumatic conveying, it is necessary to increase the corresponding air intake in the direction of the chute length to ensure that the air enters the chute evenly and keep the optimal flow of fly ash.

specification of air slide conveyor

Groove widthm m200250315400500630800
Delivery capacitya=4°CementT/h224070130220320400
Raw material163055100165245310
Raw material305590185300455565
Raw material3565110225355540670
Raw material4580140285425670800
Raw material5095165340510805960
Groove lengthStandard sectionm m2000
  Non-standard sectionm m250
Required wind pressureKPa4-5.5
Air requirementm3/m2.min1.5-2
Breathable layerMaterial synthetic fibre
Thicknessm m4-6
Radial breaking strengthN/cm width4700