crusher hammer

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Materials: manganese chromium alloy (Mn13Cr2, Mn18Cr2), new composite materials, etc.

Processing: water glass sand casting, 1000 cubic meters heat treatment pool, etc

Applied materials: river pebble, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartzite, diabase, iron ore, gold, copper and so on.

crusher hammer

Crusher hammer, also known as crusher hammer head, is a necessary part of a hammer crusher and jaw crusher, and is widely used in mineral, metallurgy, cement, chemicals and other industries. As the most consumed wearing parts of crusher, crusher hammer manufacturing require high-standard materials and advanced technology. The quality of the crusher hammer directly affects the crushing effect and production efficiency of crusher. The manufacturing quality, structural design, technical parameters and feeding situation of the crusher hammer are the main factors affecting the service life of the crusher.

AGICO CEMENT has more than 20 years of experience in large steel casting, we can provide branded crusher hammer head, also customize crusher hammers according to your working conditions. Our crusher hammer head adopts advanced processing, involves a one-time casting process in a furnace, special heat treatment methods to refine the grain structure, resulting in high-purity martensite. By using clever stress relief techniques, the hardness is greatly increased while maintaining toughness. In practical field applications, the wear resistance of the bimetallic composite hammer head is up to 1.5 times higher than that of ordinary ones, and up to 3.5 times higher than that of ordinary ultra-high-strength cemented carbide hammer heads. The hammer heads are available in a variety of weights, ranging from 15 kilograms for small hammer heads to up to 298 kilograms for large ones. Various weights of hammer heads can be customized according to customer requirements.

To ensure the safe operation of the crusher hammer head, AGICO has developed a composite crusher hammer head. The working part of the crusher hammer head is made of high-chromium cast iron, while the handle part is made of carbon steel. These two materials are combined together, or the high-chromium cast iron is embedded or cast onto the head portion of the hammer head made of high-manganese steel or low-alloy steel. This composite design allows the head portion of the hammer to have high hardness, while the handle part retains high toughness. By fully leveraging the advantages of both materials and overcoming the limitations of using a single material, which meets the performance requirements for hammer head usage.

Materials of crusher hammer

In real working condition, the crusher hammer head can be made of high chromium cast iron, high chromium alloy, high manganese steel, ultra high manganese steel, wear-resisting alloy steel single material or bimetal composite casting.

High manganese steel crusher hammer head
High manganese steel crusher hammer head

Combining advanced production processes, we manufacture high manganese steel crusher hammer heads, ultra-high manganese steel hammer heads, and high manganese steel alloys to adapt to different service conditions of hammer crushers. This enables the hammer heads to achieve high-strength performance, making them suitable for crushing materials such as pebbles, coal gangue, and limestone. They have become the preferred choice for numerous cement plant and sandstone enterprises.

Under significant impact or contact stress, the surface layer undergoes rapid work hardening. Its work hardening index is 5-7 times higher than that of other materials, resulting in significantly improved wear resistance and effectively prolonging the crushing time. In environments with strong impact and high pressure, it exhibits excellent wear resistance, surpassing that of low-alloy wear-resistant steel.

High-chromium alloy crusher hammer head
High-chromium alloy crusher hammer head

Our composite hammer heads use high manganese steel for the hammer handle and high chromium alloy for the working zone of the crusher hammer head. By combining the two, the crusher hammer head achieves high hardness in the head region while the hammer handle retains high toughness. This fully leverages the advantages of both materials and overcomes the drawbacks of using a single material, meeting the performance requirements for the use of crusher hammer heads.

Tungsten titanium alloy hammer head
Tungsten titanium alloy crusher hammer head

Our tungsten-titanium alloy steel crusher hammer head is manufactured using special processing methods. The hammer working surface of the alloy hammer head is cast and processed by inlaying hard alloy rods and alloy blocks. It provides high wear resistance and reliable safety performance. This effectively resolves the contradiction between hardness and toughness, allowing it to adapt to various complex and harsh working conditions.

composite alloy hammerhead
Wear-resistant composite crusher hammer head

The composite crusher hammer head adopts advanced composite casting technology. The hammer head is made of high-chromium cast iron with excellent wear resistance, while the hammer handle is made of tough wear-resistant alloy steel. It combines toughness and wear resistance, making the product both wear-resistant and fracture-resistant. It is a perfect combination of steel and iron, providing excellent comprehensive performance in terms of wear resistance, impact resistance, and safety reliability.

The main feature of the wear-resistant composite alloy hammer head is the embedding of ultra-high wear-resistant alloy in the working area, greatly improving the wear resistance of the hammer head. The alloy and the hammer head are cast-inlaid to form a “high wear-resistant alloy hammer head,” which undergoes a transformation treatment to refine the grain significantly and eliminate casting defects. The matrix of the wear-resistant alloy hammer head is made of high-quality high manganese steel. After scientific and reasonable heat treatment, it obtains a single austenite structure. greatly extending the service life and improving the working efficiency of the hammer head.

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Specification of crusher hammer

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Every stage of the crusher hammer head production undergoes strict control procedures. Before leaving the factory, each product must pass quality inspections conducted by the quality inspection department to ensure the quality of every product that leaves the factory.



The manganese-chromium composite crusher hammer doubles production efficiency of the crusher, reduces costs for casting wear, and significantly reduces downtime losses caused by replacement of parts, thereby greatly increasing the return on investment.



We can customize crusher hammers according to the individual needs of the customers. Our crusher hammer heads go through scientific processes. Greatly improving wear resistance, and also enhance the aesthetic appearance of the crushed materials.



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