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grate plates for cooler

Grate plates for cooler

MATERIAL: ZG40Cr27Ni4Si2,ZG40Cr25Ni12Si2

  • Heat resistance;
  • Thermal stability at high temperatures;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Small deformation when the temperature fluctuates.

Grate cooler plate (grate board)is used on the grate cooler, as we al know, the main function of grate cooler is deliver and cool the cement clinker, and provide hot air for rotary kiln and precalciner.

High-efficiency and reliable grate coolers ensure the stable output of the cement production line, and grate plates for the cooler are a basic and core part of the grate cooler. The fixed grate plate and the movable grate plate are arranged in rows and rows form the push grate plate.

Types of grate plate

There are five types of grate plates in the grate cooler, namely TC-VIII grate plate, TC-VII grate plate, TC-IX grate plate, single-width grate plate, and double-width grate plate.

Why choose AGICO CEMENT?

Compared to other companies, our grate plates have advantages in many aspects:

1. AGICO CEMENT used advanced technology ensures accurate process.

2. AGICO CEMENT ensures the chemical composition of casting is qualified.

3. AGICO CEMENT ensures that the heat treatment is evenly heated

long service life

Grate cooler plates produced by AGICO CEMENT ensure long use life, generally more than 2 years.

less material leakage

we adopt a high-efficiency new structure of grate plate, with very little leakage. Reducing grate wear and extend the service life.

Customization service

We provide customization services, all types of grate plates can be processed according to the drawings and dimensions provided by customers.

reasonable operation

The flow chain conveyor runs intermittently, reducing the failure rate and power consumption

One-stop service

We provide every client with one-stop service, the only thing you need to do is send your requirements to us!

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