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Materials: Ceramics, silica, rubber, metal, etc.

Size: full sizes and customization

Application: cement, mining, cement, metallurgy,etc.

Ball mill liner or ball mill linning is lined with ball mill barrel, to protect the wall of ball mill barrel from being damaged by the impact of material and steel balls. At the same time, the movement state of the grinding medium in the barrel can be adjusted through different liner shapes, which can help the grinding medium to better grind the materials, and enhance the grinding efficiency and grinding effect.

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Types Of Ball Mill Liners

There are many types of linings for ball mills. According to the installation position, they are divided into end linings, barrel linings, and grinding door linings. According to the connection method, they are divided into bolt hole linings and non-bolt hole linings. According to their functions, they are divided into ordinary linings, plates, graded linings, etc., they are divided into stepped linings, convex linings, hemispherical linings, flat linings, etc. according to the surface shape, and ball mill liner can also be classified according to the material of the linings.

The ball mill lining plate plays different roles in different positions. When crushing is the main function, the lining plate is required to have a strong ability to push the grinding body, and the lining plate should have good impact resistance; when the main purpose is fine grinding, the ball mill liner is relatively small, the pushing effect on the grinding body is weak, the impact is small, the grinding effect is strong, and the lining plate is required to have good wear resistance.

  • Flat-type ball mill liner, with flat surface, it is suitable for installation in the fine grinding chamber.
  • Layered ball mill liner, it is suitable for the coarse grinding chamber and for the ball mill with low speed.
  • Stepped ball mill liner, stepped liner is better than layered liner, suitable for installation in rough grinding chamber.
  • Small corrugated ball mill liner: The crest and pitch of the small corrugated liner are small, suitable for fine grinding bins and coal grinding.
  • End cover ball mill liner: it is installed on the end cover of the grinding head or the end cover of the cylinder to protect the end cover from wear.
  • Annular groove ball mill lining plate, it is cast with a circular arc groove on the T surface of the lining plate. After installation, an annular groove is formed. It is suitable for the first and second warehouses of multi-silo grinding, both dry and wet ball mill are available.
  • Grading ball mill liner, the ideal state for the grinding operation of the ball mill should be that the large-particle materials are impacted and pulverized by a large-diameter grinding body, that is, a large-diameter grinding body is equipped in the feeding direction of the mill. Gradually decrease in the discharge direction, and the grinding body should also decrease in sequence.

materials of ball mill liner

Common materials for ball mill liners include high manganese steel, chrome steel, hard steel, alloy steel, rounded square liners, rubber liners and magnetic liners.

Because of its good toughness and good work hardening properties, high manganese steel linings once occupied the dominant position of mill linings, but it is also accompanied by shortcomings such as easy deformation, high steel consumption, high cost and low efficiency. Therefore, high manganese steel has withdrawn from the mill liner market in a decreasing trend year by year.

At present, mainstream linings include rubber linings and alloy steel linings. The alloy steel lining plate is wear-resistant and impact-resistant, and the reasonable alloy element formula makes the lining plate have good physical and chemical properties, and its service life is more than twice that of high-manganese steel.

High wear resistance and impact resistance

The alloy steel lining plate in double medium quenching has a scientific and reasonable alloy element formula, so the lining plate has good physical and chemical properties. It Can withstand huge shocks. The surface shape of the lining plate can be maintained for a long time during the work to ensure that the mill can steadily increase the output by more than 5%.

High strength, high toughness

In the quenching process of the lining plate, a special dual-media quenching agent with good thermal stability is used as the medium, so that the product can achieve the combination of high strength, high hardness, and high toughness, so as to meet the technological requirements of wear resistance.

Cost-effective and strong adaptability

After being treated by the advanced dual medium quenching process, it has the characteristics of high quenching hardness and high toughness value, which makes the lining plate have good wear resistance. Compared with the high manganese steel lining plate, the medium alloy double medium quenching medium alloy steel ball mill lining board exhibits an excellent price/performance ratio. Can adapt to mine wet grinding, dry grinding, mixed grinding, etc.

ball mill liners

specification of ball mill liner

ball mill liner
ball mill liner
Product nameBall Mill liner
MaterialZG20Mn and other materials are avaliable
UsageCrushing machine,ball grinding machine
TypeAccording to drawing
PackageSeaworthy packing
Delivery time30-90days
SizeHole Dia.(mm)Liner Length(mm)