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Applied materials: limestone, bluestone and other medium hardness stone.

Applicable equipment: hammer crusher or impact crusher.

Customization: By drawings.


The crusher rotor is the core part of crusher, driven by the motor, the hammer swings at high speed, and crushes and grinds materials of medium hardness such as limestone through impact and abrasion. As a component that drives the operation of the hammer crusher, the performance of the crusher rotor directly affects the production capacity and crushing effect of the crusher. It is necessary to ensure that there is no wear and tear, and that it runs smoothly as a whole to achieve a higher crushing effect. Therefore, daily maintenance should be done well, and the rotor should be replaced in a timely manner when it wears out.

AGICO CEMENT is a professional cement equipment supplier from China, cement crusher and related parts are hot-sale products. Our crusher rotors are designed for impact crushers and hammer crushers, we can offer crusher rotor solutions with customization services, to meet the different needs of clients.

Structure of crusher rotor

The structure of the crusher rotor can be divided into aligned arrangement and crossed arrangement. Aligned arrangement refers to the hammers of the crusher being arranged in a mutually aligned manner.

Depending on the size of the crusher rotor, they are arranged in 4 to 6 rows around the circumference, with 7 to 11 crusher hammers per row. Crossed arrangement refers to the hammers of the crusher being arranged in a crossed manner.

Depending on the size of the crusher rotor, they are arranged in 4 to 6 rows around the circumference, with 6 to 8 crusher hammers per row.

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impact crusher rotor

The rotor assembly of the impact crusher equipment includes the main shaft, drum, bearings, plate hammer, baffle, protective plate, pressing block, guard plate, baffle, and bearing seat.

  1. The plate hammer material of the impact crusher equipment is high chromium cast iron. The optimized crescent-shaped plate hammer can ensure vertical impact of materials, with strong impact force and high crushing efficiency. Its impact surface is larger than that of a linear plate hammer, making it more durable.
  2. The plate hammer is fixed on the rotor by wedge blocks, and the contact surface between the wedge block and the belly plate is trapezoidal. During installation, the inclined clamping plate ensures that the wedge block is tightly attached to the plate hammer to fix it in place. During operation, under the centrifugal force, the wedge block will move slightly outward along with the plate hammer, pressing the belly plate against the trapezoidal surface of the wedge block. This fixing method ensures that the faster the rotor speed, the more firmly the plate hammer is fixed, and the more reliable and convenient it is to disassemble and replace.
  3. The bearing seat of the impact crusher equipment is made of integral cast steel material and is fixed on the frame with bolts. The combination of the integral bearing seat and the bearing is more compact, which can prevent the bearing from jumping.
hammer crusher rotor

The hammer crusher rotor is composed of a main shaft, a hammer frame, and hammerheads. The size of the rotor varies according to the specifications of different hammer crushers. we will mainly explain its structure.

  1. Main shaft: the main shaft is designed in a circular shape and is rotated to drive the hammerhead and hammer frame. The main function of the main shaft is to bear the weight and impact force from the rotor and hammerhead, and to ensure stable rotation. Therefore, the material of the main shaft needs to have higher strength and toughness. The main shaft used in the hammer crusher needs to be forged from 35 silicon-manganese-molybdenum-vanadium steel with high strength and toughness, making it more durable.
  2. Hammer frame: the hammer frame connects the main shaft and the hammerhead and is not used to crush materials. However, during operation, the hammer frame will still experience wear due to the impact and friction of the ore, so high-wear-resistant materials are generally selected for the hammer frame. There are 12 shaft holes on the hammer frame, which are divided into two groups. Generally, newly replaced hammerheads are hung on the inner shaft holes of the hammer crusher, and worn hammerheads are hung on the outer shaft holes. In this way, new hammerheads can be replaced after the old ones are worn, saving maintenance costs.
  3. Hammerhead: the hammerhead is the component that mainly contacts the ore. The material, size, and shape of the hammerhead will affect the crushing effect and efficiency. The higher the weight of the hammerhead, the greater the kinetic energy produced during high-speed rotation, and the higher the crushing strength. However, excessively high weight may lead to slower rotation speed. Therefore, a moderate weight is appropriate. In addition, the material of the hammerhead is also important. Generally, high-manganese steel cast hammerheads can be selected and subjected to heat treatment to make them more wear-resistant and impact-resistant, with a longer service life. If wear is found during long-term use, the hammerhead needs to be replaced in time to avoid affecting the crushing effect.
  4. Flywheel: the flywheel stores a certain amount of kinetic energy during the operation of the rotor, ensuring smooth operation of the rotor and reducing the power consumption of the crusher, thus ensuring the crushing effect.

why choose AGICO CEMENT?

  • Advanced Technology: finite element analysis technology is adopted to effectively improve the design of the crusher rotor.
  • Reinforcement Design: Based on the stress analysis cloud image of the crusher rotor, reinforcement design is adopted and high-strength and high-quality alloy steel is used to strengthen the weak parts.
  • Surface Treatment: The crusher rotor surface is protected by a full armor-like tungsten-titanium alloy design. This type of hammer crusher rotor structure reduces stress concentration on the hammer disc and end hammer disc, enhances its strength, effectively prevents fracture problems, and can effectively prevent the crusher from getting stuck. It can double the life of the crusher rotor.
  • Crushing efficiency: The design of variable moment of inertia is adopted to effectively improve the crushing efficiency, increase the output of the crusher, and reduce the fineness by 20~30%.
  • Disc Design: The shaft holes around the end disc and hammer disc on both sides of the crusher rotor are thickened and extended to the surrounding connection bolt holes. The thickened parts are equipped with crescent-shaped grooves to facilitate the hammer head to rotate. The hammer disc and end disc are directly connected and installed on the main shaft.


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4 tips for crusher rotor maintenance

To further enhance the service life and performance of the crusher rotor, we can improve and enhance the structure of the crusher rotor from following aspects:

  1. The circumference of the shaft holes on both sides of the hammer disc is thickened and extended to the circumference of the connecting bolt holes. The thickened part is equipped with crescent grooves that facilitate the rotation of the hammer head. The hammer disc and end disc are directly connected and installed on the main shaft in series.
  2. A detachable protective ring made of high manganese steel can be added to the outer eaves of the hammer disc, which can prevent wear of the hammer disc under the impact and friction of large materials. At the same time, the protective ring can be easily replaced after the hammer disc is worn, without replacing it with a new hammer disc.
  3. The use of high manganese steel composite crusher hammers replaces traditional ordinary hammers to achieve a combination of high hardness at the hammer end and high toughness of the hammer handle, greatly improving its striking ability and impact resistance, and extending its lifespan to 3-4 times.
  4. The overall structure of the crusher rotor can be set as a reversible structure, which means that the rotor can rotate 360 °, eliminating the tedious operation of flipping the hammer head, saving labor and production time, and improving the utilization rate of the hammer head.