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Materials: high manganese steel (Mn13, Mn18), manganese chromium alloy (Mn13Cr2, Mn18Cr2), new composite materials, etc.

Applicable equipment: jaw crusher

jaw plate

The jaw plate or jaw dies is the main wear part of the jaw crusher. A set of jaw plates usually consists of two parts: the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate. During the operation of the jaw crusher, the movable jaw plate attaches to the movable jaw to perform a complex swinging motion, forming an angle with the fixed jaw plate to squeeze the stone. The crushing cavity, composed of the movable jaw and the fixed jaw, simulates the movement of animal jaws, enabling the jaw crusher to complete the crushing operation of materials.

Depending on the model of the jaw crusher, there are various sizes of jaw plate available. The jaw plates are made of new high manganese steel, ultra-high manganese steel, super strong high manganese steel, and other materials, suitable for jaw crushers of various specifications.

The jaw plate is the most consumed parts in the use of crushers. Therefore, it is necessary to control quality. In other words, the quality of a jaw crusher is actually determined by the service life of the jaw plate. The jaw crusher casing is generally not easily damaged.

jaw crusher plate

The jaw crusher consists of a movable jaw and a fixed jaw, which together form the working cavity. The movable jaw and the fixed jaw bear tremendous crushing force and friction from the materials, making them prone to wear. In order to protect the jaw plate, wear-resistant liners are usually installed on the surfaces of the movable jaw and the fixed jaw, which are also called crushing plates. The surface of the crushing plate is usually made into a tooth shape, with a tooth peak angle of 90° to 120°, which is determined by the nature and size of the crushed material. When crushing large pieces of material, the angle should be larger, while for crushing small pieces of material, the angle can be smaller. The size of the tooth pitch depends on the particle size of the product and is usually set to be approximately equal to the width of the discharge outlet. The ratio of tooth height to tooth pitch can be taken as 1/2 to 1/3.

jaw plate

jaw crusher plate material

High Manganese Steel Jaw Plate

High Manganese Steel Jaw Plate

High manganese steel is the traditional material for the jaw plate of the jaw crusher. It has good toughness and deformation hardening ability. However, due to the current structure of the jaw crusher not being very reasonable, the large angle between the movable and fixed jaw plates can cause the abrasive material to slide, resulting in insufficient deformation hardening of the high manganese steel. As a result, the surface hardness of the jaw plate is low and the short-range cutting of the abrasive material is large, leading to faster wear of the jaw plate.

Medium Manganese Steel Jaw Plate

Medium Manganese Steel Jaw Plate

Due to the low initial hardness and low yield strength of high manganese steel, it is insufficiently work-hardened under non-strong impact conditions and is prone to rheological deformation and cutting. To improve the service life of the jaw plate, medium manganese steel has been developed.

High Chromium Cast Iron and High Manganese Steel Composite Jaw Plate

Although high chromium cast iron is an excellent wear-resistant material, its toughness is poor. When subjected to material impact or compression, it tends to fracture directly or peel off after only a few times of deformation. Therefore, using high chromium cast iron as the jaw plate may not achieve better results. In recent years, the composite jaw plate, composed of high chromium cast iron embedded or bonded to high manganese steel jaw plate, has been used. Examples include Mn13Cr2 and Mn18Cr2, which fully utilize the high wear resistance of high chromium cast iron and the high toughness of high manganese steel, significantly improving the service life of the jaw plate.

Low Alloy Cast Steel Jaw Plate

Low Alloy Cast Steel Jaw Plate

Medium carbon low alloy cast steel is a widely used wear-resistant material. This is mainly due to its combination of high hardness and appropriate toughness, which can resist cutting and fatigue peeling caused by repeated material squeezing. Therefore, it exhibits good wear resistance. At the same time, medium carbon low alloy cast steel can adjust the hardness and toughness within a wide range through composition and heat treatment processes to meet the requirements of different working conditions.

specifications of jaw plate

ModelsInlet size
Max Feed Size
  Discharge range opening
Eccentric shaft speed
Motor power
Total weight
Overall dimension   (Length × width × height)

working principle of jaw plate

jaw crusher plate

During operation, the wear rate of the upper and lower parts of the crush jaw plate is different, with the lower part wearing out faster. The crusher jaw plate directly contacts the material and bears tremendous crushing force and friction during the operation of the jaw crusher. The service life of the crusher jaw plate directly affects the working efficiency and production cost of the jaw crusher. Therefore, it is particularly important to extend the service life of the jaw crusher’s crushing plate. Strengthening the service life of the crush plate of the jaw crusher can be considered from aspects such as design, material selection, assembly, and improvements in the use process.

the red part is jaw plates

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