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hollow shaft

Processing Weight: 5-45T

Materials: ZG230-450

Application: cement, metallurgy, other industries

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The ball mill trunnion, also known as the hollow shaft is an important part of the ball mill that carries the rotation of the ball mill barrel. It is a special type of steel casting. It mainly plays the role of supporting and connecting the cylinder in the whole ball mill, and is the entry and exit channel of the material. In the working process of ball mill, the shaft diameter is mainly subjected to bending force, and the cylinder is subjected to shearing force.

How Ball Mill Trunnion Are Made?

We can divide the production process of kiln supporting roller into the following process:

simulation- wood pattern- modeling – smelting- testing – pouring – cleaning- heat preservation – cleaning – heat treatment – roughing & finishing – packaging and delivery process

Why choose AGICO CEMENT?

Our ball mill trunnion has the advantages of high hardness, high wear resistance, strong bearing force, long time continuous work, good stability, long service life and so on.

compared to other companies, we have advantages in many aspects:

1. AGICO CEMENT used advanced technology ensures accurate process.

2. AGICO CEMENT ensures the chemical composition of casting is qualified.

3. AGICO CEMENT ensures that the heat treatment is evenly heated

Advanced technology

As a high-quality ball mill trunnion casting enterprise, AGICO CEMENT has a series of quality inspection technologies for steel castings to ensure the quality of steel castings.

Strong production capacity

AGICO CEMENT has strong production capacity of steel castings, and we can manufacture ball mill hollow shafts and other components in large quantities, with short casting cycles and large output.

Customization service

We can process and produce various types of ball mill trunnion according to the drawings and dimensions provided by customers.

High hardness

The ball mill hollow shaft produced by AGICO CEMENT adopts high-strength cast steel material and unique heat treatment technology, which improves the hardness of the hollow shaft and enhances the impact resistance, which can greatly ensure the stability of the hollow shaft under long-term operation.

Promote quality

As for the stress concentration part of ball mill hollow shaft, which is prone to blisters, pores and micro-crack defects during casting. In order to solve this problem, we introduced the casting process simulation technology and improved the casting process of the hollow shaft of the ball mill, basically eliminating the trachoma and porosity defects at the journal portion.

One-stop service

We provide every client with one-stop service, based on rich experience of steel casting production, the only thing you need to do is send your requirements to us!

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