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Slag pot

Processing Weight: 1-85t

Materials: ZG230-450, ZG270-500, ZG310-570, ZG340-640, etc.

Application: Metallurgy, mining, chemical industries, etc. 

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The slag pots produced by AGICO CEMENT are cast in one piece and have strong deformation resistance, and their service life is much longer than other slag pots on the market.

Slag pot, is also known as slag landler, slag tank, cinder pot, as important equipment for steelmaking in the metallurgical industry, it is a container used to contain the high-temperature slag produced in the steel smelting process. It has a bowl-shaped container with hoisting trunnions on both sides.

Production Process of Slag Pot

The slag pot production flow can be divided into 4 main parts: design, finite element analysis, CAE simulation and processing

Simulation, modeling

Before pouring, CAE software digitally simulate the casting process, does process analysis and quality prediction of the product forming process, and continuously optimize the slag pot casting process. The metallurgical auxiliary equipment is complete, and the overall size is well controlled. The use of molding technique for water glass process can prevent the occurrence of hot cracks in castings. At the same time, pit shape is not affected by seasons and has high production efficiency.

Pouring, heat treatment

The raw and auxiliary materials that have passed the inspection are put into the electric arc furnace for smelting in proportion, and the molten iron is sampled for spectral analysis. After qualified, the casting will be carried out according to the principle of “low temperature quick casting”, and the pouring time and temperature will be recorded. In response to the large difference in carbon content between trunnion alloy steel and tank carbon steel, AGICO has customized a complete set of processes to strictly control the welding problems in the production process.

Grinding, shot blasting

Then carry out operations such as cutting, pouring, and flashing. AGICO has a professional grinding and finishing team and large-scale shot blasting equipment, which can effectively improve the appearance quality of the slag pot and make its surface finish meet customer requirements. The internal quality of the product is strictly prohibited, and any defective products are strictly prohibited from leaving the factory.

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Advantages Of AGICO CEMENT Slag Pot

Up to 20% longer service life

The service life of the slag pot produced by AGICO is 20% longer than that of the slag pot on the market, and the initial maintenance time is 2-3 months later than that of the peers. (Ps: The life of the slag pot is directly related to the use environment and frequency of use.)

Level 2 flaw detection standard

AGICO uses professional flaw detection equipment to carry out non-destructive flaw detection on each slag pot to ensure the internal quality of the slag pot. The key parts can meet the GB7233-2007 level 2 flaw detection standard, or we can also provide a separate design process according to the customer’s specific flaw detection standards.

Customized procurement in 60 countries

The slag pot of AGICO has gained market reputation with its high-precision technology and can customize suitable slag pots according to customer needs. Our slag pot has been successfully exported to more than 60 countries and regions including the United States, Mexico, Brazil, India, South Korea, Japan, Russia and etc.

Rich casting experience

AGICO CEMENT professionally provides various specifications of slag pot production and processing services for many years, with rich experience, powerful processing equipment, professional machining, and flaw detection, laying the foundation for the production of high-quality castings.

ISO certifications, reliable quality

AGICO CEMENT has successfully passed the ISO9001:2015 national quality management system certification. The production of slag pots is carried out in accordance with the prescribed standards, which effectively guarantees the quality of the slag pots. Moreover, the annual production capacity of 50,000 tons guarantee the delivery time of AGICO CEMENT.

Professional casting team provides customized solutions

Before production, conduct technical exchanges with customers to formulate specific production plans for slag pots; strictly control various processes such as mold opening, modeling, pouring, testing and other sections during production. Regularly train front-line operators to ensure stable production quality of slag pots.

Technical principle of slag pot

The slag pot is mainly used to carry converter steel slag, refining furnace steel slag and large ladle casting residues of continuous casting. Under the conditions of the converter smelting process, the temperature of the steel slag is higher than the temperature of the molten steel (because the steel slag is located in the high temperature area of the oxygen blowing reaction). After smelting, it will reduce the temperature of the liquid steel slag covering the surface of the molten steel. In theory, such a high temperature steel slag has the risk of melting through the slag pot. However, once the slag film is formed, and the cast steel material has the advantages of rapid heat absorption and fast heat conduction, the surface of the slag pot body keeps convecting and dissipating heat to the surroundings, so the slag pot will not become red and deformed due to the rapid and high temperature rise. The temperature of the inner liquid steel slag is gradually reduced, so the slag film is difficult to remelt, which fully guarantees the sufficient safety of the slag pot. Of course, if the high-temperature molten steel continues to enter the slag tank before the steel slag, its impact kinetic energy and high temperature are likely to cause the slag pot penetration accident; on the contrary, if the steel slag enters the slag pot first, the risk of penetration is much smaller. The technical principle that the cast steel slag pot can safely carry the high temperature steel slag