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AGICO CEMENT supplies dust filter bags with different sizes and media, including PTEF, P84, Fiberglass, Aramid fiber(Nomex), PPS, Polyester, Acrylic, high silica fiber, etc. As a necessary part of the dust collector filter(baghouse), our dust filter bag has a wide range of use, including cement plant, steel plant, chemical, power generation, waste incineration, and pharmaceuticals, etc.

According to different working conditions and industries, we can provide a customized solution for your dust filter bags, Please learn it step by step, if you need any help please contact our expert by Email or Call, and you will get a reply within 24 hours.

Strict Quality Control

Our strict quality control covers three aspects: import of raw material resources including international fiber brands: Japan teijin aramid fiber, Japan toray PPS fiber and etc; Advanced production line from German; Strict quality test for various indicator of fiber, and 99.99% ex-factory pass rate.

One-stop solution

We provide turnkey solutions covering working condition analysis, material selection guide, filter materials, filter bag product installation, maintenance, operation guidance, real-time troubleshooting services, free testing on a regular basis, cleaning filter bags, filter bag dust, etc.

Customization service

According to the data provided by the customer, we can learn customers’ conditions (flue gas characteristics and changes, the use of dust removal system), do accurate and detailed analysis of the working condition, and provide customers with the most optimal solution.

Lower emission

We have strong technical support from 4 high-tech enterprises and 3 technology research centers. 5mg Ultra-low emissions — Committed to near-zero emissions, we devoped high silicon-oxygen (modified) coated filter material to help customers achieve < 5mg/Nm³ ultra-clean emissions.

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About dust filter bags

What is dust filter bag? Dust filter bag, also known as dust collector filter bag, is an essential component of dust collector, and dust filter bag is designed to capture dust, dirt, and other particulate matter in the air, and prevent them from escaping into the surrounding environment.

How does a dust filter bag Work? Dust collector filter bags mainly filter the air that passes through the bag, capturing particles and contaminants in the process. Simply, Dust collector filter bags are an effective way to improve air quality in various industrial settings, protecting workers from harmful dust and contaminants.

dust collector filter bags for sale

There are many types of dust collector filter bag, such as applications, materials, sizes, and shapes, we can customize dust filter bags solution according to real working conditions and other requirements of clients, here are some commonly used dust filter bags of AGICO CEMENT, we separate them into three classifications according to the operation temperature: normal temperature(low temperature), middle temperature, high temperature. (if you need other types of dust filter or compound type, please contact us directly.)

High temperature used dust filter bags
PTFE filter bags
PTFE Filter Bag

Fabric: 100% PTFE fiber

Area weight (g/m²): 750-800

Instant temperature(Max): 260℃

Application: electricity, garbage incineration, cement, urban garbage collection, chemical dust removal.

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P84 Filter Bag

Fabric: 100% P84 fiber (polyimide)

Area weight (g/m²): 350-700

Instant temperature(Max): 260℃

Application: garbage incineration, thermal power generation, steel, chemical and other industries.

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Fiberglass Filter Bag

Fabric: fiberglass woven/ non-woven fabric

Area weight (g/m²): 750-980(±10%)

Instant temperature(Max): 280℃

Application: Iron and steel, smelting, ferroalloy, chemical industry, cement, power plant and other industries.

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Middle temperature used dust filter bags
Aramid Nomex Filter Bag

Fabric: 100% Aramid/Nomex needle felt

Area weight (g/m²): 350-700

Instant temperature(Max): 240℃

Application: cement, steel, construction, metallurgy and other industries.

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PPS Filter Bag

Fabric: 100% PPS

Area weight (g/m²): 350-700

Instant temperature(Max): 175℃

Application: Metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, medicine, building materials, textile, paper, food and other industries.

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Normal temperature used dust filter bags
Acrylic Filter Bag

Fabric: 100% acrylic fiber

Area weight (g/m²): 300-600(±10%)

Instant temperature(Max): 140℃

Application: detergent, waste incinerators, asphalt, coal mill and power plant and other industries.

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Polyester Filter Bag

Fabric: 100% polyester

Area weight (g/m²): 350~650(±10%)

Instant temperature(Max): 150℃

Application: Metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, cement, building materials and other industries.

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NOTE: In order to facilitate customer selection, here is a filtration materials comparison table for reference, If you have any questions about dust filter bags, contact our dust collection filter bag specialists.

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FiberglassPPS (Ryton”
Max Continuous
Operating Tempature
170″F(77℃)275″F(135℃)265″F(130℃)400″F(204℃)500″F(260℃)375″F(190 ℃)500″F(260℃)500″F(260℃)
Max Continuous
Operating Temperature
Filtration PropertiesGoodExcellentGoodExcellentFairGoodExcellentFair
Moist HeatExcellentPoorExcellentGoodExcellentGoodGoodExcellent
AlkalinesExcellentFairFairGoodFairEnergy AbsorptionFairExcellent
Mineral AcidsExcellentFairGoodFair’Poor””ExcellentGoodExcellent
Relative Cost$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions and services for smoke emissions by deeply understanding and analyzing smoke, dust collector structure, and actual operating conditions.

Installation of dust filter bags: Proper installation of filter bags ensures good use of the bags. The installation process of filter bags can be classified into the following steps: