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rotary kiln support roller

Processing Weight: 7-42T

Materials: ZG55、ZG42CrMo,etc.

Application: cement, metallurgy, other industries

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Kiln support roller refers to support roller for rotary kiln, bear part of weight of rotary kiln, helps kiln body and large ring rotate stably. The supporting wheel with strong endurance has become one of the standards to measure the good quality of rotary kiln products.

Kiln support rollergirth gear, and kiln thrust roller are three necessary auxiliary equipment of rotary kiln.

As a leading manufacturer of large steel casting, AGICO CEMENT has the ability to process different sizes, and also provides customization service, you can send your requirements in your inquiry according to the following  parts:

Support Rollers/Trunnions

  1. Why are you looking for an upgrade or replacement?
  2. History of any failed bearings
  3. Number of support rollers/trunnions
  4. Bearing make and model
  5. Centerline of support roller/trunnion bearing
  6. Support roller/trunnion diameter and face width
  7. Shaft and support roller/trunnion diameter

Support Bases

  1. Why are you looking for an upgrade or replacement?
  2. Support bearing make and model
  3. Support roller/trunnion centerline distance
  4. Support roller/trunnion diameter
  5. Bearing centerline distance
  6. Base height, length and width
  7. Base treatment (paint)
  8. Pictures, videos, drawings, environment condition, etc.
  9. Condition of anchor bolts

How Kiln Support Roller Are Made?

We can divide the production process of kiln supporting roller into the following process:

Wood mold – modeling – smelting-pouring – heat preservation – cleaning – heat treatment – roughing & finishing – packaging and delivery process

Why choose AGICO CEMENT?

Our kiln support roller has the advantages of high hardness, high wear resistance, strong bearing force, long time continuous work, good stability, long service life and so on.

compared to other companies, we have advantages in many aspects:

1. AGICO CEMENT used advanced technology ensures accurate process.

2. AGICO CEMENT ensures the chemical composition of casting is qualified.

3. AGICO CEMENT ensures that the heat treatment is evenly heated

Large load and good continuous running

The supporting rollers produced by AGICO CEMENT are generally made of ZG55, ZG42CrMo and other materials. On the one hand, the quality of the supporting rollers is guaranteed, and on the other hand, it has the advantages of large bearing load and good continuous operation;

Simple structure, easy to adjust and maintain

The kiln supporting roller adopts rolling bearing wheel set, which has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient maintenance;

Special technology, high hardness

AGICO adopts the normalizing and tempering process in the casting of the supporting roller, so that the surface hardness of the outer circle of the supporting roller is higher than 200HB, which ensures the quality of the rotary kiln supporting roller device;

One-stop service

optimization design

Simulation analysis


Parts processing

Parts assembly

Products delivery

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Kiln Support Roller Alignment

In order to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the rotary kiln, during the operation of the rotary kiln, the primary task in terms of mechanical maintenance is to maintain the “straightness and roundness” of the kiln body and the stability of axial movement, and it is important to complete the above tasks. One of the tasks is to adjust the rollers correctly.

The basic principle of adjusting the roller

Adjust the supporting roller so that the center line of the kiln body is a straight line. The kiln body of the rotary kiln is supported on the multi-block supporting roller through the tire belt. Under the condition that the size of the supporting parts remains unchanged, the position of the kiln body is determined by the position of the supporting roller. . During the use of the rotary kiln, the position of the supporting roller should be adjusted frequently to ensure that the center line of the kiln body is in a straight line.
Adjust the supporting roller to make the kiln body swim normally. During the operation of the rotary kiln, in order to make the surface of the supporting roller and the belt wear evenly, the kiln body should continuously move axially between the upper and lower stop wheels (called swimming).

rotary kiln support roller