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Processing Weight: ≥5T (or customized)

Materials: ZG310-570、ZG35CrMo

Application: cement, metallurgy,  building materials, and other industries, etc. 

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Girth gear also called gear ring, ball mill girth gear, kiln girth gear, is one of the main parts of a rotary kiln and ball mill. The girth gear needs to drive the whole cylinder to run for a long time, so the casting quality of the girth gear is required to be high.

Due to the large modulus and diameter of the girth gear, the girth gear processed by AGICO CEMENT adopts a spoke plate structure, which is composed of two semi-tooth rings.

Production process of girth gear

The operation steps of the large-scale girth gear casting process are controlled by special personnel, and the entire processing process is relatively fine, especially the gear running in has higher requirements for the process, so special attention should be paid during processing, and the products must pass strict strictures. Only after testing can it leave the factory.

According to customer requirements, AGICO selects suitable wooden molds for modeling design and uses Huazhu CAE to simulate pouring before pouring. Gear ring castings are cast in strict accordance with the following process:

Wood mold – modeling – smelting-pouring – heat preservation – heat treatment – inspection – teeth making – packaging and delivery process

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Why choose AGICO CEMENT?

Professional technology

We are able to control dimensions according to tolerance casting; also have professional flaw detection equipment to ensure accurate control of the inherent quality of castings; sandblasting equipment is effectively assisted to improve surface quality.

Strong production capacity

With strong machining ability, professional equipment and technology, the large girth gear can be fully quenched and tempered, so that the processed large ring gear has good comprehensive mechanical properties, while ensuring high strength and good plasticity, toughness of girth gear.

Rich experience

We have many years of experience to manufacture girth gears and have accumulated a lot of experience in the long-term production process. We can cast various types of steel castings and can give professional guidance and answers to the problems encountered by customers. A set of anti-deformation processing technology schemes can well prevent the deformation of the large girth gear after processing, ensure the smooth transmission of the equipment, thereby improving the bearing capacity of the equipment and prolonging the service life of the equipment.

One-stop service

We can provide customers with a series of services and complete solutions from blank casting to finished products. We also have a team of technical experts hired from well-known domestic foundries to be responsible for the company’s technology, management, and operation, and have established a scientific and complete set of technology, production and operation management systems to effectively ensure product quality and delivery time required by customers.

Types of girth gear

Ball mill girth gear

The girth gear of the ball mill is mainly driven by the motor and the small gear drives the big gear mounted on the cylinder, so that the ball mill is driven, the big gear and the cylinder are combined.

Kiln girth gear

At the same time, the girth gear is also one of the key components of the rotary kiln, its installation quality directly affects the stability of the rotary kiln transmission system, the stability of the operation of the rotary kiln, the service life of the kiln lining and the rotary kiln operation rate.