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kiln tyre

Materials: ZG310-570,ZG35CrMo

Application: rotary kiln for cement, metallurgy, other industries

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The kiln tyre, also known as the rotary kiln tyre. As a necessary part of rotary kiln, is used to transfer the entire gravity of the rotary kiln tube body (including the gravity of refractory bricks, internal devices and materials, etc.) to the kiln supporting roller, and enable the rotary kiln body to rotate smoothly on the kiln supporting roller. The kiln tyre should have sufficient strength and durability. At the same time, the kiln tyre is a part that strengthens the radial rigidity of the rotary kiln body, and should have sufficient rigidity.

kiln tyre production process

AGICO CEMENT specializes in kiln tyre manufacturing and other rotary kiln parts processing with 10+years’ experience. To meet various requirements of clients, we can provide customization services. Our basic processing of rotary kiln tyres can be divided into the following steps:

Casting simulation → Wood pattern → pit modeling → molten steel smelting → material testing → pouring → casting cleaning → Rough processing → non-destructive testing → defect repair →heat treatment → finishing → final inspection →painting →packaging and delivery.

Why choose kiln tyre from AGICO CEMENT?

compared to other companies, we have advantages in many aspects:

1. AGICO CEMENT used advanced technology ensures accurate process.

2. AGICO CEMENT ensures the chemical composition of casting is qualified.

3. AGICO CEMENT ensures that the heat treatment is evenly heated

High-quality raw materials

AGICO CEMENT’s kiln tyre ring are made of high-quality scrap and accessories, and the components are strictly tested before production;

High strength and good durability

The rotary kiln tyre produced by AGICO CEMENT are made of ZG310-570 and ZG35CrMo materials, which can ensure the strength and toughness of the rotary kiln tyre, so as to better play a supporting role.

Perfect in workmanship

The standard wooden model is used for the customization of the kiln tyre ring, and the surface of the core is brushed with a special coating layer to prevent cracking and ensure that the surface of the casting is smooth and clean;

Professional equipment

When the kiln is smelted, three samplings are taken before the furnace, after the furnace, and as-cast, and the German spectrometer is used for testing to ensure that the components are qualified;

Long service life

The kiln tyre adopts a special heat treatment process to increase the service life and deformation resistance of the tyre. Our kiln tyre can adapt to various harsh working environments.

Simple structure

The rotary kiln tyre are simple in structure, easy to process, manufacture and maintain.

Customization service

AGICO CEMENT can process various specifications of rotary kiln kiln according to customer’s drawings. With perfect technology and high-quality products, it can ensure that the processed rotary kiln tyres are well matched with the original rotary kiln equipment.

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Types of kiln tyre

According to the shape of cross-section, we can classify rotary kiln tyre into two types:

Rectangular kiln tyre

The cross-section of rectangular kiln tyre is filled rectangle, simple and quality is easy to guarantee, generally, its’ service life is longer than that of boxed one, and widely applied in the rotary kiln. However, the rigidity of rectangular kiln tyre is relatively small, it also has disadvantages of unreasonable material utilization and poor heat dissipation conditions.

Box kiln tyre

Its section is a hollow box, with good thermal conditions, high rigidity, and reasonable material utilization. The integrated structure of the kiln tyre and the rotary kiln body can avoid the “necking temperature stress” between the kiln tyre and the rotary kiln body. It also enables the kiln tyre to give full play to the reinforcement function of the simplification, and at the same time, the material of the kiln tyre is rationally used, which simplifies the manufacturing and installation work and is easy to operate.

Installation of kiln tyre

The modern new dry process rotary kilns all loop kiln tyre on the rotary kiln body with appropriate clearance. The kiln tyre are not directly installed on the rotary kiln body section during specific installation, but are installed on the backing plate, so that the a natural ventilation channel is formed between the body and the kiln tyre. On the one hand, the heat dissipation is strengthened, on the other hand, the heat conduction from the kiln body to the kiln tyre is reduced, so that the temperature difference between the inner and outer edges of the kiln tyre is small. When the thermal system of the kiln changes, the temperature difference won’t change much, thereby reducing the temperature stress of the kiln tyre, when the kiln is running, the kiln tyre and the kiln body will slide relatively to each other in the circumferential direction, causing wear, and the backing plate plays the role of protecting the kiln body.

In order to ensure the design clearance and good contact between the kiln tyre and kiln body, the inner circle of the kiln tyre and the outer circle of the backing plate need to be machined. On both sides of the kiln tyre, baffles or retaining rings are used to limit the axial movement of the kiln tyre along the rotary kiln body.